Q12. The things I like about Lambourn Parish are: - Sun Feb 2 19:49:21 GMT 2020

Q12 - Sun Feb  2 19:49:21 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q12. The things I like about Lambourn Parish are:
Frequency count of Q12. The things I like about Lambourn Parish are:

community            150
countryside          145
good                 135
village              128
shops                 95
lambourn              76
friendly              73
people                72
surgery               64
local                 61
facilities            58
beautiful             54
access                53
rural                 50
library               48
racing                41
spirit                41
area                  40
amenities             39
location              38
walks                 36
office                31
post                  31
surrounding           30
doctors               30
horses                28
walking               28
open                  27
centre                26
services              25
easy                  24
quiet                 24
lovely                23
sense                 23
market                22
church                22
beauty                22
great                 22
live                  21
excellent             20
working               20
pharmacy              18
aonb                  18
industry              18
feel                  18
chemist               18
views                 17
spaces                17
friendliness          16
areas                 16
parish                16
available             15
living                15
around                15
within                15
nice                  15
close                 15
natural               15
dentist               15
horse                 14
small                 14
activities            14
environment           14
downs                 14
country               14
range                 14
atmosphere            13
history               13
nature                13
clubs                 12
pubs                  12
proximity             12
availability          12
doctor                12
well                  12
still                 12
school                12
plenty                12
towns                 12
place                 12
fact                  12
shopping              11
scenery               11
sports                11
variety               11
outstanding           11
green                 11
eastbury              11
generally             11
footpaths             11
villages              11
butcher               10
river                 10
walk                  10
swindon               10
unique                10
housing               10
newbury               10
places                10
residents             10

Lambourn NDP - Q12. The things I like about Lambourn Parish are:
The beautiful scenery in and around the Parish and the access to walks/rides. I enjoy seeing the racehorses out and about and the strong links they forge in the community.
I live on outskirts so it's quite, everybody knows everybody
1. Geographical location.
2. Friendly inhabitants.
3. A good primary school, library, social clubs for older people and medical facilities.
Geographical location, it is fairly easy to reach other interesting places.
I like the surrounding countryside and the fact that Lambourn itself is 'contained' by the hills surrounding it. It has a good sense of 'place'.
The people are friendly, the primary school good and the doctors' surgery provides excellent care. You can even get your teeth fixed.
Good mix of ages and the socio economic rage is fairly wide.
great place to live. a good sense of community. friendly people
1. Rural aspects for walking
2. The vicinity of racing industry
3. Local amenities
4. The Plough Pub
1. Amenities
2. Local atmosphere
3. Proximity to Newbury
1. Living in the countryside but having access to shops and services (not being isolated)
2. Outdoor environment for running cycling and walking
3. Being able to find out about local history and seeing historical buildings/landscapes
The surgery.
The gym.
The park & woodland opposite the equine hospital.
Plenty of walking paths direct from the village.
Fast internet.
Good mobile coverage for most networks.
New housing developments are small, not large estates of poor quality housing like in many other areas.
It's pretty quiet.
Quiet and peaceful.
1. The community spirit
2. Coming from London, it's nice to walk up the street in the mornings and mostly everyone says hello and good morning
1. The history of the area and the sense of community
2.The racing link/history
3. The wide range of shops and facilities available
1. Community spirit
2.Quiet, rural location with easy access to fantastic countryside
3. facilities - good range of shops, eateries & pubs
The beautiful countryside and footpaths
Village life friendly people very pretty village
Generally friendly, access to countryside
The Countryside is great, within a short walk be away from any noise
We live in Eastbury so we have a good community.
We like the rural position and quietness within close reach of beautiful countryside to walk in but also the necessary towns needed for modern living to visit via mobile transit.
Currently we are both able to drive ourselves but when this is no longer available to us, due to the limited options of other means of transport that are currently available, we would probably have to move to Hungerford or Newbury.
We are relatively new to Lambourn and still discovering things about the village. We like being so close to countryside and value also that the town has local shops and good doctors surgery.
People generally are very friendly and good community spirit.
Rural, lots of horses, unique, quiet wide open spaces, special site of scientific interest, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
The woods, the clean air.
It's cheaper house prices. Friendly faces by day. Village feel. The allotments. Horses going round. Countryside.
the people village life the horse industry .
Rural nature of the Parish, the woods and the parkland.
Shops, church, village centre, school.
Man and varied activities for older folk.
Community / shops / school / excellent doctor / walks / AONB / Sheepdrove / convenient for motorway / Reading / Bath / Oxford / London / church with resident vicar / Universal Stores / racing community / an identity / Village Views / community aware of big projects taking place and invited to have a view
1. Very friendly
2. Accessible amenities, eg shops, cafe, surrgery
3. Good bus service to Newbury, Swindon and weekly to Wantage. Volunteer drivers for hospital and doctors appointments.
1. Pretty village.
2. Good shops.
3. Good access to the countryside.
1. Lambourn surgery.
2. Lambourn open day.
3. Friendly people.
1. Village amenities such as the Co-op, Pharmacy, Cash point and the Universal Stores.
1. Beautiful countryside.
2. People.
3. Racing Industry.
1. I like the amenities we have, such as the surgery and the school.
2. The church yard is always tidy.
3. Excellent sports club.
1. It is beautiful here - easy to access the Downs. Very little pollution - No air pollution.
2. The racing heritage.
3. The village and the area are not overdeveloped.
1. Love Lambourn
The local forest, stream and wide open country spaces. The lack of traffic. The fantastic close knit community. The clean air. The walks, pathways, cycling and running routes. The small local schools. Easy access to the village shops and church, plus good links to larger shopping places like Wantage, Hungerford and Swindon.
1. Peace and quiet.
2. Views of the countryside.
A quiet area with much countryside around it but a vibrant industry through the racing stables.
Wonderful community.
1. Its extensive amenities and facilities. People don't realise how lucky they are to have a village with every amenity bar an optician, but still be enjoying living out of town in a village with no A road slicing through its centre.
2. A very caring community which does not hesitate to help if there is someone in need
3. Its geographical location in the centre of the south of England - great accessibility - and access to rural open roads within seconds of leaving the village - great for cycling and walking.
The rural nature of our surroundings.
Low density housing.
Low population density.
Easy access to local amenities by car.
Good local shops in Lambourn.
1: the trees and the forest on the ridge.
2: the recreational field in Upper Lambourn
3: the convienient shops in the high street including the corner shop
1: The trees
2: The peace
3: The horses
1. Very friendly village
2. Good pub, village hall, Church and community
3. Lovely countryside and good walks
1: Horses
2: Friendly
3: Facilities - Doctors, Lambourn Centre, Pharmacy, Dentists etc
1. Good local facilities - shops in Lambourn village
2. Attractive countryside, with good footpaths/walking access
3. Proximity to M4 and A 34
The shopping facilities are quite good
The library
All the clubs and activities available, but I only know of the ones for mainly retired people
It is a nice place to live with beautiful countryside
1. The proximity of the countryside coupled with the necessary facilities such as shops, medical practice, pharmacy, restaurant and the Friday market.
2. An excellent library as a focal point of social groups.
3. Friendliness of neighbours and citizens and lack of crime.
1. The surrounding countyyside.
2. It is a "working village", people are doing stuff; It is not a dormitory village.
3. The greenery.
1. Friendly, everyone smiles and says hello, even sometimes we do not know them! Feeling safe and secure.
2. Beautiful countryside, whatever direction on driving into Lambourn.
3. Horses ever present long may it continue.
4. Superb surgery and excellent pharmacy.
1. Well kept and tidy.
2. Easy to get to the shops.
1. Friendly rural environment.
2. Unique atmosphere of being in the Valley of the Racehorse.
3. Shops catering forrequirements ie little supermarket.
1. The shops - the co-op, the post-office, the chemist
2. The countryside - walks.
3. The doctors (ease of appointments, and friendly staff)
4. The Lambourn Centre (Gym and events)
1. Village community.
2. Beautiful countryside.
3. Easy access to M4.
1. Quite friendly.
2. Local amenities not too bad but can be expensive.
1. Very friendly.
2. Good parking for me being disabled.
3. Lots of things going on for the older person.
1. Racing
2. Countryside.
3. Access to great walks and gallops.
1. The countryside location with easy access to major routes.
2. Small community in which we feel safe.
3. Good local amenities, excellent doctors, good shops and social clubs/ pubs.
1. Having the post office, the library and the doctor's surgery.
2. The countryside.
1. Surrounding countryside.
2. Good neighbours.
3. Good central location for getting to many other places.
1. We have lived in Lambourn for 23 years and find it a friendly village.
2. We are lucky to have good shops and a post office.
3. Great Friday Market; Lambourn surgery and Library are very good.
1. It is a viable village with a range of shops and other facilities such as library, pharmacy, surgery, church, etc
2. It is a working village and people come into the village to work. It is not just a commuter village.
3. There is a good range of clubs and organisations within the village and other leisure facilities such as gym at the Lambourn Centre. The village is well served by local paths for those interesting in walking.
1. Tireless voluntary groups available for different activities.
2. Great services such as surgery, chemist and library.
1. The beautiful countryside and views.
2. The convenience of the shops and services especially the doctor's surgery and library, post office etc.
3. The people are friendly and helpful generally speaking.
Accessible countryside with local walks on my door step.
Open feel of the landscape, an absence of over development.
The separation of Lambourn and Upper Lambourn without infill of housing or businesses.
Living in AONB.
The friendliness of local people.
1. Rural area/ open spaces
2. Good selection of local shops and amenities.
3. Good community spirit.
1. The friendly people.
1. Nice quiet place to live.
2. Interest in the horse racing.
1. The beautiful surrounding countryside.
2. We have both always loved horses and enjoy seeing them around the villages.
3. The location - proximity to Newbury, Marlborough and Wantage.
4. The everyday shops, the market and the library. Also the leisure centre and the doctor's surgery.
1. Geographical area - nature, landscape, countryside
2. People - sense of community
3. Services - doctors, dentist, shops, pubs
Quiet, peaceful, in easy distance of pleasant country walks.
1. Lambourn is an are of outstanding natural beauty with scenic countryside and lots of footpaths and bridleways for recreation.
2. Lambourn is a unique village with a mixed age population. There are people whose families have lived and working in racing and farming for generations. In addition many newcomers and foreigners working in the racing yards.
3. Lambourn has the necessary shops for basic needs; a good surgery and pharmacy. The surrounding villages are quintessential English with narrow lanes surrounding them.
1. The doctors are fantastic
2. The Post Office
3. Hedges and sides of roads are kept tidy.
1. The countryside.
2. Good pubs.
3. Friendly people.
2. Good village community.
3. Proximity to M4.
1. Population not overwhelming.
2. Ability to drive locally without too many holdups.
3. Friendly atmosphere in the villages.
1. Quiet, peaceful, safe environment.
2. Lovely neighbours.
3. Beautiful countryside.
1. Racing community
2. Nice atmosphere.
3. It's not Swindon.
1. Remotness.
2. AONB - Protection of the Environment.
3. Community.
1. The countryside/ the Downs.
1. Lovely walks.
1. Lovely country walks from home.
2. Friendly people.
3. Weekly market.
1. Peace and quiet.
2. Low traffic.
3. Low crime.
1. Eastbury - village and community.
2. Lambourn - shops and surgery.
3. Rural landscape.
1. Friendly people
2. Pretty villages.
3. Lovely countryside.
The beautiful countryside
My view of the Downs
Village community with lots of friends
1. Very convenient to get to major towns and smaller ones.
2. Small community.
1. Good community spirit.
2. Good community facilities - doctors surgery, sports hall, library
1. In general, the strong feeling of community - of course there are always exceptions.
1. Community spirit.
2. Variety of activities available for babies and young children.
3. Amenities within the village.
Countryside-easy access
Feel safe in the community
Networks are close-family connections to friends
History as a child having lived here for years
1. Its rural nature and easy access to scenic walks.
2. Racing heritage and local history.
3. There is still a community spirit albeit dependent on "the few".
1. Rural location. / Many good walks.
2. Proximity of the horse racing industry.
1. Countryside around.
2. Working village.
3. Horses.
1. Countryside.
2. Friendly people.
3. Library, Leisure Centre.
1. Countryside.
2. Good range of facilities/ shops. Allotment, doctors, dentist, shops, hairdressing.
The facility of the Co-op- fast food opportunities - convenient bus service to Newbury and Swindon
Brilliant surgery
1. Lovely village and countryside
2. Most of the old villagers
3. Close to wildlife, birds, butterflies ect
1. Countryside
2. Most people are friendly
3. Quiet place to live
Range of services--- chemist, Dr, shops.
Open countryside.
1. Quiet
2. Countryside
3. Horses
1. Lovely countryside and views and great for walks
2. Having horses around
1. It contains a working village (Lambourn )
2.The unique nature of that work (horseracing )
3. the history
4. The sense of history.
5. The beautiful churches.
6. The glorious countryside around us
7. The ease of getting elsewhere (but why would you want to!)
8.The local shops
1. Village life
1. Kept tidy
2. Trainers all helpful
3. Quiet
1. The space
2. The countryside
3. The relative quiet
Countryside beauty
Mostly friendly people
The River Lambourn
The Lambourn Surgery
The Lambourn Pharmacy
The AONB for walking/cycling from my door
Rural environment
Access to M4 and A34
Village community
Quiet village
Low housing density
Friendly place to live
1. Friendliness of people.
2. Mix of a village with street lights end the Downs on our doorstep - perfect.
3. Racing heritage makes our village special.
Rural community / communities which are linked
Access to local countryside via footpaths is good generally but could be improved
Plenty of excellent walks on tracks and footpaths, all generally well maintained.
A busy working village with excellent surgery, chemist and market and an excellent dental surgery (Fatamih Thali)
A fair bus service between Swindon / Newbury although further cuts would be disappointing
Good range of shops in Lambourn
Convenient location for Didcot and Swindon (where my wife and I work)
Green spaces and park areas
Availability of shops in Lambourn
It is still a "village"
Has shops, chemist etc
Very good doctors practice
Friendly people
Geographically convenient
Good range of shops and services
We have some great assets like the Post Office, the Co-Op and the Pharmacy, plus the Friday market
Small community
Easy access to many different walks with wonderful views of the surrounding area
Countryside location
Less traffic
It's pretty
Activities for young families - soft play area at Lambourn Centre, Playgroup (Weds) at The Legion, library
Local amenities - shops, cafe, Post Office, food outlets, library, hairdressers, chemist, pubs, gym
Living in the countryside - nice walks etc
We like the community feeling
We like the racing industry and horses around the village
The diversity of the wildlife and the surrounding land, walks etc
Any village with a chalkstream running through it is a Godsend and well worth preserving for the pleasure of everyone
We are very proud of St Michael and All Angels church in Lambourn; likewise our lovely downs and countryside
Community spirit, voluntary organisations.
it has a high street with some great essential shops including post office, super market, hardware store and butcher. It is a working village
The outstanding natural beauty of the immediate surrounding area.
The low density of population
Geographically well located for access to other areas and regions
A very good supply of services ie. doctors' surgery and library
Sense of community. The fact that the super rich and very poor run shoulder to shoulder in the local shops. The sense of vibrancy and that people know each other and say hello. The sense of place. Defined purpose and business of a working village (Lambourn) with the horses very important to its survival and atmosphere. The location set as it is in such a beautiful location with great access to other places, yet also somewhat cut off and undiscovered.
I will answer this in the context of my life in my village the village of Eastbury.
Eastbury and Lambourn are quiet places to live and amply serviced by nearby shops and medical facilties. Insofar as Eastbury is concerned it is not densley populated with a nice mix of green belt. We do have the opportunity to gell with village life in Lambourn in the context of celebrations within the town and church.
The location and the natural beauty of the area. Love the racing heritage and seeing the horses on the gallops.
Beautiful countryside, river and community
The open space and natural surroundings.
The availability of local services & retail; good health centre, access to village life and great sense of community.
Good pastoral and church facilities
Friendly community - particularly racing
Good selection of shops, especially having a chemist and a Friday market and a good Post Office
Excellent Doctors surgery
All who work at the Lambourn Surgery
Plenty of activities for older people
One can find help when required
General friendliness
Larger than 'average' village, smaller than town - diverse
Racing gives it a unique vibe
The unique village which we live in - not many bar Newmarket has so many horses!
There is a community feel to the village
Lovely countryside with excellent bridleways
Beautiful countryside, abundant wildlife, good walks, mostly friendly people
The church - it is a beautiful building
The people.
The countryside.
Open spaces and fields - lovely views
Friendly neighbours and people
Churches and library
Beautiful scenery and wildlife.
Excellent health care
The people
Beautiful scenery
The horses
Friendly people
Good variety of shops and services
1. Beautiful countryside
2. Good facilities in Lambourn village
3. Excellent Dr's surgery
1. The countryside and open space
2. Good for dogs and horses
3. Areas to walk
Compact, convenient, has the shops I need
Access to green spaces
The community
1. The glorious scenery
2. The sense of community
3. Its apparent remoteness combined with relatively easy access to main roads
1. The beautiful scenery and lovely thatched cottages
2. The lovely river Lambourn
3. The friendly communities
1. Day to day facilities - Post Office - shopping - Universal Stores- Surgery - pubs - food etc.
2. Community facilities
3. Friendly village community
The surrounding views.
Friendly people.
Beautiful woods.
Lovely walks.
School and my work.
Gorgeous church and grounds.
Good selection of shops.
The surgery is fantastic.
It’s a quiet place to live. Reasonable facilities
Lovely area
Big enough to have amenities but still small enough that it has ‘character and spirit’
Friendly people
Local Identity / pride / sense of community
Rural setting - not overbuilt
A self-contained village (shops, post-office, pubs, restaurants) staffed by villagers. Beautiful countryside. Not overdeveloped. Generally safe.
Reasonably peaceful with many useful amenities and businesses.
Development is focussed in existing urban areas leaving the villages unspoilt by unnessary building.
Lambourn has good amenities.
1. The beauty of the village.
2. The friendliness of the people.
3. Convenience of the shops.
Facilities -surgery, chemist, shops and post office.
Wonderful countryside around village
The river
Lack of a railway station
The generally rural feel about the area
The easy access to the countryside
The easy access to major communication routes
The friendliness of the local community
The level of service provision (shops, doctors surgery, dentist, library, pharmacy, pubs, sports facilities, etc)
The beauty of the surrounding area
The level of local industry, which prevents the area being a ‘commuter town’.
1. The community spirit.
2. The new vicar, Julie Mintern.
3. General friendliness.
1. Ease of access to the surrounding countryside.
2. Availability and variety of shops in the village, eg co-op, pharmacy, library, universal stores, hairdresser, dentist - we have every thing we need in the village!
3. Community spirit - people look at each other, say hi in the street, are generally very friendly.
1. Friendly feel; community feel.
2. Environment.
3. Small community, not over-built.
1. The racehorses, the yards and the gallops.
2. The fact that the village has almost every necessary amenity, although it is a pity there is not dry cleaner and bakery.
3. The butcher, Neil Richards.
The sense of community.
The weekly market.
Local amenities, particularly doctor's surgery, library, dentist, hairdressers all within walking distance.
Areas of unspoilt countryside and plenty of walking.
The racehorses - they bring unique character to the Parish.
It has a historic part blended with newer housing, no large areas that are unwelcoming.
- Village atmosphere
- High percentage of friendly residents
- Living in the country
- Views and going for walks
Green Spaces
Rural Community
Historical significance
Small Business enterprises
Racing Industry
Agriculture, Rural etc
Equine Industry
Good range of amenities, we are very lucky to have access to a good variety of shops, food outlets, post office, school, library etc
Lovely sense of community spirit supporting the elderly, people in need and great community events, social events and activites
Excellent surgery
It is a community but it needs nurturing
Friendly community Spirit
Good High St and plenty of amenities
Beautiful countryside and scenery and walks unspoilt by vast new housing estates!
Reasonably quiet
Pleasant surroundings
Most people friendly
Shops - surgery - pharmacy - horses
Green spaces and surrounding countryside
Availability of shops and services
The beautiful location
The general level of friendliness and helpfulness
It is a working village
Has the basic shops: chemist, doctors surgery, butcher, supermarket and hardware store
It is an area of outstanding natural beauty
It is well places, near road and rail links
1. Access to facilities - shopes, doctor, dentist, post office.
2. Church and community spirit.
3. Bus service.
Low crime
Good community spirit on the who;e. Lovely friendly people mostly live in Lambourn and surrounding areas
A lovely part of the world to live; lovely countryside, good fresh air on the downs (if you can be bothered to go for a walk!)
Countryside Downs
Excellent surgery
Good shops for basics eg chemist etc
1. The rural aspect.
2. The horse community.
Location, countryside, sense of community, services/facilities (pubs, cafe, shops, hairdressers etc), racing industry.
1. The views/ sights in regards to the countryside
2. The local services/ businesses, there is everything needed
3. Good location in regards to distance to other points of interest
1. Availability of general stores, butcher, market and co-op with Post Office.
2. Library, maintained in spit of attempted closure by West Berks Council.
3/ Bus services to Newbury and Swindon.
1. Rural lifestyle and countryside.
2. Village feel.
3. Community.
Racing Industry
Community orientated
Local enterprise
Views, walks and countryside
Ease of access to local Towns
Facilities and activities
Nice rural area
The Parish has maintained a rural setting whilst permitting some development.
It’s location in the downs, the friendly nature of most of the residents and the availability of most facilities required.
Country living with proximity to a number of towns
Easy to get to M4
* It's an AONB
* It;s rural
* Close to Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Gloucestershire
1. I like the rural situation of Lambourn.
2. I like the fact that it still has quite a good range of shops, and the small market.
3. I like the fact that we have a doctors' surgery.
4. I feel safe here, apart from the odd frightening incident. People know each other, and on the whole are kind and helpful.
1. Lambourn is a working village that works quite well.
2. Upper Lambourn is spoilt by littering from the racing industry.
3. Eastbury has some very picturesque cottages, sadly quite out of reach of local people, price-wise.
The mix of people who live and work in it.
The facilities for young people.
How development of new homes has been kept in the village and not on farmland surrounding Lambourn.
1. Quiet place to live.
2. Friendly people.
1. Good village community.
2. Friendliness.
3. Good local shops and post office.
1. Sociable - people mix with all ages.
2. Lambourn centre/gym.
3. Sort Club - needs money spent on it to make it family based again.
1. Its rural location.
2. Its facilities (bearing in mind its size).
3. Its size.
I guess these apply to Lambourn itself:
Rural location but with above average amenities.
Sense of community.
A working village employing many residents.
1. I like the fact that the people of Lambourn still have a community spirit and help each other.
2. Like the fact that we have a fairly decent surgery in Lambourn.
3. Like the fact that although the amenities are dwindling in Lambourn we still have a library, pharmacy, a few shops and public transport to access Newbury and Swindon.
1. Plentiful supply of good shops and services.
2. Location with its pleasant countryside and lots of walking paths.
3. Wide choice of local clubs and societies to join.
1. Location - we live in a beautiful area with close likes to motorways and rail.
2. Very good amenities, library, shops, restaurants, doctor, dentist, hairdressers, clubs and pub - on one decent one!
Local community spirit.
Carnival (and other activities that week), fireworks, Lambourn Open Day
Local shops and sports centre.
Attractive surrounding countryside.
The connection to horse racing, village community.
The facilities within the village are good eg. shops, leisure centre
The surrounding countryside
Friendly semi rural environment.Good facilities and services
Race Horses
The Plough Eastbury
The Eastbury Church
The Eastbury Village Hall
Rural Space
Community Spirit
Community spirit
Beautiful countryside/village
The countryside
The range of shops and services
The mix of population
Nice village with good facilities
Anob everywhere
Open space and clean air.
Minimal development
Great community
1. Beautiful surrounding countryside.
2. Friendly people.
3. Great position in Southern England - good for travel, N,S, E or W.
Community spirit
1. Being the heart of the Valley of the Racehorse (not involved in racing) The beautiful countryside we have.
2. Having a great doctor's surgery in Lambourn
3. Having access to shops without the need to travel
Surrounding villages are nice
Good walking around the area
Good access to everywhere
It’s rural location - the countryside is beautiful and the villages attractive
Well maintained properties of architectural significance, well managed farmland and woodland and abundance of wildlife
The strong community feel.
The excellent care provided by the doctors surgery
The library
A couple of good local shops
The post office
The racehorse industry
The Pheasant pub
People, horses, stables
The older historical housing
The countryside
The people, the horses, and the stables
The older housing that has been maintained and preserved
1. The people are friendly.
2. You can shop without having to go places.
3. There are plenty of things going on, ie craft clubs, tea parties etc.
The informative website and history
Lambourn market
The market
Lambourn Website
CO-OP, Post Office and staff are so helpful
Self contained active working village.
Location - close to several large towns and cities, pleasant countryside,AONB, easy access to motorway.
Old properties with interesting architecture.
The beauty of the surrounding countryside. It's wildlife. The racing industry. Farming in the local area. Relatively safe environment to live regarding crime and a great feel of community within it's residents. The village centre for the shops and it's Friday market.
Excellent doctor and shopping facilities
Love the countryside location
Community events and spirit
The countryside, the downs
Good GP Surgery
Amenities - doctors, shops,and market and church
Fresh air
Country Village Atmosphere
Scenery-Rolling Downs etc. Fresh air
A great community spirit
We have a wonderful doctors surgery/chemist
Beautiful countryside
Easy access to local towns
It's good to the environment
Space to walk
Open spaces
The feeling of community
Variety of facilities, shops, services
Horse racing is vital for the economy and an asset
Nice Pub, good food The George
Good family butcher
It's in the country and access to open spaces is only a few minute's walk away, yet the facilities in the Parish are very good, especially for a parish of this size. Transport links are close with the M4 being only a few minutes and a few miles away and access to GWR only 10 minutes away in Hungerford.
Some good amenities - doctors, dentist, sports centre, cafes, post office and small number of shops.
Generally quiet and rolling countryside surroundings
A good quantity of footpaths rights of way
Community spirit
Groups for small preschool children
Community spirit
Clubs for elderly
1. The 2000? Racehorses in various locations and guises. Love them! We have 8 “seasons” i.e. pre Cheltenham, Aintree, Derby, Ascot, Autumn Arc etc and arrival of yearlings
2. Beautiful views and plenty (dog) walks, esp after midday
Like the beautiful area and peacefulness
Like the smallness of the town and area in general
The rural location.
Living in a village rather than a town
The local facilities
The friendly atmosphere within the village
Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty
The community
The diversity
Its unique character
The range of services/facilities available locally
Its rural nature, the beauty of the environment, the lack of heavy through traffic, Lambourn Universal Stores
The most important and unique societal aspect of Lambourn which I value is its diversity.
Being a village, in it's truest sense, means that we all rub shoulders with people who are different from ourselves … and it is made obvious ... and worthwhile.. that we should make every effort to get on with each other.
We seem to have a lot of people with a 'can do' attitude … even in a time when less people are volunteering or contributing to their community.
I value the rural nature of the surroundings. In particular to have a river (one of only 200 chalk stream ecosystems in the world) and Lynch Woods in the centre of the village is an enormous asset. We are so lucky to live in an AONB and should make sure all the residents understand and value this.
It's rural character
1. Geographical location, easy access to main routes north, South, east and west.
2. Access to open countryside and walks.
3. Friendly community / good neighbours.
Outstanding natural beauty.
Lambourn Downs
Lambourn Centre
River Lambourn
Doctors Surgery
There is a varied population in terms of:
- age
- occupation
- ethnicity
- education for 2 - 11 year olds
Basic shopping facilities are available.
Healthcare amenities (GP and Dentist) are accessible to all, as are other amenities such as the Library and the Lambourn Centre.
The rural countryside, low levels of traffic. Good places for walking the dog. Nice country village feel. The area is not over developed. Within driving distance of larger towns with good shopping facilities and amenities. It's relatively quiet most of the time. The community activities such as the carnival and open day.
Good local doctors, dentist and pharmacy facilities. The local spirit of people helping each out on the Lambourn Community facebook page. The Lambourn Website. The Library and Post Office.
The amount of facilities in Lambourn. eg. doctor, dentist, library,co-op, school etc
Also like the surrounding countryside
The proximity to countryside and the quietness this offers
The 'community feel' between villages and support they give one another
The breadth of facilities available
Open countryside, rural surroundings.
Small and friendly community.
Easy access to healthcare.
I love that we are surrounded by countryside and everything that comes with that.
I love that I came to the area around 20 years ago and have been accepted and make a living.
I love that I can't drive up the road or visit the shops without getting waved at or greeted
Availability of services such as doctor, dentist and shops.
Beautiful environment.
Working village, people of all ages live here.
Community spirit.
Mix of established residents and newcomers.
1. Basic shopping facilities and Civic Amenities available.
2. Easy access to pleasant countryside and areas of natural beauty.
3. Not crowded or over-developed.
4. Good access to health-care faciltities
The variety of shops and services available.
Being in and close to terrific areas of outstanding natural beauty.
We feel safe in the community.
Green open spaces
Old buildings
Some shops
Local market
Doctors surgery and pharmacy locally
Couple of pubs
Village but with amenities
Surgery and Chemist local
Variety of eateries
1. Most people are friendly
2. There are good facilities for a smallish village - however with an increase of headcount in the village more facilities would be necessary i.e. public transport,
3. The Drs. Surgery is very good with short waiting times for appointments - however an increase in housing will necessitate an increase in surgery wait times and moving the surgery to a larger site
4. There are lots of walking footpaths and plenty of accessible open spaces
Great landscapes and big skies.
Wildlife - Kites, Buzzards and Barn Owls
Good range of services in the village.
Access to footpaths and byways.
Very good facilities, surgery, shops, etc Chemist, Butcher
Plenty Clubs for those that want them
Unspoilt countryside
The village of Lambourn is situated in a very pleasant rural environment. There are adequate food shopping facilities and a general stores which stocks many household requirements. There is a range of activities which can be participated in and the population are generally very friendly.
1. Race horses, racing industry and associated connections.
2. Doctors, Chemist, Library, School, Church, old buildings, shops and other facilities.
3. Countryside, friendly people and sense of history.
Access to open countryside.
Facilities in the village.
Rural location
friendly community
good communications and good road network
1. Proper working village. Not just old people.
2. Shops and surgery.
3. Its beautiful location
1. The beautiful countryside and walks.
2. Easy access to M4/A34 for commuting.
3. Good amenities in Lambourn - shops - market and universal stores.
Mostly quite area. Nice countryside.
1. The river flowing through.
2. The church and the old buildings.
3. The Downs and the nature reserves accessible to the village for walking and enjoyment, and the horses.
1. Hills
2. Climate.
3. Secure, stable government, police services etc.
Open spaces (not houses everywhere you look), quieter slower pace than a town or city.
1. Friendly community.
Good social events:
- silver circle
- coffee mornings
- WI
- horticultural club
- Oaksey House stable association
- photographic club.
Rural with good access to the countryside
Good facilities in terms of shops, takeouts, library
Broadband speed (though it isn't anything like as good as Virgin promised)
1. The friendliness and willingness to help each other out.
2. The wide variety of activities for the very young and older residents.
3. The beautiful countryside around us.
1. Quality village life.
2. Friendly people.
3. Good shops.
Spectacular views surrounding villages.
The connection to horse racing and its history.
Close proximity to major motorway.
Close proximity to major towns , Wantage, Newbury and Swindon.
Local amenities such as, Doctors Surgery, Pharmacy, Post Office, Library, Convenience store and Oaksey House
Set in beautiful countryside with walking opportunities
Racing/Equine agency
A caring community with especially good club and organisations for the elderly
Locality walks to nature
New eating options like Pegasus Pizza and ''off the scales'' chip van
Handiness to the M4, London, Reading etc
Area of outstanding natural beauty with lovely walks
Domination of the horse
Good facilities - church , shopping, surgery, dentist, take-away food, Post Office, library, Oaksey House, Lambourn Centre
Accessibility to major routes-east/west and north/south
Bustling community
Local facilites
Rural location
Ease of access to M4 & A34
Not too far from centres like Swindon & Newbury
The peace and quiet
Friendly people
The wonderful landscape
Location access to M4
Not overdeveloped
1. The beautiful countryside
2. The sense of community based on horse/yards/gallops
3. The butcher
1. Convenient shopping
2. Lovely area
1. The children's park
2. There is a post office available and library is valued
3. Friday market and other local events (e.g. fireworks/Boxing Day event)
1. The sense of community in the village
2. Outstanding natural beauty
3. Good access to motorway system
1. Village community and the care of neighbouring areas
2. Countryside
Working community not just a commuter village
Village life
1. The green spaces.
2. The bourn.
3. Horses.
Lambourn is a lovely place to live in the most beautiful part of the country, which is the same for all of the Parish
1. A good selection of services and shops for basic shopping.
3. The beautiful countryside
1. Its rural setting.
2. Low traffic levels.
3. The sound of bird song in the mornings and the owls at night.
1. Countryside.
2. Racing community.
3. Pub - Eastbury.
1. Beautiful countyside - wonderful walking.
2. Friendly village.
3. Shops in Lambourn.
The church of At Michael and All Angels being at the centre of the village . 2 beauty 3 helpful GP surgery
Good opportunities to join various clubs and the like (sports club, WI, Camera Club, Silver Circle etc)
Availability to reach near towns of choice
Accessibility to reach surrounding countryside with plenty of walks in the area
Green spaces around area
Number of off road footpaths
The Lambourn Downs
The Racing Heritage
1. community
2. Good facilities for a rural area
3. Wonderful countryside
The peace and beauty of living in an AONB
Relatively little light pollution
1. Good network of footpaths and bridleways for running/walking/cycling throughout the valley
2. Small pockets of biodiverse (flower and butterfly-rich) habitat in the valley e.g. Watts bank & Seven Barrows nature reserves. BUT much more could be done to enhance biodiversity throughout the valley (Sheepdrove Organic Farm is a shining beacon)
3. Mobile phone signal and broadband speed are acceptably good - in a rural situation, we appreciate this
Community spirit
It still retains its rural character although this is slowly being eroded
Thew community spirit of the villagers
The varied architecture of the residential dwellings and buildings in Lambourn
The accessibility to beautiful areas of countryside
The location of being on the Lambourn Downs
The wonderful walking and beauty. The fact that it is an AONB.
The racehorses and the fact that I live on the edge of a working village so there are always people around.
We have a lovely new vicar here now
The surgery is very good
Good community spirit
The green areas and availability to use them and walk on
The areas not built on or developed
amenities available in local area e.g. Shops lambourn center and sports center, parks and woods
Born & bred in Lambourn
Good supermarket, hardware store, pharmacy, cafe.
Ample pubs
Excellent surgery
Community spirit
Streets kept clean
Church in centre of village
Good sports club and field
Lambourn is in a beautiful part of the country. We are very fortunate.
Good local business
Parish Council makes a lot of effort in Lambourn village
Friendly local people
Community spirit
Close community
Good facilities
Know nearly everyone
1. Rural.
2. Community.
3. Library.
The community
The Racing
The byways
Rural Downland
Good for walking ,cling and horse riding
Lambourn sits in an AONB but runs the risk of becoming more isolated with poorer links to other towns because of transport cuts
Lambourn is a unique close community with beautiful walks in stunning countryside which needs residents that appreciate the area around them and not town dwellers brought in from other areas
Still feels like a village
Still got our library
Still got a Post Office
Open Countryside, plenty of walking
The horses
Village community
Like how the village comes together in times of need
Living in a beautiful part of the country
The countryside
Living in the countryside
Get access to towns nearby
The main village contains all the key elements to maintain the community-grocery shop, doctors surgery, chemist, general store (universal), library, café, Pub
Lambourn centre-local centre for health and well being. No need to travel outside the Parish.
The proximity and accessibility of the beautiful and varied countryside for walking
1. This is a very friendly place to live
2. Good community and caring feel about the area
3. Great surgery. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff
1. The amenities: Library, surgery, chemist. butcher, Co-op, post office
2. The clubs and community spirit, at least among longer term residents
3.The nearby countryside
1. Rural nature.
2. Green spaces.
3. Village community.
Availability of local shops
Local GP surgery and lharmacy
Organisations to suit variety of interests, including local churches and library
AONB means great area for walking
Friendly community
The 'open' space around the parish
Friday market
Village community
Outstanding beauty
Friendly environment
1. Sense of identity as a village community.
2. Care for landscape/environment.
3. Variety of community in experience, age, work.
Good amenities
1. Beautiful natural landscape and surroundings
2. Community spirit in Eastbury, on a personal level and in terms of coming together to look after our surroundings e.g. village warden
3. Top notch local pub with friendly owners, great food and beer and local Priscilla's cafe in East Garston
1. You can get most things
2. Its in the countryside
3. Sports Centre
1. Facilities - Dr, dentist, library, sports club, pub, cafe, takeaway, school, recreation area
2. The woods
3. majority of villagers are friendly and welcoming
Community spirit.
Surrounding countryside.
The horse racing community.
Good doctors’ surgery.
The village library.
Community car scheme.
1. The area of outstanding natural beauty
2. The abundance of walks available in the area
3. Country living in a vibrant community with a good selection of shops and facilities and the close connections with the racing industry
1. Community spirit
2.Village atmosphere
3. Location - open fields etc
1. The tranquility
2. The sense of community
3. The beautiful landscape
1. Good community
2. Good scenery and walks
3. Butcher and Friday market
1. Countryside
2. River
3. People
1. Beautiful country views
2. Shop - the co-op - is open until 10
3. regular buses, although every 2 hours is quite a long wait
Community spirit
Lots to do
Reasonably quiet
1. Nice countryside.
2. Decent churches.
3. Generally nice people. Good pubs.
1. Countryside
2. Racehorses
3. Good GP practice
1. The walks and the countryside
2. Racehorses and the RDA
3. Friendly community
1.Surrounding countryside (AONB)
2. Doctor's surgery
3. Shops to buy essentials
4. A library
The Bloodstock Industry
What is he capacity of the village/gallops
What is the capacity of max itinerant ''lads''
Stunning countryside, terrific local amenities
The space outside the village, whichever route you take
Opening hours of the Co-Op and newspaper shop
The horses
Wonderful Surgery
Excellent Library
Beautiful Countryside/and Horse Racing connections
1. Shop, post office, butcher, market facilities
2. Leisure centre
Rural atmosphere
Low traffic volumes
Pleasant walks
Q1. 35-44 AND 45-54
AONB is top priority
Village amenities (not all big branded stores)
Horse racing community
1. Sense of community. Some people are quite helpful but many wouldn't give you the time of day
2. OIUr new vicar, Julie, and new RC priest, Fr. david
3. Fun and banter in local shops
1. The history of the village and surrounding area - the walking
2. The shops and amenities
3. Good community spirit
1. The welcoming and friendliness of the people.
2. The High Street - the shops cater for all everyday needs.
3. The horses and the surrounding scenery.
4. The helpfulness of the Clerk to the Parish Council.
5. The library.
6. The pharmacy and it efficient links with the surgery.
7. The fact that there is a surgery with ready access to doctors.
8. Village Views.
1. The countryside for walks and beautiful views
2. A sociable community, neighbourly and friendly
3. The horses! and access to local facilities - not too rural for me
1. Sense of community
2. Busy, working village with proper amenities e.g. library, post office, GP
It's home! friendly folk - things to do- if you want to join - plenty of places for walking and talking
1. The caring community - drawing together in adversity
2. The amount of clubs, societies and organisations for joining
1. Good selection of shops and eating places
1. Friendliness of the people
2. Brilliant for walking dogs etc
3. Fantastic countryside and views
4. The racing community
1. The character of being a working village with horses
2. A good clinic with competent doctors
3. Availability of most basic facilitiesd i.e. churches, leisure and sports opportunities, library, post office, chemist, shops, walks, public transport (although limited)
Friendliness of the inhabitants
The village of Lambourn itself is self sufficient within walking distance
Surrounded by beautiful countryside
Within easy distance of hub main roads
Surrounding countryside
Access to footpaths to walk through the countryside
Community-knowing people
1. the Cricket Field and the open space it provides
2. The racing industry and the jobs and green countryside it provides
3. The village atmosphere
1. Rural village atmosphere
2. Community spirit
3. Local amenities
Variety of facilities - library / shops
Rural location
Community ethos - people have time for one another and know people
1. Racehorses.
2. Countryside.
3. Community spirit.
1. It is a small parish with an excellent magazine - Village Views, library, household store and attractive church. Good links to M4 and beautiful countryside. There is good walking through woods and playing field.
1. The racing.
2. The countryside.
3. The nature of a proper working village.
Good church buildings and church communities.
Library (including its activities) and Lambourn Centre
Reasonable shops (compared with some villages these days)
Relatively unspoilt villages. Let’s keep it that way!
Friendly and helpful people, in the main
1. Good local facilities
2. Countryside - natural beauty and heritage
3. Retains its own character
1. Easy access to good walks
2. Basic local amenities, post office, cash point, newsagents, schools, butchers etc
3. Churches. And a couple of good eateries
1. Availability of shops and services
2. Ability to walk in woods and countryside without having to drive
1.The people are very friendly, the shops especially
2.There is a market which is useful. Well visited. Parking not good.
1. New to the village - like the mix of ages living here. Love the countryside. Not masses of house building.
Community feel
1.The location and areas of unspoilt countryside that are available locally
2.Feeling of community and the almost forgotten benefits of mutual support within the village community
3.Residents desire to maintain the above values
1.Having moved here from the Greater London area in 1983, we find virtually everyone to be both friendly and welcoming, compared to urban communities.
2.The countryside surrounding Lambourn is always attractive in all seasons. This should not preclude AONB concerns preventing any reasonable development.
1.A number of churches, a good school, library, a surgery, pharmacies, a number of shops, proximity to the M4 and in lovely countryside
1. Typical English village
2. Many facilities easily on hand
1. Community feel
2. Annual activities
1.Location within the AONB
2. Individual character arising from horse racing and other country pursuits connections
3. Modest scale but existence of relatively good local services and community activities
1. The GP surgery + pharmacy; both very helpful and decrease the need to go to A & E
2. The open spaces, woods and countryside
3. The primary school and its facilities
The community spirit
1.The countryside, the community, the history
2.The accessibility of larger towns
3.The racing
1. The fact that the village is not part of a suburban sprawl
2. Our post office
3. Good doctors surgery and local chemist
Quiet area
Good walking
Friendly atmospere

Q13. The things that I dislike about Lambourn Parish are: - Sun Feb 2 19:50:00 GMT 2020

Q13 - Sun Feb  2 19:50:01 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q13. The things that I dislike about Lambourn Parish are:
Frequency count of Q13. The things that I dislike about Lambourn Parish are:

street               152
lack                 122
high                 121
lambourn             113
traffic              109
parking              101
village               93
poor                  70
roads                 66
road                  62
behaviour             59
transport             59
litter                59
cars                  57
people                55
speeding              51
public                50
especially            40
social                40
speed                 37
anti                  33
police                32
vehicles              31
hungerford            31
pavements             31
area                  28
around                27
drug                  26
horses                26
crime                 24
enough                23
outside               23
local                 23
housing               22
driving               22
square                22
lines                 22
young                 21
shop                  21
parked                21
need                  21
fast                  20
dangerous             20
shops                 19
hill                  19
yellow                19
areas                 19
drugs                 18
night                 18
membury               17
community             17
nothing               17
amount                16
park                  16
planning              16
corner                16
lorries               16
council               16
problems              16
difficult             15
control               15
small                 15
drivers               15
heavy                 15
problem               15
presence              15
services              14
potholes              14
along                 14
limited               14
particularly          14
general               14
villages              14
large                 14
racing                14
newbury               14
policing              13
streets               13
places                13
children              13
drive                 13
using                 13
double                13
rubbish               13
antisocial            13
facilities            13
horse                 13
parish                13
often                 12
centre                12
within                12
market                12
properties            12
flooding              12
going                 11
mess                  11
riders                11
industry              11
church                11
industrial            11
development           11
access                11
eastbury              11
teenagers             11
house                 11
service               10
better                10
times                 10
vandalism             10
causing               10
lane                  10
good                  10
lighting              10
crossroads            10
londis                10
oxford                10
cross                 10
wantage               10
station               10
think                 10
buses                 10
school                10
residents             10
increasing            10
main                  10

Lambourn NDP - Q13. The things that I dislike about Lambourn Parish are:
Whilst not having had a problem directly, I am concerned with the levels of petty crime and vandalism. I am a member of the Lambourn Community Facebook group and regularly see issues posted.
That the High Street looks a bit down at heel, it's a shame as it has some lovely buildings.
The co op is a rip off,needs more competition, never any police around,double yellow lines don't mean anything to people in lambourn and as a hgv driver it's very frustrating
1. The general air of scruffiness.
2. Dropped litter.
3. Poor maintenance of buildings in the centre of the village, e.g. Gordon House, College House and the derelict former Premier/Londis premises on the corner of High Street and Parsonage Lane.
The general air of scruffiness in the middle of Lambourn contrasts with the well kept Training yards and prettier villages of Eastbury and Upper Lambourn. For example College House is a handsome building that is neglected and the shop on the corner of the Square looks as if it would like to fall into a heap and die.
the amount of people using drugs and house crime.
1. Flood risk with river (though hopefully now decreased for Eastbury)
2. Social issues in Lambourn
1. Overcrowded High Street parking and parking on double yellow lines. Needs stricter enforcing.
2. Poor location of bus stops creates traffic jams.
3. No CCTV in High Street. Too many yobs use the Wine Bar and create problems.
1. Still reliant on a car and having to use it most days
2. Limited public transport for my teenager when she moves on to college/work
The traffic in the high street to the cross roads. There are too many parked cars outside the coop and other shops and there is too much traffic going through. Plus there is really no alternative route if you want to access east Lambourn.
There is not enough off-street parking for the shops or it is not used. I think the high st. needs to be a no parking zone.
At the cross roads in the centre of town, it's impossible to see to the right side when traveling North. Seems a bit dangerous.
Nearest recycling centre is in Oxfordshire. Luckily they don't seem to mind us using it.
West Berks recycling is rubbish (pun intended). E.g. they don't accept tetra-packs and most types of plastics.
The roads are in poor condition.
Horses on the roads are sometimes a nuisance.
1. The antisocial behaviour
2. the rise in drug related problems
3. lack of a visible police presence
1. The antisocial youths hanging around the Lambourn village square at all hours
2. The historic flooding issues - once fixed but are they being maintained?
3. The desire to add more and more new houses to the area
1. Lack of police presence & response times
2. Crime and antisocial behaviour
3. Poor and in some places dangerous road surface condition. Pot holes which will be lethal to road users, e.g. cyclists
Mud, not much you can do about that.
Pot hole in roads
Lack of public transport connections and those that exist are expensive.
Seemingly no focus from the local councillors and government representatives.
The driving , parking by the post office
I dislike the lack of safe walking and cycling options beteen the villages especially in the wetter months. I have cycling to Hungerford and although this can be done on mostly quiet roads, you do need to cycling on the B4000 which is highly dangerous due to the quantity of heavy good vehicles which have to drive from Membury to Junction 14 to access the Motorway. I think this is absolutely rediculous when it would be much safer for them to get on and off the M4 via Membury Services. Not only safer but environmentally more logical. I understand that this maybe a policy which is out of local control but I feel it is something you MUST feed back to those who can allow common sence to be considered.
I don't accept that letting HGVs use Membury would be a safety issue when you consider the slip roads on the M4 at services are far superior to those on the A34 around Newbury which are far too short .
People racing about in cars up and down high street.
Bad parking on High Street when car parks are available.
How isolated it still is
Ie. Only two busses available and nothing on sundays.
Lack of policing. Lots of antisocial behaviour making it less likely to go out after dark through fear of being picked on.
Youngsters getting out of hand late at night on weekends at party's.
pot holes.overgrown hedgerows onto pathways.some street lighting could be better.Some of the Shop front in the high street need attention decorating.
Dangerous cross-roads caused in part by parking outside the co-op.
Lack of activities for young people. Number of 'men in particular' who site around the church gate.
No train station. A car is need for most journeys.
speeding traffic / youths hanging around the church / trucks / lorries travelling through the village at speed (OK for horses and straw and tractors etc) / empty Londis store on the corner / road surface coming down Hungerford Hill and in the High Street / rude junior stable staff / strings of horses who do not thank you for slowing down but are happy to drive passed your house very fast without due care and attention / cars that drive at speed without silencers on their exhausts who think they are 'cool', believe me, they are not.
1. Lack of affordable housing for young people.
2. Lack of amenities for young people, especially teenagers.
3. Lack of local police officer and the amount of parking on double yellow lines in the High Street. Amount of speeding through the village.
1. The scum who live here.
2. Speeding traffic.
3. Out of control children.
1. Not enough buses.
1 Youths hanging about at the entrance to the church.
2 Lack of parking
3 Large lorries going through Lambourn
1. Violence in Lambourn.
2. Burglaries.
3. Fly tipping.
1. The state of the river!
2. Pavements and roads
3. No shelter at the bus stop.
4. No enough amenities. It was better 60 years ago!
1. Drug dealing. The police are not here enough - Speeding through the village.
2. Not enough public transport to larger towns.
3. Very little shops/ leisure/ entertainment.
1. Sadly no good public transport to Newbury, Hungerford and Swindon.
Flooding. Flooding. Flooding.
Antisocial behaviour.
Fast driving in 30 zones.
Foul language and lewd behaviour from teenage children in the play park, in front of the preschool aged children.
Drugs outside the church.
1. Not enough transport to the surrounding towns.
. Nothing that a regular traffic warden wouldn't cure.
Too much on-street parking in Lambourn High Street.
Too many HGVs on the B4000.
Too much noise and pollution from the M4.
1: the sharp corner in the road accessing Lambourn
2: the condition of the road surfaces full of patches or potholes
3: the pollution and destruction in the ridge forest as well as the lack of reforestation
1: Potholes in roads
2: Parking congestion in the high street
Traffic goes too fast
1: Street Lights
2:Unsociable Behaviour
3: Lack of Bus Services
1. Speeding especially on roads at entry/entries to built-up area of Lambourn village
2. Illegal and/or inconsiderate parking
The pavements in Lambourn are very difficult for elderly people with walking difficulties and aids, and mother's with prams. This is because, to walk safely on the pavement, you have to cross several roads.
1. The prevalence of litter especially round the market square.
2. The unkempt appearance of many buildings along the High Street. Of particular concern is the now closed supermarket at the crossroads.
Lack of car of grassed areas which authorises fail to cut. Too few trees on open spaces.
1. Parking of cars on the green corner between Edwards Hill and Close End.
2. The unkempt village centre. Londis is an eyesore.
3. Community areas could be cleaner.
1. The loss of racing yards succumbing to infill building for housing developments that Lambourn cannot sustain without ruining the concept of the Valley of the Racehorse.
2. Cars speeding around the village and up and down the High Street. There will be a major accident with a child of elderly person when shopping. Mark my words!
3. Rude, obnoxious teenagers having round the Lunch Gate and Market Square. Where is the parental care teaching them manners and rights and wrongs of live!!??
1. Not enough to do for the kids. It needs more than one park.
2. More control on drugs in area and policing.
1. Litter.
2. Bad parking on High Street.
1. The crime (particularly anti social, burglary and drugs)
2. Some of the more 'flightly' race horses scare me.
3. Parking for the school - I live in Sheep Fairway and we have had access made difficult by parents parking.
4. Lack of public transport - particularly to Hungerford.
5. Lack of police.
1. Increasing crime rate.
2. Dog fouling pavements.
3. Lack of public transport.
1. Becoming very untidy.
2. Increase in antisocial behaviour.
1. Becoming very untidy pavements etc when leaves fall not swept surely this should become households responsibility.
2. Lack of bus service to hungerford.
1. Traffic goes too fast.
1. Not very well kept and not very tidy.
1.. Cut off from towns for teenagers - not enough for them.
2. Lambourn High Street/ Centre is run down, especially the corner shop.
3. Not enough going on for the young. Old, eg tennis courts run down.
1. Parking has become a real issue. Cars parked on pavements making it impossible for mothers with pushchairs and children to pass safely. Too much traffic in High Street/ Oxford Road.
2. Cars/ vans parked along Oxford Road will cause an accident sooner rather than later.
1. Not a very friendly place.
2.The pubs are not particular nice to go in. Now the George has changed hands, the food is awful. You have to go out of the village to find somewhere decent.
3. People throwing their rubbish wherever they feel like it.
1. Litter
2. Drugs.
3. Yobbish behaviour on the streets.
4. The wine bar.
5. Poor public transport.
1. There isn't a petrol station of a bank
2. After bad winter weather, ie frost and snow, the High Street pavements are very treacherous and slippery; this is especially dangerous for elderly residents or mums with prams and young children.
1. Lack of parking within the centre of the village. The car park off the High Street is full of the cars of people who work in the village.
2. Car parking nose to tail along Newbury Street, Oxford Street and High Street make it difficult to drive along these roads in a car and even more difficult for lorries, particularly those delivering to the local shops.
3 The amount of HGV traffic through the village.
1. Youth anti-social behaviour.
1 Litter - unnecessary for it to be there at all. Especially dog fouling.
2. The corner shop - now disused and an eyesore.
3. Parking in the High Street on yellow lines, creating hazards at the junction and in the street.
The amount of litter.
The speeding cars on the main road and country lanes.
1. Lack of police visibility. Local reports of continued crime.
2. Area where traffic safety is lacking - speeding and rights of way.
3. No additional recycling facilities to complement door step recycling.
1. No police/fire services on hand.
2. Council collects most money from the village due to house sizes and bins for garden service but gives nothing in return.
3. Crime has increased. Noting of help for younger generation.
4. Housing given to outsiders rather than people in the village.
1. Busy road outside my house.
The dangers from traffic (specifically heavy lorries) - both in numbers and speed along Ermin Street.
2. The noise from the traffic and also from the M4.
1. Undertone of crime - lots of burglaries, drug use
2. Lack of bus service to Wantage/Didcot
Limited number of shops and particularly restaurants.
1. Over the past 10 years, the surrounding development of industrial estates has rendered Lambourn to become an urbanised rural area.
2. The B4000 which services these estates is carrying far too many HGVs. This impacts on the life in the villages and the safety of the road.
1. The shop on the corner ?Londis? The Londis needs sorting, it lets the High Street down.
2. More traffic calming measures required.
3. To slow people down.
1. Threat of burglary.
2. West Berkshire Council Planning Department.
1 Traffic - speed and vehicles too large for the roads.
2. Drug problems and resultant crimes in Lambourn.
3. Reduction in services.
1. Too much priority given to development of new stable yards in the AONB.
1. Nothing.
1. Too close to Swindon.
2. Sewers and waterworks are overloaded.
1. Excessive influence of the horse training industry.
1. Poor public transport.
2. Not much choice in exercise classes.
3. No cycle-ways.
1. Litter.
2. I would not like to talk in the village after dark.
3. Poor public transport provision.
1. Excessive dependence on the horse racing industry.
2. Increasing crime levels and anti-social behaviour.
1. Litter.
2. Speeding.
3. Lambourn High Street.
Isolation during bad weather in wintertime
Anti social behaviour at certain times when too much alcohol has been drunk
Rudeness of riders on horses
Too much diversity between the different sections of society (an almost caste system from lower to very posh)
1. The poor quality of the one remaining grocery type shop in the village. What is going to happen to the empty store on the corner of the High Street.
2. The very poor parking on the High Street which causes unnecessary traffic. Make Lambourn High Street one-way would be big help and the dangerous crossroads on the Square.
3. The lack of pride in the appearance of the villages. Lots of litter, No displays within the village. The entry points to the village (Hungerford Hill, Baydon Road, Mill End) make the village look unappealing.
4. Why is there a fence closing off the view of the Lambourn River on Oxford Street. The river is not privately owned. Take it down!
1. The large amount of litter, especially in the Square and the High Street.
1. Speeding
2. Anti-social behaviour.
3. Lack of hi-vis on horses and riders.
Lack of resources for teenagers
Lack of local transport
People with money seem to have a bigger say-planning influence
Parish Council not representative as village
(small minded people)!!
1. Over development - squeezing in too many houses/flats in a small area.
2. Speeding and overly noisy cars in village centre.
1. Lack of Police presence.
2. Lack of parking enforcement rules.
1. Too many cars.
2. Driving too fast, especially in the High Street.
3. Lack of policing.
1. Speeding traffic - lack of respect for horses.
2. Lack of shops.
3. Some of the drug problems/crime.
1. No dry cleaners/ baker/ garages for petrol.
2. Crime seems high.
1. Scruffy High Street, dangerous High Street. Need sleeping policeman provisional top end of High Street, near Edward‘s Hill
2. Insecurity of the Square at night
3. Reputation for drug use
4. A bus service to Hungerford would be an advantage
1. The racing community taking over trainers always getting there own way
2. Anti-social behaviour, a lot of new people are the cause
3. To many houses being built
1. Farriers who drive think they can use their mobile phones
2. Could do with a few more shops (I.e. bakery)
Poor infrastructure-- roads, public transport.
Infill building
Anti social behaviour
1. The amount of dog muck everywhere
2. The unfair school (secondary) transport system
1. The litter in the river
2. The youngsters not having anything to do in the evening
3. The potholes!
4. Speeding cars not being considerate to pedestrians and horses!
1. Speeding traffic through the village
2. No attempts by the Parish Council to do anything about it
3. Parish Councillors only interest in extentions planning
1. People v. "stuck" up
2. Difficult for people to find
3. Roads allowed to be too icy even with horses
1. Poorly maintained roads that are covered in mud
2. How the lower income earners do not look after their homes' appearance
3. Lack of amenities meaning you have to drive most places
Lack of Public Transport
Lack of Street Lighting
Unsafe pavements
The litter that is no longer cleaned up by the Council (more so the people who drop it in the first place)
Little police presence in the villages
Anti-social behaviour, litter
Speeding traffic, using mobiles whilst driving, lorries and horseboxes, tractors driving down middle of road
Yobs hanging around outside church and Memorial Hall at night
Rowdy teenagers congregating in market square/ Memorial Hall
Poor bus service to Wantage; no late bus from Newbury
1. The crime due to lack of education and policing + parental care.
Lack of adherence to speed limits through the village and road sign eg no Left Turn at crossroads.
3. The old Londis shop is a disgrace and eyesore to the village.
4. Road drains and gullies not cleaned and emptied.
Drugs and the way this culture impacts on the whole community
Lack of police presence so there is some disruptive behaviour which might be discouraged be "the law" being around
Fast traffic on roads; too may potholes still; not enough pavements or walking tracks alongside roads outside the main village - walking or running or cycling on the roads is dangerous
Too little residential parking which leads to parking on pavements, a danger to all.
Poor state of pavement between Lambourn and Upper Lambourn - a busy path bitin places the kerbstone is non-existent.
Speeding in the 30mph zone between Lambourn and Upper Lambourn. Generally need more police presence.
Lack of public transport, especially late night options
Poor quality of road surfaces
Dog mess on pavements in Lambourn
Antisocial behaviour with cars and motorbikes speeding in Lambourn
No railway links in Lambourn (station)
High Street in Lambourn is not one way
Lack of local police force
Rubbish - everywhere
Time warp, shabby
Poorly maintained pavements
Increasing traffic congestion and thoughtless parking in the High Street
Speed of traffic through the village and too many vehicles parked illegally outside the Co-Op which causes problems
There should not be any very large lorries allowed down the High Street of Lambourn
There is a problem with people using the lytch gate to smoke etc during the evening and causing litter
The parking at the school is inadequate at 3/3.30 when the children are being collected
Antisocial behaviour
No petrol station
No bus to Hungerford
Planning Apps
The Co-Op
Traffic, cars driving too fast, loud vehicles, lack of parking, narrow pavements
Antisocial behaviour, littering, noisy in residential areas at night, teenagers using children's play equipment, dog poo
Poor primary school - curriculum not broad enough, PTA + school don't engage with local community
Parking shortage in High Street and most roads in Lambourn, made worse by heavy traffic
Road conditions (pot holes, flooding)
Not enough vehicle parking off Lambourn's busy High Street
Tricky 4-way junction (Oxford St, Newbury Rd, High St, Old Vicarage Rd) in Lambourn
Too many container vehicles using Lambourn Woodlands (Ermin St) as a "rat-run"
Not enough to do for teenagers, traffic flow through Lambourn. Speeding through villages in the valley - poor control, especially with lack of footpaths.
I would like to see some more contemporary/interesting housing, rather than the usual bland developments of pastiche boxes. (which sadly includes the plot I sold at the bottom of my garden.
I dont know if there is a recreation club for kids or not? There are a lot of young people hanging around. Is there much for them to do in the parish?
Rude behaviour by some sectors of the population and general lack of consideration for others
Loutish behaviour, litter dropping, shouting in public places.
Obvious high level of drug taking
Lack of police visibility to control above
Aggressive driving behaviour. Disregard for parking restrictions for example
habitual parking on High Street double yellow lines causing traffic chaos which at peak times results in gridlock.
Continuous lines of parked cars on west side of Oxford street effectively making it single carriageway and impeding sight lines. Many examples of road rage caused by this and also use of pavement by frustrated drivers.
Longterm parking of commercial vehicles in High street car park restricting short term availability for shoppers. Car park should have a two hour time limit
Vo;ume of traffic on Sheepdrove Road caused by activities of the Organic farm Conference centre. Is it proper that this should be used for non 'Eco' use such as motor industry launches/testing by BMW, Land Rover, Porshe, and others?
Poor Road markings at traffic black spots viz top of Hungerford Hill where traffic taking the righthand fork for membury services sees fast moving traffic approaching round blind bend from opposite direction. Similarly later cross roads with Ermine Street has bizarre road markings encouraging approaching traffic to swing across vehicles continuing across junction.
Lack of control of general clutter ranging from unnecessary street signs (why signpost the Plough at Eastbury from Lambourn High Street?) to the covered training track eyesore at the top of Hungerford Hill.
Failure of Lambourn Parish Council to enforce regulations at the Upper Lambourn cemetery. This results in genreral clutter such as beer cans, photographs, plastic flowers, lanterns on graves as well as some graves even being 'cultivated'.
Lack of robust PC attitude to unsatisfactory planning applications.
Traffic on High Street
Horse riders who do not thank drivers when they slow down and stop
Lack of proper policing
Noise from public house
The flooding. The potholes. The uglyness of the buildings erected since the 1960s, especially those put up in the 1970s and 80s. The increasing erosion of green space, filling in the pockets of land that remain. The attitude of some that think it’s ok to let their dogs foul around the children’s skate park on the old cricket ground. The recreational use of cocaine and marijuana by some within the community that are either vulnerable to it, or should know better but are content with that way of life.
Road access, especially within the village of Eastbury. Vehicle speed is excessive and the width of the carriageway is not conducive to larger vehicles especially at some dangerous pinchpoints on Newbury Road. Also pedestrian access is very limited and can be dangerous at night. Possible thought to reducing speedlimit to 20 mph or put in some traffic calming measures.
Within Lambourn the stop street at the cross roads on the High Street near the Anglican Church is very dangerous due to insufficient visibility to vehicles coming from the East. THere hvae been a number of accidents over the past few years.
The National speed limit between the villages, people who park on double yellow lines often causing traffic disruption in Lambourn high street.
Potholes, lack of pavements in some places making it feel a little dangerous to walk on the road.
Roads in Upper Lambourn are a disgrace
Lack of police presence, especially re drugs
State of the roads
Lack of public transport
Choice for daily shopping
Heavy traffic
Lack of cohesion between different groups - old/young, ethnicity, racing/non-racing, rich/poor
Feeling isolated - nearest petrol station! No train, buses poor
School not being better
A dumping ground for social housing with poor transport links and very limited employment opportunities
It's ugly especially some of the social housing
There is very little for people to do if they are not interested in horses and outside activities.
The speed at which cars travel along Newbury Road - it is a 30mph, not 50mph
Vandalism, anti-social behaviour
Bad driving
No bank
Lack of communication, not everyone has social media or even wants it
Lack of police
People parking in Lambourn on the double yellow lines on approach to the Coop from the crossroads. It messes up the traffic flow dramatically. Also, parking opposite the entrance to the main car park which has the same effect.
Noisy lorries on Ermin St. Too many
Not enough salt on roads, Hungerford Hill, Membury crossroads
Complete lack of police presence
Lack of amenities
Far to many eateries
Lack of parking
Lack of parking for visitors
Hate residents not parking 3 cars in the parking space (garde at back) when all residents in the High Street has garages for the cars like the Old Police Station.
Too many cars parked in the road, restricting roads to a single lane
River is not kept clear - in Lambourn
1. State of the buildings in the High Street in Lambourn in places is poor
2. Litter everywhere
3. The youth element in the park, cricket field and square. Parents need to take responsibility for their young!
1. The scruffy High Street
2. The High Street doesn't feel safe once dark or after about 5pm in summer
3. It's getting more built up
Not enough amenities for Young people
Transport links
1. Lacking of effective planning controls over the industrial areas (esp. in Lambourn Woodlands)
2. Lack of effective local policing
3. The number of potholes
1. Anti-social behaviour of youngsters (mostly Lambourn)
2. Drug problem (mostly Lambourn)
3. The amount of litter in the Square and the High Street which is a disgrace, the worst in any village in the area.
1. Dog fouling
2. Road entry areas could be more welcoming and a lot smarter thereby giving the impression villagers care and are proud of Lambourn. Members of the public to be encouraged to keep tidy and plant on cut grassed public areas
Dog mess.
Drug exchanges, smoking it in public and next to where my child sleeps.
Fast driving.
Some bad behaving youths.
Too many people who believe Lambourn is all about horses, as if everyone who lives in the area is into horses, which is absolutely untrue! There are a lot of people like ourselves who have nothing to do with the industry and dislike the arrogance of those who are. Looking to move away.
speeding cars,
crime levels for a small community - and with emergency services quite some distance away,
The potential for overdevelopment in the area and spoiling the village
Looks a bit shabby in places
Crime / drugs
Insufficient investment in horse tracks means that we have an accident waiting to happen as more yards are built
Speeding through the village. Risking horses, children, and other vulnerable road users. Abysmal (comical) parking practices. Open drug use (cannabis) through the village. Lack of opportunities for young adults, which contributes to their legitimising vandalism.
It would be nice if stables had direct access from stables to exercise areas/gallops. This would remove the need to use public roads which would be safer for both horses & riders and cause less frustrating delays.
1. Traffic control, especially parking.
2. Litter.
3. Vandals,
Unable to get affordable housing if you are single
Lack of buses to Newbury at weekends
Amount of yobs causing trouble / damaging property with no meaningful punishment
Drunken crowds in road outside George pub when they have a party
Lack of Police to prevent the above
The low level of provision of public transport
The hazards associated with large transport and uncontrolled parking, together with poor sight lines for drivers, particularly around the main cross roads, high street and market square.
Poor provision and maintenance of pavements
West Berkshire’s approach to rubbish collection and recycling is poor. The open boxes and soft bags promote a litter problem and the range of items accepted for recycling is very limited. This limitation should be addressed with priority. Boxes with paper and board in become extremely heavy after rain resulting in a manual handling hazard.
1. Speeding in the High Street and up Hungerford Hill.
2. Lack of Christmas lights in the High Street.
3. The dreadful-looking run down shop on the corner, the old Londis.
The litter! We always do a litter pick whenever we walk around the village but there is always more which is a real shame.
2. The play-park - it looks so tired and gets vandalised - my daughter loves playing there, it would be fab to see a bit of money spent on tidying it up.
1. Traffic all round, but mainly on the High Street. Just too much traffic.
2. Poor street lighting.
3. Parking. Too many cars.
1. The motorbikes that go up and down Folly Road, particularly at weekends.
2. The potholes and road surfaces into and out of the village.
Anti-social behaviour: loitering on the square, in the woods/cricket field and in the recreation area on Mill Lane. Driving motor vehicles on the cricket field. Leaving substantial amounts of litter in these areas.
Litter and dog mess around the village.
Speeding vehicles, particularly on routes in or out of the village and by large vehicles including lorries.
Think the speed limit for anything larger than a van should be 20mph.
The litter, it might be we need more bins available or litter picking.
Many roadside drains are blocked-they need to e thoroughly cleared twice a year-suggest December/June
Insufficient roadside ins-littering on grass verges is at a disgraceful level
- Speeding traffic
- Lack of Public Transport
- Lack of traffic calming
- Ever increasing number of heavy/articulated lorries (there is a year on year increase of lorries that cause verge damage and have to mount footpaths to pass)
Membury Industrial Site is out of control
Standards have been abandoned in this part of the AONB,
HGV traffic, noise and pollution
Speed on some roads put people at risk
Volume of traffic
Membury Industrial Estate-the site is out of control
HGV traffic, noise and pollution
Volume of traffic and speeding along the B4000, which is now becoming a huge safety issue to residents and road users
Poor policing meaning repeat offenders escape appropriate action and continue to wreak havoc with anti-social behaviour and low level crime
Level of recycling is poor in this area in general, council are actually very limited compared to what can be recycled and which they actually take
Again poor ground maintenance, grass cutting is hardly done leaving it untidy and impairing vision in some places when turning out of junctions
Lots of litter-years ago someone came everyday to keep it at bay
The amount of crime including speeding vehicles
Insufficient cleaning of pavements, litter
Cars speeding through the village, lack of control
Lack of public transport, especially for disabled
Bad parking
Heavy vehicles and speed down and up Hungerford Hill and High Street
Straw littering the pavements and gutters (that flies off lorries)- nothing to do with locals
The speed of traffic up Hungerford Hill
It looks tatty and not well maintained
A lot of litter
Youth collect around the market square at night
High Street always crowded
Limited public transport
1. Speed of traffic in the centre of Lambourn and on Edwards Hill be Close End.
2. Heavy traffic.
3. Litter.
People who leave rubbish around for other people to pick up
Noisy cars late at night, especially at weekends
Cars parked in Lambourn High Street outside designated areas
The state of Lambourn High Street pavements
Parking outside the Co-op in Lambourn. The double yellow lines need to be more strictly enforced. It causes trouble getting up the High St
Cars driving too fast in Lambourn
1. The disregard for speed restrictions.
2. The speed limits in areas are not appropriate.
The volume of cars using the small roads into Lambourn and the difficult parking situation in the High Street.
Lack of affordable housing for those on lower incomes. Poor public transport links.
1. Housing prices
2. Quality of roads especially in regards to potholes
1. No High Street bank.
2. Excessive speed of cars leaving the village by Newbury Street and on-street parking in unsuitable places.
1. Increase of traffic.
2. 40 ton lorries on Ermin Street, particularly when there are problems or work on the M4.
3. Anti-social behaviour and litter.
Anti Social behaviour
Heavy traffic through the centre of the village
Lack of full Police cover
Derelict former Londis shop
Too many outlets for the sale of alcohol given the size of the village
volume and speed of traffic, development creep around Membury and the area's industrial area's causing unsustainable volumes of HGV's
The litter that is very rarely picked up, the special treatment that is given to horses, riders and trainers at the detriment to the residents who reside in the area, the lack of respect for the environment from the youngsters who live and work in the area, the lack of community.
The need for a private vehicle to access most facilities.
The poor state of local infrastructure.
The apparent lack of any broad planning aspirations for the area.
The excessive speed on many local roads by all drivers.
No local police presence!
The poor traffic planning in central Lambourn road system.
The disaster of the industrial site at Membury and the uncontrollable nature of the development.
The poor access roads to the industrial site at Membury. It should never have been given planning permission in the first place and should be re planned for its long term use.
The poor public transport provision to anywhere.
Very poor planning decisions on specific sites.
Poor village infrastructure
Poor control of on street parking......lack of off street parking
Although the horse racing is claimed is major industry in the area they do nothing to support the area
A very ineffective parish council
Lack of transport, e.g. buses, trains, etc, which means there are no connections to Hungerford, Wantage or Swindon.
The racing industry can build on any piece of land they feel like, with no thoughts abut how this impacts the AONB.
West Berkshire Council consider it a 'dumping ground' for any business or organisation that they do not want in Newbury, e.g. Membury has numerous business who are operating without planning permission and therefore are no subject to any controls..
No sound screening from the M4 or Membury Services Truck Park
1. The severe lack of transport especially to hospitals and clinics. Hungerford has physiotherapy and dentists,m and obviously shops, but the Hungerford bus was taken off, there West Berks Hospital at Thatcham is our nearest physiotherapy clinic (possible, but two bus journeys, and several hours). Swindon has it, but wants to treat local people, why when we get medical treatment and operations there?
2. Additional comments about Eastbury and flooding.
1. High level of vandalism.
2. Very poor transport system.
3. Too many takeaways resulting in unacceptable levels of littering.
How old racing yards are left abandoned when new ones are being built.
The safety for horses using the road.
How more money could be done to improve the control of spring water and run off for flood protection.
The village could use another shop to compete with the coop
1. Too many horse on road and they don't care about road law.
1. Traffic. Perhaps we could consider a one-way system on the High Street and Newbury Street.
2. Dog mess on dog walks despite the many bins. How do we report this?
3. Nearest train stations either Hungerford or Newbury. We do not have good buses to either, especially at weekends or after 6;30pm.
1. Parking in residential areas.
2. The Influence that the Jockey Club has on Lambourn as a whole village.
1. New builds on plots which are too small to the detriment of surrounding properties and their occupants.
2. Too many vehicles parked on narrow streets causing danger and obstruction.
3. New buildings which are too tall and out of keeping with the surroundings.
1. Residents don't show any pride in their village. Leaving litter on pavements etc. Not collecting dog poo.
2. Pavements are not maintained to a good standard.
Occasional anti social behaviour, however I am of course aware that that's a problem anywhere.
1. The general scruffiness of Lambourn High Street.
2. The pavements in Lambourn are in bad condition, especially Newbury Street where they are patched and uneven and very narrow. Very difficult for the less mobile to negotiate.
3. Lambourn is isolated in terms of emergency. Long waits for ambulance.
1. Anti-social behaviour.
2. Amount of litter and lack of routine collection and removal.
3. Poor road surfaces. lack of maintenance to repair pot-holes.
1. Drug problem - drugs are openly dealt in the High Street and other village areas.
2. Anti-social behaviour - especially during school holidays.
3. Speeding vehicles and parking in High Street.
The High Street is a total disgrace and puts off visitors as well as residents.
The commercial premises in the High Street look terrible, especially the corner shop (old Londis).
The owners should be totally ashamed of themselves.
A simple re-paint of most of them is all that is needed and I cant believe it would cost that much. I wouldn't be surprised if Lambourn residents would get together to offer their labour if needed (I offer to help).
The traffic movement in the High Street must be tackled urgently. Not just the illegal parking, but where the yellow lines are located. Give vehicle priority to vehicles leaving Lambourn rather than those coming into Lambourn as it is today, as the current priority (caused by parked cars) just causes congestion with incoming cars forcing their way down the street as 'they have priority'!
Many roads need resurfacing and not just putting a new patch on top of an old one!
STOP the infill development of Lambourn. There are many other areas of land that could be used without making the already congested Lambourn worse by filling in small bits of land within the village
People are overly resistant to change
The amount of litter dropped
Some of the shops along the High Street are boarded up or closed and could be put to better use
There seem to be a few issues with anti-social drinking behaviour in the evenings, especially during the summer in the market place
Busy B400, noise and traffic pollution.
No safe cycle/pedestrian ways between wards
Pressure for more Housing
Drugs and associated problems
Speeding motorists
Out of control teenagers!! (I've been a parent so do get it)
Feel letdown by policing, especially with youths
Over population - keep building houses!! - drainage can't support it
Not a lot really. As we get older the bus service may well be an issue.
Planning decisions very c******Ural. No new initiatives for solar and wind and better insulation to save money long term.
People trying to build all over such a beautiful place.
1. The High St is looking tatty. Lock of coordination er Xmas lights, "Village in Bloom" type planing etc. Thank the Parish Council is well paced to do more in this area, especially around the annual Open Day.
Empty shops on the High Street. Would live the corner shop to reopen as ... anything! I gather the rents are unrealistic.
Lack of petrol stations. I often play fuel light bingo. Hate have to drive every time I leave the village.
Traffic speed though the village
1. Our reputation is so often portrayed in a negative way. These are so many positives we should accentuate
2. The chaos that often exists on Lambourn High Street with parking and traffic
3. Poor maintenance of streets and lighting in Lambourn. But above all the speeding in and out of Lambourn, especially Hungerford Hill has never been addressed.
Excluding Eastbury the rest of the Parish looks very scruffy and run down
Too much traffic driving too fast and lack of footpaths/pavements in some parts of Lambourn
Poor selection of shops-used to have a flower shop, village deli, gift shop etc
The volume and speed of traffic travelling along Ermin street- too many HGVs at all hours and days of the week
That the woodlands is less safe to live in as a result. Properties are damaged.
The litter, noise pollution and light pollution around from Membury industrial estate - that planning conditions are ill managed by WBC
That peripheral location of parish sometimes makes it feel forgotten by WBC
Public transport connections are poor - especially to the Woodlands
Lambourn high street looks run down and two way traffic a problem
Motorway noise
Increased building of ugly modern buildings
High speed drivers
Few facilities for younger people
Increased building of ugly modern buildings. The character of the village will soon be destroyed if this is allowed to continue.
Drivers who drive at high speed within the villages.
The vandalism and mindless behaviour.
1. Lack of parking.
2. Mad car drivers who blow their horns when one is in a 30 mph limit, if they think you are not going fast enough.
3. Noisy fireworks and motorbikes at night.
The lack of community spirit and anti-social behaviour
Trafic-cars blocking roads, earthline lorries driving through all night
The speed of traffic coming up Hungerford Hill
The time which is a 4.am start going up Hungerford Hill
The amount of Earth line lorries travelling at speed during the night down Hungerford Hill
Speeding traffic.
Lack of fuel station.
Poor public transport. (Bring back the railway!!!)
Dog mess (the owners that don't bother to pick up). Litter that seems to be mainly thrown from cars. I don't think these are specific to Lambourn more a general lack of social responsibility. The speeding cars and ignorance of road markings/signs at and near the crossroads, Parking on double yellow lines by shops. The threat of building on regularly flooding areas that will effect all of Lambourn in a negative way.
Appalling public transport
Complete lack of policing, especially drug and anti-social behaviour
Vehicle speeding and behaviour of delivery drivers
No buses to Hungerford-therefore no easy access to the trains
The Hight Street-its a disgrace-so tatty
Lack of shops/bank
Night time disorder around Market Place
Traffic (speed on High Street, pollution,driving on pavements)
Signs of drug use
Poor parking with cars often parked on double yellow lines or on the pavement, blocking traffic.
Flooding when it happens
Dirty streets
Lack of banking facilities
No public transport
Nothing to do
Nothing for teens
Activities - no things to do
Not fond of horses
Traffic jams on Lambourn High Street
No transport from Lambourn to Hungerford-taxi expensive, also limited bus to Wantage
Londis closed shop looks dirty, scruffy not good image
Mill lane Park has no hard surface to get to play equipment, hence very muddy, uneven for pushchairs
More street lighting needed from the fire station to Woodbury Road
There are increasing amounts of disturbance and potentially crime caused by a small number of the population who never seem to be challenged and cause an inordinate amount of mess, especially in public areas. Whilst many people respect and look after their and their near neighbour's properties, this does not extend to communal areas and those properties that are adjacent.
Lack of provision or groups for older children
Cleanliness and general quality of play park
Lack of parish council focus on utilising community spirit to drive improvements
Lack of access to the river
Quality of footpaths
Rubbish literring
Needs something for teenagers to do, social club, activities to keep them out of trouble.
Vandals +alcoholics+ druggies operate freely from negligible POLICE attention
Limited – closures of facilities eg banks + lack of competition for Co-op shop
The money squandered by West Berks Council remains POOR VALUE, starting with the £2300 + high prices probable £3,000 per annum. Local volunteers starved of simple £sums to do their tasks properly. Lambourn near TRIPLE County boundaries adds to the waste and inflexibility
Not enough street lights. Driving is hard to see at night. Needs a light on corner of turning near what was The Hare on Ermin Street. Hungerford Hill much too dark.
Lack of buses. Having to use the car more than I would like.
Pavements very bad when walking from Mill Lane to the High Street. Paths are broken and it is too dark to see the pavement and miss the holes and broken areas.
Traffic issues, particularly in the High Street
The Co-op
Besides small pockets of volunteers, I don't believe enough is done to welcome people from different linguistic/cultural backgrounds. If we are to maximise the privileges and opportunities of our diverse village... we must improve opportunities for intermingling and integration.
I don't believe that the public transport is adequate to support those who can't or don't have cars.
If it were improved it also might attract those that DO have cars to use public transport rather than their cars .. which would benefit everyone.
It would be wonderful if the village could have an improved 'lived environment'; roads and pavements; to make the village look more cared for … and to encourage villagers to demonstrate their pride in our unique village.
The increasing industrial development
1. Over expansion of housing without associated social infrastructure - school places, GP overload, adequate public transport links.
2. Continued planning to build on areas that are obvious flood plains.
3. Speeding traffic on roads
Lack of leisure facilities for young people.
Limited bus service which doesn't coincide with train timetables.
Limited public transport
The negative reputation attributed to Lambourn (specifically drugs/crime related) by those whose views are based on ignorance.
The relatively small amount of unpleasant behaviour can be attributed to a small (known) group of people who seem to escape prosecution/punishment with significant ease.
Transport links preclude part of the population from employment in e.g. Swindon.
Very poor street lighting which appears to be the remit of more than one agency, thus causing delays in repair or upkeep.
The local shop struggles to maintain decent levels of stock - often sold out of basic items. Public transport very poor. Local young people hanging around in the Marketplace can at times be a nuisance - but not always.
There seems to have been an increasing number of thefts and vandalism reported locally over the past couple of years - this is worrying, in fact our car was targeted a while ago but fortunately no damage and nothing stolen. Not everyone drives sensibly through Lambourn. Road conditions could be better - potholes etc.
We are often disturbed by shouting and bad language in the high street.
Also, disturbed by loud and/or speeding cars. Sleeping policeman a possibility or something else?
Roads - these could be better maintained. Potholes and horseshoe tacks have caused unbelievably damage to cars
Mud-free walk-ways and adequate parking for cars in new developments
Bad and unsociable drivers.
Road verges cut up by large speeding vehicles; stable clearing tractors/ trailers are the worst culprits.
Road pot holes are not being attended to.
Inconsiderate parking in the High St.
The rubbish and general lack of pride in the look of Lambourn
I dislike the way that the racing industry hold themselves in high esteem when a lot of the problems with rubbish and poor driving etc stem from within
It could be cleaner and smarter.
1. Distant from railway stations.
2. Limited public transport to adjacent centres of population.
3. Banks and motor fuel no longer available locally.
The scruffy appearance of the majority of the high street in Lambourn.
The parking problems which culminate in cars being parked on double yellow lines, particularly in Lambourn High Street.
The fact that there are so many more stable yards being granted planning permission which results in a greater need for more housing within the village of Lambourn.
Overcrowding of houses within the town of Lambourn
Lack of police presence
Juvenile crime
Infrastructure that can’t cope with number of houses ie sewage
Attempts to cram more houses in a already overcrowded space.
Trees that are protected but not maintained causing a H&S issue large falling branches.
Large tractors roaring down our roads.
Traffic on the High Street
1. Speeding motorists - complaints are not acted upon
2. No police presence to be noticeable or effective
3. Poor transport facilities for the young or old who do not have their own method of travelling
4. No sense of community - deteriorated over the years
5. There seems to be many racehorses using the village as a thoroughfare at peak commuter times - an increase in housing may create more disruption to work travellers and racehorses
6. Jockeys and stable lads are the worst for speeding through the village making people ignore "Slow Down for Horses" signs
Lack of Police/PCSO presence - antisocial behaviour along Chapel Lane, Three Posts Lane, Market Square, Mill Lane playground.
Dogs mess in the Cricket field, limits it's suitability as usable greenspace for families.
Narrow pavement and fast traffic on Upper Lambourn Road - approach into Lambourn.
Litter - in Market Square and in the roadsides. hedges and verges.
Kerbside recycling is poor. Many plastics and foil cannot be recycled. Also need community facilities for large cardboard and textiles, small household electrical.
Traffic/Parking in the High Street !
Lambourn is a large village with inadequate public transport connections and parking facilities. There is a potential danger along the high street because of the parking sections on one side of the street which render the street too narrow for two-way traffic. The speed limit is 30mph which seems too fast and may potentially lead to accidents. These problems could possibly be addressed by considering the possibility of one-way traffic or the suspension of on-street parking, combined with a lower speed limit.
There is also a general disregard of the Highway Code by some horse riders who are still using the roads despite the existence of a large network of horse tracks. The main problems are that riders going the wrong way on one-way streets and the increasing use of mobile 'phones (which also entails one-handed control of horses). Both of these practices are, of course, illegal.
1. The sewage system can't cope with the properties currently using it, so any new housing would make the situation even worse.
2. Too much traffic driving too fast along country roads and narrow streets in village - too many cats and other animals getting run over. Traffic calming measures needed.
3. Cross roads at bottom of High Street - difficult to navigate. The High Street should be one way going up past the Co-op from the cross roads, while any traffic coming down the High Street would need to turn into the car park by the Café/ Universal Stores and go back out the same way they came in. This would stop traffic turning left at the no left turn as no traffic would come out at that junction. There could also be more parking outside the George/Co-op as all traffic would be going one way.
Anti social behaviour
Lack of provision for teenagers
Occasional parking problems.
1. Petty vandalism
2. Littering/ dog fouling - people not clearing up after themselves or their dogs.
2. Horses using the cricket field.
Poor transport links.
Lack of various food shops.
1. Ugly fencing through the Granthams.
Disorganised parking on main streets.
1. The blocked rain water drains.
Underperforming primary school has lead to parents taking children to surrounding village schools, this in turn has lead to breakup of local community within Lambourn.
Parking on many roads is compromising safety, either due to a passing on wrong side of road (e.g. Oxford st.), or unpassable for emergency or other service vehicles (Northfileds). Many places properties have space for off road parking but cars are on the road.
Low frequency of public buses means village is isolated unless you have your own car.
1. Poor maintenance of grass verges, public realm.
2. People not using public transport.
Anti social behaviour
Traffic hassles are a minor irritation
Lack of public transport for the young and old
1. Anti-social behaviour of a few people, affecting many of us.
2. Te lack of activities for older children.
3. The challenges of travelling out of the village for those without their own transport.
1. Litter louts, leaving dog much all over, on people's gardens even!
2. Street lighting. The place is in darkness. It is not safe to go out at night.
3. No bank.
Flooding, roads and property due to springs.
Traffic congestion up Lambourn high street
Poor public transport to Wantage and Hungerford
To many speeding vehicles. Seems to have become a rat run for large HGV lorries avoiding Junction 13
Long way to travel to banks which have closed in Hungerford and Wantage-especially for the poor and older people who are not computer literate
People who are drunk hanging around outside of the church and on the high street
Having to pa for management company (Chamonix Estates0 every year (despite owning the house)- I have never seen this company do anything nd they are charging residents £4,117-£1442 on management fees!
Lack of grocery options outside of the overpriced C0-OP
Lack of a garage or bank, which existed in the past
Far too many heavy vehicles on B4000 and on minor roads, including High Street, Upper Lambourn. Horses boxes and horse feed vehicles ONLY should be permitted.
Cavalier attitude at times to building development in AONB
High street carnage
Local minor crime / littering etc
1. The utter mess of the lorry dump behind the road coming in from Wantage to lambourn
2. Lack of small food shops except the butcher
3. The potholes
1. Litter in the streets (not the fault of the council!)
1. People speeding through the village
2. Pavements difficult to navigate with a pram/buggy & unsafe to cycle
3. Dangerous crossroads/junctions (Crowle Road, High Street by the George)
1. The possibility of Walker Logistics riding roughshod over an area in AONB and polluting the parish.
1. Speeding
2. Rubbish thrown from cars (often cleared by Eastbury resident)
Lack of enforcement of rules eg. parking, dog fouling etc
Dominance of racehorse industry
1. Scruffy High Street.
There are to many houses been built and there is nothing for teenagers and young to do
1. The bad weather, wind and rain.
2. Roads awash with mus and horse faeces.
1. Poor shopping facilities.
1. Traffic.
2. Flooding risks.
1. Traffic going fast down the valley.
2. Vehicles parked badly, but parking is getting difficult in most villages, so a difficult problem.
1. No parking outside housing.
2. No help with need when ask.
2. No housing for long term living in Lambourn residents who have been born/ bred here, all for trainers/jockeys.
Not good in the snow
Traffic congestion often caused by cars parked on the streets
Lambourn has become a dormitory village through to much development
Most incomers to the village are adverse to joining clubs such as the sports club and do not attend functions such as dances that are put on by the R.B.L for example.
Apathy now reigns here
Lambourn highstreets-dirty shops not painted externally. Shop on the corner of Parsonage Lane and High Street is an eyesore.
Parking Lambourn High Street-Drivers ignore double yellow lines making driving through the village difficult and crossing the road dangerous. Paving is uneven.
Poor lighting in the centre of Lambourn.
1. Traffic in Lambourn - High Street gets very busy - chaotic at times
2. Speeding - need traffic calming in village
Too many horses on the roads in the early morning. This could so easily result in a serious accident.
Lambourn Parish apparently doe snot have a clearly defined Settlement Boundary. Until this is rectified, the community will be vulnerable to inappropriate attempts to expand the developed area of the village.
1. Cars breaking the speed limit through the villages, and volume of traffic
2. Industrial agriculture and intensive pheasant shooting and the impact these have on biodiverity. Lead shot from shooting is also a poison liberally scattered throughout the valley.
3. Lambourn village has a deservedly poor reputation concerning drugs and drinking - there is very little filtering down of wealth from the racing yards to the community as a whole
Antisocial behaviour increasing. Drug dealing which everyone has witnessed at some time or another, especially Derby Close area.
Lack of policing
Poor bus services
Speeding in and around village, vehicles still turning left at bottom of High Street despite sign and cameras in Square. It begs the question are cameras even working. Parking problems
Lack of control over unruly behaviour
The litter and rubbish which seems to accumulate especially since our regular street cleaning was withdrawn. It gives the impression we have no pride in the village
The volume of traffic on the B4000
The muck men collecting manure from the stables and driving like maniacs in the afternoons delivering their loads. I fear there will be an accident before too long.
Anti-social behaviour - too many youngsters outside the church in the square, outside the Memorial Hall every late afternoon and evening
Drugs - do I need to say more?
Not enough shops - food and clothes
We need traffic wardens in the High Street by the Co-op every day and by the chemist. Everyday there are cars parked on yellow lines - very dangerous - cars driving on pavements - very sensible for pedestrians. Accidents waiting to happen.
Congestion on the high street
Road layouts making it difficult to see at a lot of give ways
Parking on roads in and out of lambourn which causes congestion
No banks
Traffic - the huge lorries that come down the High Street. Parking - people ignore the yellow lines.
Surely there must be an alternative route for the tractors?
The crossroads are lethal - a potential death trap
Young drivers driving too fast around village
The reputation the village has for drugs
Still small drug problem
Parking problem in my area
Could be better parking for disabled
1. Unsociable behaviour.
One way system
Bust rural roads, especially the B4000Not enough pubs (2 in Lambourn, 1 in Eastbury)
There are two many properties given over to the racing industry. These are use for itinerant workers. Often brought by trainers, these properties are poorly maintained and devalue other properties nearby. Local people are suffering and as a result are driven out of the village.
The drug problem amongst these people is getting out of hand and is not being addressed, giving Lambourn a bad reputation
The speed limit through the village particularly Oxford Street/Wantage Road is not adhered to. Heavy goods, especially locally based HGV's are ruining the state of the roads. Patching the tarmac is totally ineffective.
It is equally dangerous on the above roads to walk at night-there is no street lightning to speak of.
Not very good service
High street going down hill and it should be one way traffic before someone gets hurt
Surgery to small for all
The overgrown trees in Rockfel Road that are far too big for the area, causing endless problems with wood pigeons and rooks and leaves not now cleared by the Council
Pavement from the Park to Upper Lambourn is rarely cleaned, leaving it slippery, muddy and covered with leaves from autumn to spring
So much traffic
Idiotic parking in the high street
Untidy streets (litter)
Speeding drivers
Loud cars
Increased heavy road traffic from Baydon-to Shefford Woodlands
Lack of public transport
Pot-holes/but not just specific to this Parish
A minority of youths who engage in anti-social behaviour
Irresponsible dog owners who leave dog mess on paths and open spaces where children should be able to play.
1. lack of working opportunities for the young and less well-trained OUTSIDE racing
2. Dangerous roads for cycling. cars travel too fast through villages
3. Too variable and infrequent public transport to allow reduced car use
1. Heavy goods vehicles driving through
2. bad parking on yellow lines in High Street and on blind bends (e.g. Newbury Street)
3. Poor public transport. New developments lived in by people who work outside the village and therefore have to use their cars daily to get to work.
1. Low level crime and anti-social behaviour.
2. Poor internet.
3. Poor traffic management.
Poor quality of roads, pot holes/surface etc
Amount of lorry (HGV) traffic on B4001 Ermin Street
Lack of public transport
Parking problems
High Street - appearance and cars parking
Lack of footpaths / pavements linking villages
Faults in road surfacing/mud/potholes in some places.
2. Refuge/rubbish piled in front gardens - joint skip now and again?
3. Parking - see problem in future + electric charge points.
Dog mess
High St parking
1. Anti-social behaviour in Lambourn
Speeding through the village of Eastbury
1. Too much traffic
2. Too much industry being set up at Membury in the countryside
3. Not always feeling safe in town and on the roads.
1. Litter/thoughtless dog owners
2. Anti-social behaviour by certain families
3. State of river and areas abutting
The vandalism, littering m, and anti-social behaviour.
Poor public transport links.
1. Litter in the countryside
2. Some housing developments do not reflect the local environment visa their brickwork, e.g. Child Street (brown brick) vs. Beales Farm (flint use within brickwork)
3. parking on double-yellow lines in Lambourn village centre
Poor behaviour of a minority.
1. Lack of policing
2. People hanging around village square - youths etc
3. Poor use of Council Tax
1. Speeding traffic
2. Leisure cyclists
1. Litter - particularly bad between co-op in Lambourn and Membury Services. Council intermittently litter pick Hungerford Hill when I notify them of the build up each time.
1. High Street traffic
2. Lack of policing
3. No housing for the young
1. Too many people; a lot of dog poo not picked up, many drug bags left on the floor
2. Only 4 main roads in and out meaning they carry a lot of traffic, including many drivers exceeding the speed limit
3. Not enough police presence at night, the square often is the meeting spot for drunk people, loud people and drug deals
Parking enforcement on the high street
Some shops look a little run down or not in keeping with a village environment
1. Dogs not on leads
2. Traffic too fast. Too many cyclists on bad roads.
3. Lambourn High Street - Scruffy and dirty.
4. Cars parked dangerously on Oxford Street in the direction Lambourn to Wantage.
1. No police station
2. No bank
3. Insufficient car parking
The Bloodstock Industry
What is the capacity of the village/gallops
What is the capacity of itinerant lads
Accommodation /affordable housing
Traffic and Parking
Speed-Dog hit in Sheepdrove
Highways not interested
Parking outside the Co-Op Store, where people are too lazy to use the car park, causing endless jams...made worse when the Market comes on a Friday
Have to travel a for distance for petrol (Membury too expensive )
NO POLICE PRESENCE. 'Local Bobby' effect lost-why not permanent radar
Speeding dangerously on all roads, including the High Street
Too many vehicles passing through Lambourn
The neglect of the suave of the Lambourn, its a real eyesore and should be treasured
1. High Street gets very congested with cars unable to pass parked cars. Should more use of the car parks be made?
Marked sites for potential development i.e fields/farm fields/AONB
Dog poo and litter and the heap of festering cuttings and now leaves and the branches at the back of the churchyard. Can't be very pleasant for the neighbours.
2. Crime and some of the suspect families who make life unpleasant for others, whether neighbours or the wider community
3. Neglect of rented properties
1. Lack of parking
2. Difficulty travelling on the High Street due to parking outside the Co-op
1. Anti-social behaviopur, litter, dog mess
2. Speeding and lack of respect for others on the road & walkways
3. Parking especially around the heart of the village
4. lack of buses out of the village - but love the community bus to Swindon
1. The foot-ways: The small holes and bumps make a walking aid difficult. The slope of them is such that ankles are force sideways and the balance of hips is thrown out and any wheeled pram or trolley needs arm effort.
2. The dirty puddles at the crossing of Church Lane.
1. The cars parked outside the school at drop off and pick up times
2. Late night noise (not often) from pubs (more of a problem for those living closer)
Nothing major - I like living here
1. Young people hanging around square/church gate
2. Main routes through the village blocked by parked cars
3. Bus stop outside church on main road
Traffic - heavy vehicles tearing through - random parking - not policed - and general mischief not policed
1. Litter
2. The uncovered lorry/tractor loads that go by ten times a day depositing hay/straw/ bedding on the roads and verges and my house front
3. Properties that are allowed to decay, making the appearance (particularly the High Street) look shabby and uncared for - what do visitors think if it upsets me?
4. The destruction of historic racing establishments
1. Lambourn High Street parking!
2. Arrogance of horse riders not obeying road rules
3. Speed of traffic on Hungerford Hill! Speed restrictions needed urgently!
1.Drug dealing and yobbish behaviour in Market Square
2. Lack of police involvement
3. Poor transport services
1. No public transport to Wantage (except one return trip on Wednesdays), Hungerford, Marlborough and no evening transport at all
2. Very poor street lighting, roadside parking, no banks.
3. Housing expansion may drive horses out of the village and thus spoil much of the character of its former position, e.g. Maxwells former gallops are now a housing estate. *Note the gradual disappearance of stables
Car parking on yellow lines
The number of HGV's that use the roads through Lambourn Village for transit
Poor parking facilities across the whole of the Lambourn Village area where residential cars are left on the main roads.
Generally poor street lighting in Oxford Street
2nd homes not lived in.
Not enough housing for the younger less wealthy-village young adults.
Tatty corner shop and the Lion apartments exterior looks bad.
1. Its continual and rapid expansion
2. Its overcrowded street parking
3. Its disappearing public transport (bus)
1. Lack of footpaths
2. Dangerous cross roads at George pub
3. Lack of recycling facilities (in addition to house collection) single use plastics
Drug abuse issues not dealt with - no police or enforcement to stop drug dealing. Lack of response!
Littering the countryside / village. Fast food packaging!
Parking restrictions and signage ignored especially at the crossroads
1. Difficulty in getting to Post Office for posting and cash.
2. Poor supermarket.
1. Many village shops have closed. The choice of pubs is limited. Road surfaces are poor in places.
1. Drug use.
2. Anti-social behaviour.
3. Speeding vehicles.
Unpleasant, even dangerous, roads due to complete lack of consideration by drivers to pedestrians to pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicles parked on pavements. Speeding.
Vandalism and litter. Occurences of violence on occasion.
Footpaths and bridleways very badly rutted and ridged due to four-wheeled drive vehicles and motorcycles used them. Deep mud, and slippery, makes them unuseable by walkers at times, due to such problems.
Pavements in poor condition where provided, and needed elsewhere: i.e. Woodbury to Long Hedge
Lack of public transport to local rail hubs/generally
2. Lack of cycle tracks between villages
1. If you don’t have a car, it’s impossible to get anywhere. Even if yu can get a taxi, it’s very expensive. And although the Hungerford station is a short drive, it’s not the best service to London. However, that sort of inaccessibility can also be one of the good points.
2. The absolutely howling wind that blows through the valley, but there’s obviously nothing to be done about that.
3. Could do with a better broadband connection
1. The cutting down of hedgerows
1.There is no police presence in Lambourn, ever. I have not seen an officer there in the time I have been at Eastbury. I’m told there is a drug problem. This does not surprise me.
2.Too much car parking on streets. This happens where garages have not been attached to properties. Just drive along the road adjacent to the surgery. There are other many instances I could mention. One very large black van is parked for very long periods – over night, after entering Lambourn, coming from the Eastbury direction. In a seriously dangerous position.
3.Some horse strings are badly lead and behaviour is bad. Riders on their phones. I saw one string of 15 horses before the autumn where 11/15 were on their phones! One string had only 3 horses in it but the leader crossed the road in front of me and NEVER looked in my direction. Luckily I was only moving at 10mph! When I ticked her off she was v. rude. I think sometimes these riders act as though they own the road. Good manners cost nothing.
4. Parking is difficult during shopping days.
Parked cars and litter
The rubbish lots of dog poo Not enough poo bins
1.Rising rates of rural and village-based crime, ranging from vandalism, antisocial behaviour, theft, drug use etc.
2.Unrealistic speed limits set through the valley area
3.Unconsidered and unrealistic planning applications that have zero positive impact on the local area.
1.General antisocial behaviour in Lambourn Market Square. We suspect that drug dealing needs to be targeted with more energy.
2.Inconsiderate parking of vehicles in the lower High Street, particularly on double yellow lines. We need a working traffic warden, with fines for the guilty enforced.
1.The clogged up High Street and parking facilities
2.There is no cohesion in the village despite the above advantages
3. An old-fashioned feel pervades
Rubbish around the streets
1. Lack of decent/reasonably priced supermarket/shop. Co-op is way too pricey.
2. Drug problem/ anti social behaviour
1. propensity to flooding
1. The ballance between what we give to WBC and what we get back i.e. lack of buses, library, policing, roads
2. The ASB issues and the lack of response to sort this (although the return of CCTV is appreciated)
3. The mutual disrespect between many road users, specifically horse riders and drivers
It has become very scruffy, especially the corner shop, which has surpasses scruffy and is a complete eyesore. Not a good impression if visitors need to stop at the crossroads, it lets the village down.
The use of drugs and general intimidating behaviour of some young “adults”
1.Anti-social behaviour
2.Speeding through villages
3.Lack of police
1. Litter (in the streets and parks)
2. Dirty pavements
Slow on road repairs
Speed of traffic along the B4000

Q14.13. Comments on Housing: - Sun Feb 2 19:50:40 GMT 2020

Q14.13 - Sun Feb  2 19:50:40 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q14.13. Comments on Housing:
Frequency count of Q14.13. Comments on Housing:

housing                 72
racing                  31
village                 30
need                    30
people                  29
parking                 28
staff                   26
needs                   25
stable                  23
lambourn                23
yards                   20
development             18
street                  16
area                    16
houses                  15
local                   14
developments            13
public                  13
high                    12
industry                12
infrastructure          11
cars                    10
additional              10

Lambourn NDP - Q14.13. Comments on Housing:
Whilst racing is a core of the community, yards and housing should not be built on AONB or green field sites.
There no point in building 200 houses,even do lambourn needs them,then only to sell them at prices stable lads and lasses can't effort, at the end off the day places like lambourn, Newmarket are horse towns and villages
Question 2 - We have already down-sized and intend to remain in the village.
Question 9 - New housing developments should not try to separate people into racing and non-racing groups.
I disagree with the 'plans for new racing yards...' as this would limit stable staffs' choices and possibly create ghettos. New yards do need to consider housing provision for staff but not necessarily tied to the yard.
all new housing should have parking for 2 cars and point for electric cars to plug into.
Lambourn's overcrowded so any new housing must replace old inefficient facilities, NOT merely add to the village congestion.
All new housing should be carbon neutral with solar panels and battery storage and possibly rainwater harvesting.
I think the road & parking infrastructure won't take a lot more residents. It would need to be improved substantially before building more housing.
Any new housing should not be allowed if it would remove an existing public footpath.
Development of new houses should not take place outside the existing village settlement boundaries. Significant development should be centred on larger locations such as Newbury and Hungerford
One of reasons we moved was that there is stables behind us and it was really good to see horses each day. We were somewhat disappointed when it closed and are very concerned about development of that site as would be very close to our property.
Lambourn floods and has limited road access there should not be further encroachment on the countryside.
housing not to be built on flood plains
does each village situated stable yard have to be turned into housing, cannot we have one or two stables off horses within centre of Lambourn?
Sewerage system needs enlarging, upgrading and a pump station is required to prevent back flow into the river. Parking and road widths need revising for more traffic. School needs enlarging for more pupils. Secondary GP needs to be encouraged for increase in parish. Recycling centre needs to be installed to aid the local reduce, reuse, recycle movement. A one way system around the High Street needs to be considered, due to sheer traffic volume increases. Bus services will need to be increased, with greater working population. Better leisure facilities should be provided (swimming pool, youth clubs) with increased population. Police station should be reinstated. The eyesore that is the old Londis needs to be purchased, repaired and leased as a community area.
12. Vital to have high environmental standards of building to ensure climate change issues are addressed - and in the medium term will be hugely beneficial to the future occupiers.
If the character of an existing settlement is architecturally of a poor standard it does not seem to me, to be a good idea to expand such poor quality by building more of the same.
Be responsible in keeping historic old established racing yards. Once gone, the village loses its racing environment.
5. There needs to be an in and out car system for the school and better car parking.
No new developments on known flood planes.
Great need for local soclal housing but should be re-named council not everyone who rents is in the social spectre.
Lambourn is a beautiful place that the resident appreciate. Please do not spoil it!
I feel the Parish need and mix of housing stock for the needs of all, but priority should not be given to people employed in the racing industry. There needs to be more permanent affordable quality rental accommodation.
Racing stable do not provide hostels for staff like they used to putting pressure on village. Housing a lot of the time is given to undesired people from outside village rather than giving priority to residents inside village.
5. It won't be sufficient if large numbers of houses are built in the area.
8. Unable to comment as I do not know - but I doubt it.
12. Subject to cost.
6. Currently building a bungalow in my garden to downsize to.
Parking is adequate but people seem unwilling to park and walk.
Unfortunately there is little consideration for infrastructure provision when considering new housing
1. Only ????
8. To be honest they have to much already
9. No more yards as they are taking over
12. No new development
No more housing for people outside the village
Old villagers should get priority
No more new build houses
Don't forget us villagers not in racing
8. We are not particularly familiar with the amount of housing already available.
We are now at the limit of available space in the village
5. People just need to use the proper parking facilities and NOT park on yellow lines in the High Street because of laziness and no repercussions.
7. No it should complement the better well designed settlements.
Do not build more houses without the infrastructure to cope. Larger surgery, school, more parking, one way High St etc
I think all new builds should have solar panels, ground heating and parking for at least 3 cars per house
House prices in the area make it difficult to implement a number of the questions above.
as mentioned before - I would like to see more interesting well designed modern buildings - not just a bland pastiche of what is already there. These sprawling developments are so depressing.
Young people don't just need housing. They need all the facilities to go with the increased housing.
It behooves us as a community to ensure that ANY new development or refurbishment of the Parish is done in a way that reflects the environmental issues that we face locally (flooding etc) and globally. Developments need to be carbon neutral, use sustainable technologies for insulation, heating, fuel provision, and consider impact to area of additional transportation needs and the knock on effect this will have on the environment. ENVIRONMENT (in the widest sense of the word) BEFORE PROFIT.
Expansion isn't an issue - it's about sensitivity of area/number
If racing yards build houses, they need to remain as racing yards and not be an excuse to build new houses.
There should be a review of the AONB boundary - build around the village but not into hills
No building on flood plains - the infrastructure cannot cope with many more houses
Why do people from outside get housed when local people are in need?
I do not understand why people from outside the parish get housed when local people are in need. Then when they move here complain about lack of facilities!
There should be affordable housing available to enable young adults who want to stay local if they wish.
We are owner occupiers
There are already enough stables in the area, some for sale as well, there is absolutely no need for additional new stables to be built and infringe on the AONB. Trainers should look at modernising existing stables first before even considering new ones.
Need to balance the need v over development
Additional Housing for the employees of the racing industry is critical.
More houses / yards should be directly linked with additional provisions of infrastructure and facilities such as horse tracks, places to eat etc.
There is more housing for stable staff than local people, that has lived here all their lives
Parking should be restricted in the High Street. More people need to make use of the free public car par.
It is no good to enable young people to stay in the parish if there is not good employment available other than poor mundane employment e.g. jobs at service station and warehousing.
Environmental and social concerns to be considered on all new housing.
All current housing and future developments should provide:
- a minimum of two carparking spots
- an increase water provision as current water pressure, in general, is poor
- adequate gas and electric supplies
There needs to be a balance between industry and residential properties.
move on provision needs to be balanced and needs to promote independance
If a business or any industry wish to develop/expand in our Parish, it should be mandatory that the owners speak of their plans at a public meeting sponsored/or hosted by the Parish Council before proposals are formally submitted
Q8/9 If stable staff are all housed on new yards they are less likely to join in village events
Q2 We would move to a bungalow if we could find one that was suitable
Q10 Far too much on road parking, makes it difficult to access our driveway at times and to navigate around the village
With the use of more cars in an older village that was not intended for motors, there is a strain on parking for the shops and market also the risk for collisions is now so great.
Housing should be made available for those on lower incomes - both families and single people. Affordable accommodation should be available to encourage people to work within the racing industry and provisions should also be made for those not involved in racing. It should have adequate parking and be environmentally conscious, as well as taking into account existing infrastructure. It should encroach on the countryside as little as possible.
8. I don't know enough about stable staff to answer question 8.
Housing development should reflect the actual need in the area rather than providing opportunities for developers to make maximum profit.
Existing housing for stable staff in the village should be kept well maintained and presentable by the Landlords
Although I agree that stable yards should provide housing for staff, the size of the yards should not be increased so significantly that they become super yards.
Elderly should be given the opportunity to reside in the area that they have lived all their lives.
There appears to be no long term planning objectives for additional housing which needs to expand to retain local residents and encourage new residents, to rejuvenate the parish . This should be accompanied by a long term plan for public transport to local and nearby employment .
Q5. Public parking must be restricted and removed from places like Wantage Road, Big Lane and Newbury Street, where parked cars cause a hazard and a danger to other motoriists and pedestrians.
All new developments should have footpaths, so people can walk, rather than having to take a car.
All housing should be to the highest environmental standards.
Q7 Only if it can maintain a high standard of energy efficiency and low emissions.
There needs to be more housing for stable staff outside of residential areas.
Brown field sites and redevelopment of existing buildings should be exhausted before any green field development occurs to prevent sprawl.
Planners should be forward thinking with regards new development to allow environmentally friendly solutions and modern design.
The social housing situation in Lambourn needs to be for the TRULY local people.
STOP the infill development of Lambourn. There are many other areas of land that could be used without making the already congested Lambourn worse by filling in small bits of land within the village
Additional housing should not be added without changes to the infrastructure e.g. Traffic is already bad without additional volume
Sensible car parking needs to be provided with new housing eg. driveways. It is unrealistic to assume people will or can use public transport and if parking is not provided, then people wil use nearby residential streets to park their cars
Development of existing buildings and /or brownfield sites OK but NO More encroachment on agricultural land!
We are the lungs of Southern England
5. For present needs but not much more
7. Housing should be mixed, not ghettos for different social groups (question ambiguous - use of complement queried)
11. And for young people to stay as well
All new housing must use latest technologies and better insulation
The beautiful countryside we have should not be destroyed for excessive housing development.
Can we look to possibly extend current sites that are not anob?
1 - I do not think it is a God-given right that you should be able to afford hosing in the area in which you are born. Coming from Greater London, this would not have been possible for me even 30 years ago!
Limit potential scruffy areas design of housing important
Don't allow building of ugly modern architecture. Ugly architecture = ugly environment
Stop allowing ugly architecture to be built. These people went to school and get paid to design and build some of these buildings? They ought to be arrested! Ugly architecture = ugly environment = no distinctive character to any village. Any new housing should be similar to the historicial housing.
2. I have already downsized.
Roads are blocked with cars especially Oxford Street and Newbury Street. New housing should come with off-street parking but also the sewage system should e sorted out to cope with extra housing
All future yards should in the future have sufficient housing for stable workers. The sewage system is out of date, so to cope with extra housing the sewage system has to be sorted first
Pushing for private parking needs to reflect poor public transport should not preclude pushing for improved public transport.
There should be more to encourage the stables to build accommodation on site for their staff and those associated with the industry. There should be no building on any site that has flooded or is a designated flood plain. The sewers cannot cope in many parts despite assurances that lining them would help. I believe there is currently a problem in Newbury Street with sewers leaking onto the road.
Current parking provision is appalling and WBC have failed to address this when approving planning applications
5 and 10. We need more public transport-like a Handy Bus/Community Bus-such as some Oxfordshire villages have.
Return journey to Hungerford station by taxi from Lambourn is £40 (that's £20 one way to catch a train)
9. I work in the Racing Industry but see limited requirement for new Racing Yards, unless there is provision for stable staff. Housing for stable staff is a priority
Housing needs to be planned holistically so that arrangements are made for managing additional utility requirements when new buildings are made. This is especially noticeable in Winter when the springs start popping up and the sewers are incapable of handling the extra capacity of the springs and additional people.
Encroachment in to the countryside where sympathetic can prevent over development and loss of quality of life within existing developed areas. Sufficient green spaces and desirability of the area should be enhanced.
Negligible rural interest (West Berkshire)
1.My kids now adults
2.Probably forced
4.Much post-Millenium is built on natural flood control. Wet meadows of say North Farm
5. Just about
7.limit of 2 storeys- the recent 3 storeys are EYESORE
11.No it’s facilities
All new housing should include plenty of open space, do not pack the houses in, try to limit the height of the buildings.
We need more affordable housing for all age groups.
All new housing should factor in sustainable design such as ground heat pumps instead of gas boilers, solar panels, and highly efficient insulation.
Housing for stable staff should certainly be a priority, but NOT if its provision
a) means financial gain for 'outside' individuals or companies or agencies
b) causes negative imp[act on local residents or the visual integrity of the village.
c) removes liability for the maintenance of buildings and responsibility for the behaviour of
staff from the yards/trainers who employ the stable staff.
Too much development in the area as seen in other towns such as Wantage we feel would not be good for Lambourn. The roads would not be suitable for a large increase in traffic. The local shops are also barely sufficient to meet the needs of the community at it's current level.
Don't know too much about the racing industry housing situation, what I do know is that it goes from one extreme to another.
We have privately rented the same house for sixteen years and are somewhat out of the loop
Most housing developments have insufficient allowance for parking - although this does slow traffic speeds as the roads are generally obstructed.
Current landlords in the village do not maintain their properties to decent standards as they know they will always have tenants.
It would appear that any development is automatically approved as long as it is related to the racing industry i.e. that eyesore of a "training facility" at Kingsdown Stud and "Windmill Farm" which seems to be enlarging each time I drive past - both these developments would never have passed planning if it hadn't had something to do with horses.
What we need is smaller developments to help local low paid, elderly or born in Lambourn people to be able to live in the village.
There must be adequate provision of affordable homes.
Buy to let investment - often involving letting to multiple tenants working in the racing industry can generate issues for neighbouring residents including excessive numbers of vehicles, noise, litter etc. Also reduces availability and increases cost of housing for local families.
Please do not develop the old cricket field and the Park-We need green spaces between Lambourn and Upper Lambourn
Infrastructure (traffic) needs to be upgraded/increased to match additional housing.
What improvements will be made to the sewage system if more houses are to be built in Lambourn?
How will water from rainfall and springs be managed when increased areas of land are covered in tarmac, concrete and roofs thereby leading to increased risk of flooding? It wasn't long ago most of the new houses in The Old Coach Works were flooded along with the High Street and Newbury Street.
Any expansion of housing within Lambourn should be restricted to protect our environment. Also any new development must include open spaces for the public.
Build more houses outside the village.
1. Affordable housing.
3. This question appears to be for those in social housing, rather than home owners
Strongly agree that racing establishments should provide accommodation especially for single workers
Needs to be more local focus and initiatives on environment and conserving nature
I don't work in the racing industry so can't comment on the availability of accommodation for stable staff. I would like to 'self-build' in the countryside but find overwhelming restrictions unless for new/more racing yards (this is disappointing)
Brave design required as opposed to old fashioned and boring
Trainers and jockeys get first choice.
The housing needs to be affordable especially for young adults
What housing has been done here over the years has not been affordable for the younger element, so they have gone to Swindon.
However, due to the high prices got for properties east of Lambourn, they are well priced for their owners and with the M4 close hand to cars rule and traffic increases
There is always a need for housing but must reflect the demand for the right type of housing - viz small properties.
Lambourn is surrounded by the AONB. Theresi plenty of room within the (loose!) settlement boundary to accommodate the growth of the racing industry in the village without encroaching on the most sensitive areas of the AONB. In appropriate development should therefore be resisted robustly.
3. What on earth does this mean?!
7. The design of housing should be "good" period.
Job markets within the area and areas easily computable is more of a factor for young adults to stay in the area
I don't think better public transport will stop people owing cars so not sure how private parking can reflect limited public transport Q10
Too many applications for racing yards include big houses for trainers and no consideration for stable staff. The excuse given that they are 'out of the village'. Racing yards need to do more to look after their own staff who are, for the most part, poorly paid.
10. ?
? the private parking question
Feel stable yards should provide their own hostels
We need more social housing
8. Not able to comment as not equipped with facts on matter
"Best environmental practice" should not inhibit building of low cost/rental housing.
Any new developments should be sympathetic to the environment. Have minimal impact to the spectacular surroundings. The number of new dwellings should be limited to the available amenities currently in place. There cannot be a immediate rise in population of the village area without first increasing infrastructure and amenities.
Though I would like to encourage young people to stay in the village the need then arises for better public transport and facilities. No bus service to Hungerford, 1 bus a week to Wantage and limited service to Newbury is not enough for people who are employed out of village.
S.H.A. need to look at both Baydon and College House, on the High Street they are both in a state of disrepair
8. Too much housing for them
A lot of private housing goes to stable staff. Families and people who have always lived here should be a priority
Ref Q9. Housing should be limited to stable staff only
4/7/12. Strongly believe Lambourn has reached capacity for any size housing/business developments due to infrastructure and AONB
The housing association view seems to be that "new blood" should be introduced into the village, nt always the most desirable. They are cut adrift from their families and friends and support network, the same with our young adults if they can't stay here.
Years ago, there appeared to be a good relationship between racing and the village. Now the yards don't care about the village and just want to dump as many staff as possible on us with the inevitable mess, neglected properties and gardens and, basically, turning nice residential roads into shitholes, impacting on the neighbours property.
Don't really know enough to comment on stable staff provisioning but really think all stables should provide for their staff
Rainwater buts should be provided to conserve water for gardening and cleaning paving.
WE own our own house
12. The best environmental practice keeps changing!
The young people can't afford the houses. Need more starter homes. More parking would be useful; the high street in Lambourn can be a nightmare.
10. I do not understand the question.
5: Parking available off the High Street, but some drivers park on double yellow lines in the High Street, causing traffic jams. Worse still, they park on the pavement.
2.Does not affect me
4.Yes, where possible.
5.No it is not. Off street parking should not be essential (?) Too many cars are parked on the roads in Lambourn and surrounding streets.
6. No. My next move will be to the church yard
8. I do not know the answer but it should be provided within the yard boundaries
9.And car parking too
10. I do not agree with this question. Where is the relevance? Private parking should ideally be part of the property or attached to the home. If not, parking should be off street and nearby!
12. Yes of course! Let’s have more pavements! Sadly lacking in Eastbury. See below
One matter I feel very strongly about is that the buses used are far too large. They are never full and therefore smaller vehicles should be used. 20 seaters ample on most days.
Eastbury: Re parking. There are no pavements through Eastbury so when walking you have to be very careful. Several hedges on roadside need cutting back or removing. Hence I think a 20 mph rule is badly needed.
There has to be strong consideration to ANY new builds within the parish area and not based solely on commercial or perceived commercial benefits to the community.
Also AONB are designated as such for a reason and I would object to any considered developments that encroach on any such areas.
6.See answer to Q21
10. Badly worded question
12. Virtual signalling!!
8. See separate response attached to back of questionnaire (Details of objection to proposed development of Collingridge Farm by Racing Welfare, 4/4/2019. Main point: “We fully agree that better housing for racing stable staff and retired members from the racing community is definitely required, but in its draft this plan is totally unaaceptable”)
The major employment in Lambourn is horse racing and while a lot of employees are transient very little more accomodation is required. Perhaps all stables should supply their own housing.
9. If stable staff were paid suitably they'd be able to afford housing not tied to their job. Other low paid staff (e.g. cleaners, shop workers etc) don't get accomodation
Social housing in the area should maybe be allocated to locals first (this would free up lower rental property for racing staff)
No developments should impact on the smaller villages rural look just for developers to make a fast buck.
2.Not planning to move house

Q15.14. Comments on Employment and the Local Economy: - Sun Feb 2 19:51:12 GMT 2020

Q15.14 - Sun Feb  2 19:51:12 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q15.14. Comments on Employment and the Local Economy:
Frequency count of Q15.14. Comments on Employment and the Local Economy:

racing               44
local                42
lambourn             32
people               28
membury              28
employment           27
village              26
industry             24
need                 21
area                 18
shops                16
businesses           16
community            14
parish               14
drinking             14
facilities           14
encourage            14
development          13
jobs                 13
needs                12
large                11
outside              11
business             11
eating               11
horses               10
work                 10

Lambourn NDP - Q15.14. Comments on Employment and the Local Economy:
As stated before lambourn has always been a racing orientated village, so people moving in and true the village should respect that
While I agree with many of the questions asked in this section we also need to encourage people to think outside the Parish or people living here will become rather narrow minded. Work within the Parish is particularly welcomed by those who have other calls on their time, carers or mums with primary school age children for example.
employment opportunity are poor in this area outside racing and horse care, more business diversity is needed.
These questions seem too parochial. Lambourn Parish can not, and should not feel responsible for the total employment of locals. There are centres of employment opportunity outside the parish, but still very local. There is a balance required ... clearly Lambourn has to do its bit. But public transport can better support parish people in getting to the local opportunities just outside the parish.
Lambourn's proximity to the M4 makes it a commuter town. We moved here because it was much cheaper than e.g. Reading but still drive-able.
It often seems like Lambourn is 20 minutes from everything. E.g. from the all of the railway stations, from a good supermarket, from a shopping centre, from a garden centre. These are all in Hungerford, Newbury, Swindon or Wantage.
The racing industry does contribute a huge degree to the village economy and this relationship should be encouraged
We need superfast broadband as our postcode missed out
Large lorries speeding through Lambourn need to be controlled before our lovely villages homes suffer a fall down.
Less drinking places, more shops definitely required.
Local businesses won't develop unless rents are made less expensive. Businesses are being priced out.
10. Being sensitive to the AONB should apply to racing industry development as well as other businesses - much of their recent development suggests they think they are "exempt" from normal planning requirements.
More local jobs and public transport to be able to get to them needed.
Attract more business to Lambourn to increase local job opportunities.
10. Preserving our beautiful countryside should b be give the highest priority. Planning permission should never have been given to the building of that monstrous monorail. It is an eyesore on our once beautiful landscape. The employment it provides can never warrant that. Walker Freight building a massive warehouse at Membury will not add significantly to local employment - the current workforce will simply travel from Swindon adding more traffic to our roads and taking good agricultural land.
2. Retain, not extend.
6. Subject to retaining the overall rural character of the area.
The racing industry needs a little more organised help to engage with the wider community. IJF and Racing Welfare are terrific assets.
Lambourn has much disposable income and consideration should be given to spending in the village rather than spending in either Newbury,Swindon,Wantage, Hungerford.
Lambourn is not all about racing. There are other things to. A lot of us have nothing to do with racing.
Horse racing industry believes horses come first. This is not applicable to all and I believe people come First. Horses wouldn't race if humans didn't train them.
High St one way system would allow parking on High St
Different retail outlets should be encouraged as opposed to too many takeaway outlets
Transport difficulties for anyone working in Lambourn who doesn't live there, or have a car, and property is expensive to buy or rent which would make that unworkable as well.
It’s difficult to imagine what can be done to provide more jobs in the area. Short of requiring the racing community or other local businesses to only hire local people, which isn’t possible even if it was desirable...
The B4000 needs to be improved before more development of the Membury site
The Co-op cannot be the only employer!
We need a bank
We need a bank! Not everyone can afford to eat out
Q2 Encourage shops; enough eating take aways, enough drinking
Q4 Not always local people. Comes from outside area. Mostly lorry drivers
We have a racing yard in our village and I have never met the owners. They could do more to support local charities and activities in the village to promote themselves
The need for a variety of shops but not more food outlets,these contribute to noise and excess litter
2. Lambourn village has enough licensed premises. There is no need for more alcohol outlets.
Small starter industrial/commercial units should be available for entrepreneurs to start new businesses.
There are enough jobs in nearby towns like Swindon, Newbury and Reading. I know a number of people who commute into London. The reason people live here is the quiet countryside with good links for commuting. DO NOT spoil this with allowing additional business, including the horsing industry to take over and spoil the countryside. Again, there is enough built already!!!
Lambourn needs to decide if it wants to continue on a one industry strategy or if diversification would bring more jobs to the village and thus increase wealth overall. I suggest that a proper strategy for businesses is needed, especially businesses which allow people to work in the village. We have to be realistic in terms of our geographical and demographic remoteness which will be a limiting factor. We are not silicon valley with young graduates eager to work in the village. I suggest looking at other villages as to how they have reinvented themselves. Whatever we do it has to be proactive. Waiting is fatal.
Great if you do decide to get a job in racing in Lambourn, but not a lot of opportunities bfor other positions that's not racing.
The Londis shop on the corner is an absolute disgrace to our village.
4. I do not know much about the Membury area so found it hard to comment on that.
Regarding racing. I think the time has come for the parish council to rethink their racing policy. There are a lot of racing yards being built in Lambourn now, we do not want to get over-loaded with them.
Racing is fundamental to the well-being of the village. The more successful the racehorses are, the more money will be generated to be spent locally on employment and in the shops.
Local jobs at all skill and attainment levels - I feel there are a lot of relatively low-paid jobs, but limited senior or managerial positions meaning you have to look outside of the Parish for higher earning opportunities. Given the high house prices, this means that many people who are looking to buy rather than rent will have to either work outside the Parish in order to earn enough or move to a more affordable area such as Swindon.
We are lucky to have local electricians and plumbers, these families are local and we would all miss them if they left.
3. Only possible if accommodation needs are met
Any new and current major business warehouse developments should immediately be stopped as:
- no consideration has been given to prevent any in heavy vehicles passing through the village of Lambourn
- an increase of utilities has not been planned
Currently there are a number of businesses on the Industrial estate that employ people from outside the local area, increasing the volume of traffic significantly and bring little advantages to the local community.
Businesses are expanding and the Council do not address problems such as out of hours working-their own policies are not adhered to-such as small business/s should be supported in an AONB-not these massive developments that are springing up, many without planning permissions
Mebury development and resultant pollution including HGV's and commercial vehicles need more stringent controls, not just at planning time, but spot check monitoring to ensure we get control of our AONB and protect it carefully and responsibly.
The PEA should now be ringfenced and not expanded
Q11 Some do, some could do better
Q4/5 we have insufficient information in this regard
Q2 - not eating and drinking facilities. We have more than enough rubblsh from people too lazy to use bins
Again ref traffic. Local people could and would use the bus service if it provided a realistic option. At present it is not possible to attempt a commute with the bus service we have.
Local employment opportunities should be maximised as much as possible as long as supported by the relevant infrastructure.
4, 5 - I don't know enough about the industrial Membury are to answer questions 4 and 5.
Developing Warehouse Developments at Membury doesn't lead to quality local jobs and won't materially reduce commuting - in fact will lead to more commuting as staff are bused in to Membury from outside the area.
Too much emphasis is placed on the needs of the racing industry and not on the needs of the residents who have paid large sums to reside in the area mostly due to the stunning countryside views.
Apart from the Racing Industry, catering and retail there appears to be little forward planning for local employment and few sites for businesses to open and expand. The Membury site should be an embarrassment to the local community as it is a mess, has never been planned and is driven by the short term ambitions of businesses not in any way connected to any employment strategy for Lambourn Parish. For example a recent Application by Walkers Logistics plans to bring all workers from Reading and Swindon,
The Membury site is ideal for big and small employment opportunities. road infrastructure needs to allow this
Opening access to the M4 at Membury can do a lot to assist this
Most jobs on the Membury industrial estate are filled by individuals who do not live in the village but in areas, such a Newbury, Swindon and surrounding areas. The services employs people who travel from as far as Slough and Southall.
The warehouse jobs are mainly filled by people who travel from Swindon and the surrounding areas.
Business developments on Membury are not sensitive to the AONB and produce high levels of emissions and pollution, as they attract large HGVs, who use roads that were not built to cope with a large amount of traffic, especially when used by HGVs.
There are no facilities on the Membury Estate for HGV drivers, hence the practice of drivers blocking the emergency service road at night and depositing human waste by the side of the road.
More shops are needed, but there are quite enough eating and drinking facilities.
More understanding of racehorses on the roads, and better facilities provided for horses to keep separate from public (safety).
A lot of people on Membury industrial area are not from the village.
There is not much point in trying to develop tourism in Lambourn as it is so scruffy, although the church could be of interest.
It would be nice to have more local employment for the youngsters.
Too many large warehouses in members creating large lorries on our country roads, noise and air pollution ! Employment opportunities would be better in offices, shops and small local businesses
The Racing Industry don't APPEAR to contribute to the upkeep of local facilities - get some volunteer groups established to be visibly active.
Too many racing yards have been lost. It's incredibly hard to get anyone local (young) to be interested in a career in racing - this should be investigated!
2. Encourage existing shops etc and add complimentary facilities - we don't need a Tesco metro and a Starbucks
13. I am not part of the racing industry and I do not have a clue what, for example,the Jockey Club or the trainers are investing in locally. It is largely a complete mystery to me. If they have been doing great things, I should like to hear about it!
There do not appear to be forums where the racing industry liaise with the village of Lambourn and its facilities e.g.
interaction between churches and racing
interaction between hall facilities and racing
more celebrations like the impromptu "Many Clouds" parade into the village.
Traffic needs very important! Speed controls required for all roads that enter/exit lamourn
I would like to see encouragement of traditional artisan employment especially those linked to the horse racing industry - saddle making, farriers, hurdles, equine clothing and small businesses related to the equine industry... Also, I have been very interested in the development of the Bicester Heritage site which has married the preservation of WW2 buildings and the fostering of small, automotive businesses with grants available for apprenticeships. Something like this but for the racing industry would be fantastic. I am not a horse rider but I would like to see the Parish develop a name as a centre of excellence for all things horse! Lambourn Woodlands and Membury should suffer no further development but existing sites should be invested in - Lowesden works especially should be protected from being allowed to deteriorate any further.
Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among the younger people. Encourage and enable younger people to stay in school and get qualifications.
Encourage young people to stay in school and get their qualifications. Encourage entrpreneurial ideas among the young. E.g. a talent for baking? Rent a stall on Thursdays!
The High street lacks small independent shops that other villages have that would add to the village charm! Low quality of take-aways and poorly stocked convenience stores-improving this would attract more tourism and well as more community events/spaces
We do need more local employment, which will result in much less commuting. A lot of people in Lambourn do not join in with the community spirit
It is important to maintain a diverse economy and employment base. To maintain a resilience to the ups and downs of any particular industry sector. Improving social mobility, (highlighted in official reports as a problem for the area), should be paramount to decision making. Diversity through a healthy level of commuting, office development, effective transport links and attractive housing maintains a balanced community base.
1.National presence
2.Not drinking
3. Quality tourism
6.In most of Europe every village has a factory, i.e. proper jobs making things
11.Vice versa
Development at Membury and the other business sites in the Woodlands sites needs to be carefully managed and any conditions added to planning permissions need to be rigorously applied and enforced. This is not the case at the moment.
Any new developments need to be within the PEAs so as to protect the ANOB, teh gaps between the PEAs is important to preserve a rural character.
Lambourn is an ideal location for technology based enterprises. Implementing fast internet access, perhaps even a bespoke LAN, might attract such businesses
Business and ecomomic development would be good but within reason. Too much development would threaten what is a rural area with an adundance of wildlife. As much as I do agree to an extent in creating local employment opportunities to much development could have a negative impact both environmentally and to the local close knit community.
This is a massive subject but in the south along the M4 corridor in general we live in a lovely bubble where for my whole working life there has NEVER been any need to be unemployed.
I am an employer and know how hard it is these days to fill vacancy's
The problems that the Parish has with employment are the same from one end of the country to the other.
We need to make the most of Membury as it will surpass the racing industry at sometime in terms of employing local people in decent jobs which can only be a good thing
Unless you are involved in the racing industry, can work from home or are involved in the retail business there is little employment to offer other people.
The Good Friday Open Day is a great example of the racing industry engaging with the local community.
Newbury Racecourse have education visits for local schools.
There are empty shops on the High Street that could be used by local businesses.
A lot of these questions are stating the obvious. Are we just going through the motions here?
At times, the racing industry show a total disrespect to Lambourn and perceives that it has a an elevated or superior status in the village leading to a degree of arrogance towards resident of Lambourn and also to the laws of the land.,
4 and 5. Membury seems the ideal place for a wind farm and the ressons for turning it down, flimsy. Could the Parish put their weight behind the idea and gather support?
The racing industry needs to assimilate.
My views on this are limited add I never expected to work locally
2. Happy to encourage more shops and possible eating venues but against more drinking facilities.
7. More local employment at lower skills level required.
11. The local community does not engage well with the racing community either!
Membury expansion has caused too many heavy duty lorries on our country roads
Lambourn's main industry is Horse Race Training with large towns such as Newbury and Swindon close by and the M4 on our doorstep it is inevitable that people will want to live in the villages and the countryside and commute
Q3 - there are significant numbers of 'tourists' in the form of owners visiting their horses' yards
For the community to continue to thrive then the needs of all should be catered for, however convenience and facilities should not be to the detriment of those already resident in the local area e.g. traffic, noise, pollution etc
Membury is a serious environmental problem
Q1 - could do better
Q2 - not drinking
When I grew up in Lambourn there were all sort of different employment for the people of the parish and for school leavers to get good training
I'm 71 so employment not an issue for me but we must encourage youngsters to stay
(Respondent emphasised no.8)
Membury, as an established commercial location, provides an essential employment diversification to reduce our dependence on the racing industry for employment in the village. Its impact on infrastructure is minimal and its expansion encouraged (sensitively!).
2. Encourage more drinking facilities! Are you kidding?
4. Membury industrial area has no obvious impact on us - we have very little idea of what goes on up there.
Q4 - entirely support the proposed development on Membury by Walker Logistics Ltd.. They do everything well and properly and are great supporters of all local events
Q7 &13 sounds great not sure it is possible in our small communities to compete with large companies/corporates attracting people to jobs outside the area. Also not sure we can support more infastructure
We should look at what is realistic and achievable without compromising our environment and encroaching on green areas. Also what demand is there for the jobs
Q2. More shops, but not necessarily eating and drinking outlets
If you do not work in racing and do not have a car-where do you go for work?
Expansion of Membury is detrimental to residents and road network. Roads not meant to have Heavy goods vehicles are already significantly over used. To increase it would mean danger to lives and health
I feel that Membury Industrial Area is already an unattractive sprawl of ugly cheaply built buildings marring an AONB. Further development will only cause more damage to the local environment and further deteriorate the small roads not built for large lorries on a regular basis.
2. No point in encouraging eating facilities if there is no market for them. Not too many ultra low cost food outlets selling unhealthy food
2. Encourage shops but no more eating/drinking places
4. Membury - should provide local employment but does it?
10. Having had the Kingwood Stud White Elephant built outside my back gate in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, I suspect that whatever I say will be ignored in the long run...
I am not a nimby but this is meant to be an ANOB
Any increase in traffic could be problematic for horses
The old Londis shop is an eyesore ditto the Wine bar (which is housed in an attractive building) Sovereign need to be held to task re College House and adjoining property - both grade 2 listed. Market Cross should be fenced off as abused by some. Lovely buildings in the High Street - much more could be made of it - should be one way - 20 mph
Assume references to Membury also include the Lambourn Woodlands Business Park
We need to allow the local industrial areas at Membury to expand and create more employment for local people.
11. Most trainers are good at engaging with the community, but their staff are not. They're very anti-social to anyone not in or interested in racing. This village has more to offer than just race horses and I have lived here my whole life.
3. Seeing as its within an AONB, people seek and find themselves-so we see no issue here in promoting.
11. Open days work well.
12. Lambourn has reached capacity for any developments
If tourism means clumps of cyclists sweeping rapidly along the road and blocking the kerbs, then NO.
Racing seems to take precedence over local needs and liberties are taken over developments - by further extending their plans - and then are sold off as private houses - and/or yards are left to fall into disrepair to get housing in.
2. Shops yes - eating and drinking maybe
We are retired
12.Why were local business sites in Lambourn given permission to change to housing? They provided local employment without the need to travel.
The racing industry is a big part of Lambourn however not everyone living here is in racing! There must be diversity to accommodate all not just horses and training stables!!
11. I would say I find it shocking when residents complain about the horses! It is a racing village beyond anything else.
2. Eating and drinking facilities (café, takeaway, pubs) are reasonable, as are shops. Friday market has dwindled a bit of late, so another stall or two would help – market does add a bit of life to the village.
While I have said we need to encourage shops, eating and drinking facilities in Lambourn, I do NOT want to see a plethora of fast food outlets or off-licences. Rates should be lowered for establishments serving quality food (i.e. restaurants, not takeaways) and there is a need for a good grocers to accompany the butchers. The Co-op is reasonably well stocked and is quite busy, but Lambourn can support another grocery outlet as well as another eatery.
2.Some use them already
3.What of interest will the public come to see. Horses/stables? But it is difficult to do
5. I disagree with statement. I have visited. So what – what is there is used!
6. I think we do this at present. Many tradesmen drive into the villages.
7.You win some and lose others
8.Yes but where? Parking etc. Consider the pedestrian too, please. No foot paths in Eastbury (pavements)
9. Agree – it is already there
10. Of course
11.Yes the young are bad advertisements. They need educating. On phones when riding!
12. I do not have sufficient knowledge to answer this question.
13. Agree but much is there now.
Any future commercial developments (e.g. Membury) will impact on road usage rates and the valley area cannot support large volumes of commercial (HGV) traffic.
2.Strongly agree with shops, strongly disagree with eating and drinking.
3.Let the racing industry do this
7.Irrelevant. See Q6
10.Do you really want more employment? Make up your mind
11. The reason for my answer is because I feel that many who move here do not see it as a Racing Village - ”Valley of the Racehorse”? – and it surprises me when I hear someone complain about the horses – Newmarket works so why doesn’t it work here? Racing is our heritage and is what puts Lambourn on the map.
2.We need to encourage diversity in the village, too much duplication especially selling take-away foods and alcohol, both of these encourage litter!

Q16.10. Comments on Getting About: - Sun Feb 2 19:51:42 GMT 2020

Q16.10 - Sun Feb  2 19:51:42 GMT 2020

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parking             54
lambourn            43
people              38
street              31
road                30
public              29
transport           29
hungerford          28
high                26
traffic             25
horses              24
need                23
roads               22
electric            20
service             20
village             19
park                18
needs               18
cars                17
vehicles            16
newbury             15
problem             15
important           14
services            13
buses               13
good                13
charging            13
used                12
points              12
wantage             12
drive               12
swindon             12
issue               11
school              10
train               10

Lambourn NDP - Q16.10. Comments on Getting About:
Buses between Lambourn and Hungerford are needed so that John O'Gaunt's pupils can participate in after-school activities.
Footpaths between developments are necessary to encourage walking but the police see them as escape routes for vandals or burglars. Paths need to be overlooked by several houses and well lit so that people feel safe using them. Any subsequent planning applications affecting buildings overlooking footpaths should be carefully scrutinised so that surveillance is not compromised.
electric vehicle charging points need to be provided in the Parish and support for people to install in there homes
There is seemingly a parking issue outside the Co-Op in Lambourn ... but is it an issue? The fact that on street parking makes that 100 - 150m a one lane street, slows traffic and makes it safer for pedestrians.
The double yellows should be extended (and enforced) another 5m to the south west keeping parked cars further away from the central cross roads in Lambourn.
The biggest traffic issue is for traffic turning right out of High Street onto Newbury Street, heading South East. Visibility is very poor and a mirror should be considered ... or traffic lights?
A petrol station is required on the edge of the village, not just an electric charging facility.
It would be nice if there were enough bridleways and pathways to keep the horses off the road.
Lambourn Specific. Parking & traffic congestion is a problem on the High Street. One way systwm should be considered
Consideeration also needs to be given to the traffic & parking in and around the school. There have been many incidences of bad driving & parking and left unattended may well result in an accident/fatalities.
See my earlier comments
Parking on High Street is an issue as is visibility at the Junction by the George.
It would be good to see a one way system on High Street and traffic calming measures.
Extending the no parking lines and encouraging greater use of free car parks would be good idea.
There needs to be regular public transport from Upper Lambourn to Oxford and Faringdon.
Parking in the High Street would not be a problem if people parked legally
Bring back the local bus service as my bus pass is no use to us.
More environmental considerations. Solar, wind water power generation for new builds
There is a need for more public transport.
2. Public car park tends to be used increasingly by local residents and that means it is often very full. A little more discipline wouldn't go amiss.
6. There is no bus service to Hungerford, which is the nearest railway station
7. Impractical, too costly and road cyclists wouldn't use it.
9. It would be abused and simply used as a car parking space. Every household should have one instead. Government was totally shortsighted in announcing the cessation of petrol and diesel cars in future, without thinking through how it is going to provide all the electric charging points and beef up the cabling for the electricity supply. One or two charging points in the village is not going to make an iota of difference.
7. And footpaths, especially Lambourn to Eadtbury
5. My observations are than consideration is shown by both motorists and riders so there are few dangerous situations. There will be an ongoing need for both to use the roads.
7. Where possible but difficult in practice because of narrow lanes and privately owned land on either side.
Bus service Friday and Saturday good idea! Would get disruptive teenagers and drug pushers out of the market square.
1. Regular buses to Hungerford are non existent and important to me.
Charges should be imposed on cycless. Pay road tax so should cycles. Nightmare at weekends. Often cyclists riding 2 abreast. People have to work weekends. Lambourn to Wantage a particular nightmare.
1. Young people often rely on parents to get them in and out of neighbouring towns for work - not ideal.
2. People need to stop driving like idiots around horses and through the village.
3. There should be a total ban of fireworks in the area.
4. More needs to be done to sop vulnerable people being targetted by bullies in the village - eg lady living by the church in Lambourn.
Especially for older people, public transport is vital and keeps us connected. A bus to Hungerford for railway users would be great.
1. Not to me personally as I have a car - but I understand the bus services are not good for the elderly and families with only one car.
4. I think further development of Walker Freight at Membury should be given further consideration - the number of lorries along Ermin Street are already at dangerously high levels.
7. I think there are more important issues to be addressed.
7. I cannot see how they would fit.
1. Important to the community.
The situation in Lambourn High Street needs to be addressed. Car constantly parked on the double yellows making the crossroads on the square dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians. Solution - Make the High Street one-way incorporating Crowle Road and Bayden Road.
2. Adequate provision, but people not using it appropriately.
Horses have priority on roads. Cars need to slow right down.
Parking and cycling on pavements should be prohibited and enforced.
Re cycleways between the villages: Impossible to provide this!
Transport and infrastructure should be a priority when considering new development whether commercial or housing
3. No new developments
5. Keep horses off roads
New developments add to the problems, roads, parking etc. and dra??s over used
2. If the car park behind Universal Stores was used more would not be such a problem
New streets should be wide enough to allow parking plus 2 way traffic.
Garages should be used for cars not for keeping trash/storage
Bus services now very poor. No buses direct to Hungerford for train so have to drive
2. Yellow line parking restrictions are not adhered to creating problems.
Railway station required in Lambourn
Q8 - but return services would also be needed?
Q6 - restoring service to Hungerford?
Fewer car accidents if evening bus links better?
Parking shouldn't be a problem in the centre - why do people not use the car park?
Double yellows by Co-op the biggest issue
Bridleways could be made through the village to accommodate horses and bridleways between villages,
Public transport is very poor in the village. If you don't need to come here, you don't. Road to nowhere
There should be no parking in the High Street and either traffic lights or a mini roundabout at the crossroads in the village centre
Pavements uneven
Hungerford bus was useful
Pavements are uneven making it hard for the elderly and pram pushing. The Hungerford bus was useful for the young during school holidays
Q1 & 6 Oly bus services Lambourn Woodlands 7.30am return 5.30pm needs to use car
More parking is required especially on market days or when there is a church service or a funeral. Too much traffic up the High Street and emergency vehicles should use Baydon Road so not to be delayed when going to Upper Lambourn. It was once suggested to make the High Street one way which could be a good idea.
I would like to see the return of the bus service to Hungerford.
Public transport to and from the village should be affordable. This is a catch 22 situation where people have now made other arrangements because transport is poor. To persuade them to go 'public' will be a challenge.
Implement a car sharing scheme - many people go to Newbury with just one person in the car. This would show leadership in the share economy and is just what an innovative and forward thinking Parish Council should invest in.
Q5. It would be nice if stables had direct access from yards to exercise areas/gallops. This would remove the need to use public roads which would be safer for horses and riders and cause less frustrating delays.
More people have to make use of the free public car park.
The double yellow lines outside the co-op are regularly parked on, causing congestion at the man crossroads. It would be great to have more enforcement if possible.
Lambourn High Street needs to be make into a one-way system using Baydon Road and Crowle Road as the other route, reducing the freight vehicles and congestion due to parking on the High Street, or no parking on High Street.
Buses Friday and Saturday for young people. Who will provide and pay for them?
If people bothered to park in the Lambourn Universal car park the High Street would be less congested and would flow more freely.
Hoses are the lifeblood of the village and come first. Cycling is an irrelevant to such a rural location.
Electric charging points will be more important in the future, but perhaps not a priority right now.
It is NOT just young people who might want to go into Newbury of an evening, the cinema or restaurant choices are greater and those without a car would be unable to do this. A taxi is a ridiculous amount and price prohibitive to most families.
Streetlighting needs immediate improvement alongside traffic calming provision.
Currently the bus services do not allow for people to reach their place of employment on time for an early start-this needs addressing
The bus services across the Parish are far to infrequent and insufficient if we want to encourage people greater mobility between towns and parishes and to leave cars etc at home. one bus a day to Newbury from Woodlands St Marys is an obsvious example that public transport is just not a priority. It should be
Years ago there used to be an unwritten rule/mutual agreement not to have horses go out school in peak times-now its a free for all and very dangerous with horses and parents, kids on the school run and ridiculous dangerous parking near school and not enough school parking and also many who could walk don't-there will be a horse/vehicle/prevention accident near school one day-its an accident waiting to happen.
Parking in the village after 7.00 and highstreet gridlocked-too much illegal parking outside the George and very dangerous situation created by the CO-OP car park
Q5 Lambourn advertises as 'the Valley of the Racehorse' - with consideration and understanding from drivers and riders and trainers, there is room for both
Q7 Road is narrow enough when meeting buses or horse boxes and wider roads will spoil the charm
Q9 Only needed for flats and terraced housing
Q5 If, as is the case, racing is important there are bound to be horses on the roads. Generally there seems to be a good level of understanding and tolerance in both directions. Some form of education might be appropriate for the few occasions when drivers or riders don't show consideration. Cyclists in general are less considerate than riders!
Q1 Could be in future, also to Hungerford and Wantage
Q6 Could be in future
Strongly believe we could benefit from an updated bus service, not just for Friday and Saturday nights but for people who wish to commute inter towns.
I rarely use public transport, but feel it is important for those in the community that don’t drive, including young people. Provision of a weekend evening bus service may give them more to do and has scope to reduce anti-social behaviour issues. If reliable and affordable public transport was available between the village and train stations I may chose to use this rather than drive. Unfortunately at the moment this is not an option. As much as possible needs to be done to ensure interactions between horses and vehicles are safe and that off road riding is available where possible. Provision of parking needs to match demand.
2. I have never had a problem parking in the centre of Lambourn - if less people parked on the street and actually used the car park, like me, it would minimise congestion on the High Street.
6. We used to have the bus to Hungerford for this, but as this no longer runs, I think something else should be in place.
5. Would work better if riders followed the rules of the road.
All efforts should be made to eradicate the need for horses to be on the main roads so as to ensure the safety of horses, riders and drivers.
A private investor has been allowed to build a light railway in an AONB in Lambourn Woodlands to train horses but no one can plan decent public transport to/ from and around the villages around Newbury and Swindon.
There are many innovative public transport initiatives from around the world but West Berkshire CC does not seem to consider them.
We are at a “tipping point”. Within twenty years electric and low emission vehicles will be the norm and Lambourn must plan for them now otherwise the local community will suffer. There is no reason why Lambourn cannot take the lead in the transport solutions of the future.
Buses used in the area are far to big for the country roads on which they travel
Apart from school buses the buses I see are virtually empty
For those that travel from Hungerford railway station ...parking needs to be expanded
Ideally electric car charging should be a requirement to new house builds
Q1. There should also be a regular bus service to Wantage and Hungerford.
Q3. This is not directly linked to public transport but people should be encouraged to park on their driveways, this is a problem with the racing industry, when houses are used for multiple occupation. Thereby causing a hazard on the roads.
Q5. Consideration must be given to the advent of electric cars, which will come upon horses silently.
Q6. As someone who is of pension age, then being able to access the bus and the train is extremely vital. As we do not have a footpath, then it is impossible to walk to mile to where we might be able to pick up a bus.
Q7. Whilst cycle ways are a good idea, there should also be provision for people to walk safely between the villages.
A Dial a bus service or the existing bus service to change it's route slightly, so the residents of Lambourn Woodlands can pick up the bus from outside there door, e./g. the bus goes down to Lambourn via Hungerford Hill but comes back via Baydon Road.
Q8. Bus services should be adequate for EVERYBODY to get where they need to go throughout the day.
Consideration is given to putting a railway line back, which would enable people to get to Newbury and other areas.
More transport all round please. I never demanded it free! I would pay, but PLEASE, no more cuts.
Lambourn is one of not many places where horse riders are forcing cars to almost stop on the road! If the horse is not adapted to be on the road with moving cars, they could not be on the public road! Horses also leave the roads dirty. They have their fields to they should use them!
7. Not much point in developing cycle ways as most people use cars.
9. Do not see electric changing points as a priority in Lambourn - not sufficient electric cars on our roads.
It would be a good idea to get more public transport for young adults / teens to go to town in the evening so they have something to do
There is sufficient parking, however people still park on the high street on double yellow lines which blocks traffic flow. We need more traffic wardens and enforcement of this.
9. Encourage Pubs to provide charging points too.
2. Lambourn Parking isn't too bad but parking in Eastbury is so minimal that soft verges are constantly eroded by unthinking drivers. I would support a Parish wide paid parking scheme (pay by phone?) ONLY if the profits went direct to local Charities
It's hard NOT to have interaction with horses and vehicles. More signage needed. I don't use bus service but do realise that good bus service is needed to Newbury and Swindon
1. Not just yet but they will be
6. Ditto
2. I am fed up with the parking on double yellow lines along the High Street. It doesn't take much for the traffic flow to completely stop and tempers to fray. As a parent of teenagers, I would like them to get Saturday jobs in local towns with me needing to be their transport all the time.
We enjoy cycling but the busy reads/ fast traffic in all directions from Lambourn is very off putting. A cycle path anywhere would be most welcome. People frequently complain about the horses on the roads but I travel through Upper Lambourn twice a day and observe riders wearing florescent jackets 90% of the time and courteous drivers.
Racehorses should be respected at all times on the road. If you move to Lambourn then expect to be impacted by the racing industry.
Roads need to be safer for everyone using
Slower traffic/20 is plenty
More racehorse aware signs
There should be a train station in Lambourn again!
If people insist on buying electric cars, then yes, they need power points. Cycling is a hobby, not a mode of transport - there are too many cyclists as it is. Cyclists should be forced to take and pass a course to get a license that ensures they know and will abide by the rules of the road!
Badly need a regular bus service to Wantage, our nearest town and local secondary school.
Badly need to reinstate the Hungerford bus.
Need more frequent buses to Newbury and Swindon.
Although public transport is not important to me, I recognise its important to many. The amount of cyclists on the road is becoming dangerous so cycleways would help. reducing the amount of traffic as becoming a 'greener' village is a must...Why are there so many earth line lorries coming through the village at night/
We need to keep the Newbury bus and Swindon bus, this is very important to people who do not drive, also the Wantage bus is a lifeline for the OAPs, who look forward to it each week
Public transport is very poor in the area. I rely 100% on my car.
6. see over page
I have relatives in other cities-catching the train is vital for me. I now travel from Oxford as its cheaper for me from Wantage by bus
Parking is a problem not only in the centre, but parked cars for houses opposite Oaksey House causes a bottleneck to traffic. Rockfel Road is a 'new' development that had few cars parked roadside 20 years ago, but is a nightmare for parking ow, and for delivery drivers.
7. Cycle ways would be good but there is limited spaces because the roads are so narrow.
Transport (public) to Hungerford/Wantage are strongly needed. Taxi and parking at Hungerford are expensive.
Cycle paths needed as 95% are a' rule unto themselves' i.e. they ride more than 1 abreast
Parking problems are generally due to inconsiderate use of parking and the size of some commercial vehicles rather than lack of facilities in the centre.
1.and Wantage + Hungerford
5.Priority to horses – all motor traffic should stop
Many roads now too narrow for widening modern vehicles and grass verges need cutting
Large lorries and tractors cause problems in the High Street near the Co-Op and the George crossroads
At the moment there is no viable alternative to using a car.
More buses would be welcome (to Swindon, Newbury, Hungerford & Wantage) and the ability to get a bus to a nearby train station.
Electric vehicles may be the ideal but the present cost and limited range plus the time taken to recharge en-route even if this is possible mean electric is not a viable alternative for many at present.
The only problem with parking in and around Lambourn is peoples sheer ignorance and rudeness.There is ample parking to service our needs we don't need to spend money on anything just bang a few heads together or enforce existing laws that would soon pay for itself and sort out any 'problem'
if bus services were more frequent they would be used more.
As in the opening question:
1. There is limited public transport to adjacent centres of population
2. Lambourn is quite a long way from railway stations.
3. It is regretable that motor fuel is no longer available locally (ignoring the absurdly over-priced outlet at Membury Services).
The high street parking situation needs to be solved, should be one way or no parking.
Parking tends to be an issue in the High Street because people park on the double yellow lines frequently with no consideration for those using the public car park who can not pull out safely and also cause a backlog of traffic due to the road being restricted to one lane for the majority of the High Street.
A regular bus service connecting Lambourn to Wantage would open up Oxfordshire to residents of Lambourn without cars. This would also facilitate access to Didcot Station.
Pedestrian access to the old cricket field along the Upper Lambourn Road is unsafe. It is too narrow and vehicles drive too fast. Traffic calming measures on the approach to Lambourn are desperately needed on this stretch of road.
Due to cuts in public transport, ie Bus to Hungerford. Many young residents, especially parents/families are finding themselves restricted to the village. Resulting in fewer work prospects and social confinement. Overall causing financial & mental health problems.
It's not so much the parking that is a problem in the centre of Lambourn - it is more how the people drive and park their vehicles.
Having a one way system from the George up past the Co-op as far as the Universal Stores car park would enable more parking on the left side of the road from the George up to the entrance to this car park as all traffic would be driving one way. Also it would be a lot easier getting in and out of the Co-op car park if all traffic came in by making a left turn and exited the car park also by turning left.
The interactions between horses and vehicles on the roads should be ok so long as people drive and ride safely and sensibly. More off road horse walk ways would be good for leisure horses as well as race horses.
5. Only because some passing motorist do not slow down.
7. Depends where they are put. The roads are too narrow for cycle lanes.
9. We do not have a garage providing fuel and there are fewer electric points.
Parking is a real issue in the High Street with people flagrantly ignoring parking restrictions and creating bottle necks.
Wantage busses should be included in the first question in this section.
1. This would change if driving was not an option in the future.
7. More horse tracks before cycle ways.
8. Or Swindon? College students?
9. If there is a current demand.
There are pathways around the villages which were laid out years ago to help keep horses and motor vehicles separate.
Are they being used to the best effect
Regularly assess transport needs for people in Lambourn
Transport and links is an emotional issue, there needs to be a blended solution but appeasing everyone's needs/wishes will be difficult
Q2 Parked cars are a problem - insufficient parking
We need a bus service to Hungerford. Some youngsters from the Parish work there and its difficult for them as not all drive a car.
Parking in the High Street of Lambourn should be abolished.
7. Very difficult as all roads are very narrow.
G.7. Not just cycleways between villages-footpaths should be developed
The importance of traffic impact assessments cannot be underestimated. This has not been appreciated in some development proposals recently resulting in inadequate and incomplete assessments being presented.
Bus services from the Lambourn Valley are not adequate to enable commuting to local centres of employment. (Newbury, Oxford, Swindon, Hungerford) nor are they adequate to meet commuter trains to London and Reading. A really good bus service would encourage use of it.
1. We need to make a distinction between "reguklar" and "frequent"
We don't want to be cut off ie 1 bus a week either to Newbury or Swindon
Q2 I think it is more a people problem wanting to park outside the shop rather than in parking or further away
Q3 I agree to sufficient off street parking being considered regardless to public transport limitations
Q5. Isit really necessary to walk a string of horses into the village from Upper Lambourn just for roadwork
q.7. Only if they are away from the road
Public transport should service the whole of the Parish and not just service Lambourn
2. Illegal parking on yellow lines needs to be controlled
I currently drive to Hungerford Train Station because lack of buses. Likewise drive to Newbury and Swindon (GWH) as bus services not frequent enough..
I would be unable to charge an electric vehicle from my house. I rent a garage from
Sovereign Housing so public charging points at such garages would increase the changeover to electric vehicles once their cost goes down.
Q9 - not enough parking in area. Charging point would add to existing congestion and would not be cost effective until ratio for electric cars/petrol/diesel are increased in favour of electric cars
Racehorses are part of Lambourn village life. Lovely to see.
Cyclists enjoy the area and it would be a good idea for cycle ways - maybe opening up alongside river in places.
2.Too many drivers get away with parking on the double-yellow lines between the crossroads and the co-op and also higher up the High Street.
9. Providing government pursues an electric car policy - still too few pure electric and hybrid vehicles on the road.
Whilst we do not use the train regularly, if there was a bus at intervals to Hungerford Station this would be very welcome
8. Insufficient activities for young people, dependence on alcohol and drugs develops, bus services elsewhere could provide more stimulation.
Will any of this be done in my lifetime. I think not!!
Many people who do not drive often feel stuck in this village. getting in and out of the village needs to be made easier for people who don't have a car or motorbike.
2. Especially market day
3. and 4. Strongly believe Lambourn has reached capacity for any business development/housing developments due to infrastructure and AONB protection!
Rural bus routes are important. Although I am unlikely to use them myself, I recognise how essential they are.
Buses are important - but please provide a proper bus stop rather than blocking the junction e.g. Square could be a proper pull-in off road bus stop
9. There are plenty of charging points at Membury Services. If they were put in the Parish area they would be empty most of the time and using up valuable parking spaces.
If you don't drive, public transport is limited
1.Last bus from both Newbury and Swindon is 5.50pm. Return from and further journey after that time involves a walk of 12 – 15 miles or £40+ for a taxi!
Hungerford – no direct bus, so a journey each way can take 3 hours, quicker to walk! Wantage – one coach a week.
8. Later buses Monday to Saturday would help those without a car to take jobs in Newbury or Swindon: some have had to turn down employment offers when a job doesn’t finish in time to catch a bus back.
I’m not sure why you’ve asked whether public EV charging points should be provided in the Parish. If you don’t live here, it’s unlikely you’d be passing through to charge your vehicle. And if you live here, you’d be charging up your vehicle at home. Electric vehicles might be OK in urban communities, but it will be a while before they have sufficient range to be of any decent use in rural communities. Granted, a great many FAST charging points throughout rural communities would encourage greater take-up of EVs, but that’s more of a national infrastructure question, and not a purely local one.
1.Not important to me
2.There are car parks – choose your time
3.Yes, the place has evolved. There are car parks but for the elderly there may be problems
7.Not necessary – the roads are there. However there are no pavements in Eastbury. 20mph limit is needed.
8. No. Bad idea
9.Use your own kit.
We need a 20mph speed limit in Eastbury and “other places” where considered necessary. There are no pavements here. In several places there are tall hedges close to the road edge. See exit from Downs Close. Also on entering Eastbury from Lambourn. And elsewhere. These hedges could and should be cut back to improve sight lines. This is a very important issue – a safety issue. The main culprits who exceed the speed limits are the delivery vans. They do not live here and are probably foreign and could not care less!
The Hungerford bus would be a assert to have back even if only for few times a week
Traffic volumes and speed of travel are (a massive?) issue and need to be addressed.
7.Totally impractical
2. But only because some drivers refuse to abide by the law
5. If both sides are respectful, this should not be a problem
8. And other places e.g. Hungerford, Swindon
1 and 6. Although not important to me at the moment they are for many others, especially a bus to Hungerford for shopping, banking and the train.
More signage on roads where horses access gallops – i.e. Long Hedge crossing area from Bockhampton.
2.Generally there is a problem with parking in the High Street, the main problem is lack of enforcement (i.e. selfish/poor parking)

Q17.9. Comments on the needs of the young and elderly: - Sun Feb 2 19:52:11 GMT 2020

Q17.9 - Sun Feb  2 19:52:11 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q17.9. Comments on the needs of the young and elderly:
Frequency count of Q17.9. Comments on the needs of the young and elderly:

people              27
young               23
facilities          19
teenagers           19
need                18
lambourn            15
transport           14
playground          13
elderly             12
community           11
children            11
good                10

Lambourn NDP - Q17.9. Comments on the needs of the young and elderly:
With good transport links 'local' can be extended to outside the parish itself.
older people need local training and employment opportunities for all levels of educational attainment. because we are now working to 67 and older. we all need training for job opportunities.
Maintaining a community of mixed covering age and affluence is vital to maintaining a healthy social environment.
We have noticed that there is some anti-social behaviour around church area, but think facilities for youngsters are not great.
There is no direct public transport from Upper Lambourn, this needs to be rectified. Especially to Faringdon and Oxford. We need superfast broadband as our postcode missed out.
facilities for teenagers - I would imagine transport for them to get to bigger towns to socialise would be better than 'youth club' type approach
Playgrounds are unsuitable for small children because of the gangs of youths who patrol them.
Young people need to have a local club to keep them out of trouble and safe on the street.
Not enough police service in Lambourn.
All age groups require consideration.
1. There are plenty of facilities already. When was the last time you ever saw a queue of toddlers at the climbing frame?
6. It doesn't work and shouldn't be forced. Pensioners don't want to live in a noisy environment full of kids and boisterous teenagers.
As I have not raised children in Lambourn, I cannot comment from experience, but I get the impression that there is very little for teenagers to do in Lambourn. It would be a good idea to have a youth club where they could have the opportunity to socialize with each other, have 'events' and keep out of mischief.
5. "Support" is a loose term. The government at the national level has starved local Authorities of funds for qualified and adequate care.
8.. The fulfilling life requires an adequate income to support it.
House prices make it impossible for young families to purchase here.
More playgrounds for the kids. Skate park to be redone as dangerous lips on each things there.
Difficult to answer as no definition of "elderly".
Thieves, drug dealers, idiots and and similar cannot use lack of transport as an excuse but they do need to be helped to gain a better education and way of life.
1. More physical activity based clubs for young people - if these were subsidised, or gym membership subsidised there might be fewer teenagers hanging around smoking pot.
2. Many of the residential homes for the elderly in the village are completely cut off and isolated.
3. Bus services are appalling. There is one small bus to Swindon - very hard for those wishing to attend Swindon Collage etc to have a reliable service. If there are too many people then not enough room on the bus.
1. It is hard to know what exactly, but better provision for young people would be helpful - as many seem bored and at a loose end. How about a survey for the young - or a your representative on the Parish Council?
Not enough transport for youngsters to fulfil their lives and education.
8. I do not know if public transport is currently sufficient for the elderly to get to and from Newbury or other larger shops.
Lots more, like the soft play at the leisure centre would be fab, more for the teens to keep them away from hanging around, is also something needed.
3. If you live in a rural area, it is more appropriate to go to a bigger centre for these.
The High Street is dangerous for old and infirm people.
Speed of traffic at High St. Edward's Hill junctions needs to be addressed.
Teenagers cause problems. I am fed up with them always getting priority.
Playground in Mill Lane is poor and a hub for delinquent youths. Look to Great Shefford for inspiration + Stockcross.
Lambourn playground facilities somewhat lacking.
Anti-social littering and vandalism. Need park at other side of Lambourn and not just east side. What about playground on football pitch side near equine hospital?
If employment opportunities or social activities aren't available in villages young people are bound to move out.
Unless young people go into racing, they have to make a lot of effort to stay in Lambourn and travel elsewhere for work/social opportunities
Young people may want to leave as there is little opportunity to stay
There are few jobs in village
Q8 As long as they don't expect too much from each other
Mixing age groups in an area has to be approached carefully. Older people generally do not like the noise/disturbance caused by youngsters in the streets outside their houses. Younger people do not like be berated by older folk for being disturbed and this can all lead to Anti Social Behaviour etc..
Playground facilities could be improved
Transport links could be improved.
It would be good to have the play-ground maintained/ refreshed as it looks very tired and is often full of litter (we do pick this up when we are there).
Playground facilities are very good and ample for the current level of housing.
They just need to be respected and not vandalised by members of the community.
Facilities for teenagers - I'm not sure they would use any facilities. It needs to be clear that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.
Transport is a limiting factor on education in its present form.
Communities function better when the age mix is rich
Poor public transport plays a part in making life hard for a teenager and the elderly
The council bedroom tax plays a part for those in sovereign housing and high rents
I know many elderly who would vacate if sovereign then didn't put up the rent for them-in some cases giving up a three bedroom house with garden is made financially unviable as a move to a one bedroom bungalow in fact is no cheaper and often dearer rent!
Q8 Don't know. It is probably possible though inevitably (as happens elsewhere) not all do
Q3 Lambourn is too small to accommodate all of this
Q4 We don't know what the figures for this are
Q8 Not possible for teenagers at present but desirable in future
We have a mainly older group of residents with the exception of one family in tour street. Unfortunately, the one family really do not reflect an attitude of community spirit of everyone else causing unrest.
The needs of the young and the elderly both need to be considered to make sure neither group feels isolated. More opportunities for young people make result in a decrease of antisocial behaviour issues
1. I strongly agree that playground facilities are good. I don't think any more are needed regardless of further housing as the playgrounds always seem empty when walking past.
Retaining youngsters in the parish and enabling the elderly to remain in the parish is important to maintain community spirit.
I don’t see training in Lambourn. Centres in Hungerford, Newbury, Wantage and Swindon is where this activity/expertise is. Then the issue is how to get the students to those points
As a pensioner with a bus pass, I have no way of getting to the bus, (without walking at least a mile on roads with no pavements, possibly in the dark and having to doge HGVs and fast moving traffice), to hopefully catch one of the buses that makes it way down Hungerford Hill.
In order to get a bus, I have to get the car out and drive to the nearest bus pick up point, which makes a mockery of getting a bus.
Q8. Is this a question or a statement. If it is a statement, then the answer is no, if it is a question, then yes, then people of all ages should be able to live fulfilling lives. Very badly worded question.
Sports club could do with replacing children's play area.
Older children/teenagers need more to amuse them to avoid falling in with the wrong crowd.
Transport to schools for young people
Care services for elderly at home so they can stay in their own surroundings as long as possible
8. With such constraints on budgets these days (WBC / LPC) all ages should be encouraged to volunteer.
This would lead to people taking more pride in the Parish and foster an even better community spirit.
Not enough stuff for teenagers to do - but equally parenting skills are lacking!! Playground facility - my friend (retired lady partner deceased) backs on to Mill Lane. The language (sexual and swearing) drinking, smoking drugs at night on recreational area is disgusting. When I witnessed this and requested some respect was told very loudly to "F" off old lady!
3 and 4. Young people need housing as well as jobs
Reducing costs of heating etc in homes by increasing self generation of electricity through solar etc
Always thoughts provision for younger children was excellent which is why we moved here. Provision for teenagers is non-existent but I'm not sure a youth centre would be very cool. Give teenagers a regular bus service to Swindon, Wantage and Newbury, and they will be very happy! So will their parents!
We should avoid large developments that have little character at all costs but smaller ones dotted throughout the community.
There aren't enough facilities for young people that promote healthy activities (though some of what some of the young people here get up to, their parents are responsible for). We see them hang around the square and clearly there is drug and alcohol misuse.
There's not enough for young people around here. It's a great place for small children and anyone over 25 but for teenagers, it must seem deadly boring. They take the alternative - hanging around the square and engage with a lot of substance misuse.
There used to be a youth club in the village, could this start up again?
The Mill Lane Playground needs regular maintenance and teenage groups kept out of it.
The skate park at the Cricket field is pretty much a no go area for younger children and young people who are not part of the local "gang" It needs to be renovated and maintained as it has the potential to be a great community facility.
Dog fouling is a problem that affects where children can play/walk
Some elderly people in the village need support with getting to grips with technology and other issues. Maybe a weekly drop in session where help is on hand.
Community areas for both the young and old such as gardens/vegetable plots that all can get involved with, that has wheel chair and pram access
We do need more OAP Housing for people who do wish to downsize, this would release people to move who are living in a three bedroom house and they are the only person living in the place
Police need to keep public areas free of drug and anti-social people
7. Lambourn is so isolated anyone who wants to re-train have no option but have private transport to get there
Mill lane Park is very poorly kept-constant mud on the equipment-don't bother using it anymore
The playground question is badly worded. The playground is ok but compared to villages of a similar size is limited and often dirty. Keeping pace with development is important. With the rural spaces available improved trails and wooden adventure areas would be an asset.
1.Playground facilities – its good
4.Like Wantage is good
6. 4 of the 6 Millfield 4 bed houses ???? SOLD old occupants
Facilities for teenagers are a priority, but teenagers need to be supported by parents who assume responsibility for their children's behaviour, in terms of respecting those facilities and respecting the community and Parish.
Perhaps education for parents in terms of parenting and life skills should be included on the "to consider" list.
Age old problem
It would not be appropriate to have the very young and old living within close proximity of each other due to the differing lifestyles/abilities and health considerations i.e a hard of hearing elderly resident having the TV on full blast all evening, equally a quite middle aged person/persons living next door to accommodation for stable lads who have loud music and parties at all times of the night
Public transport links to Wantage are needed in addition to Swindon and Newbury.
Greenspace for children and families in Lambourn has limitations:
More PCSO support is needed to ensure antisocial behaviour is kept in check and young people and families feel safe.
The Old Cricket Field is a wonderful space. However access on foot is unsafe (narrow pavement and fast traffic). The field itself cannot meet its potential for families to picnic and play ball games because it is basically a dog exercise area and is blighted with dog's mess.
The skate park would benefit from an upgrade to concrete bowl and ramps.
All of these question should be aspired to in a perfect world.
3. Can't see how all levels of educational attainment can be provided locally "in the parish".
Being so remote it must be very difficult for many teenagers to participate in activities at their school if they have to rely on public transport.
if at all possible we need a dedicated Youth Worker at the Lambourn Centre
I agree that facilities for teenagers are important, but key/ Provided to the detriment
of what?(Assuming that not everything can be delivered)
Q1 - not good facilities
This is what community is about
This is why it is important for a wide range of employment opportunities to be made available, capable of attracting employees of all ages. For all very understandable reasons, the racing industry is not able to do this.
3. In a small rural parish, the reality is that training and employment opportunities will be limited. This doesn't mean that we don't make efforts however.
8. We'd have to work on the definition of "fulfilling"! Fundamentally, our society is a privileged and wealthy one - if you can't live a "fulfilling" life here' it is your fault.
Playground facilities are good, but need to continue to be well-maintained
We downsized some years ago. Not all over 70s are in over large houses.
Q6 - insufficient recreation for youngsters could lead to loud neighbours
2. The teenagers that roam the streets of Lambourn and do ASB are unlikely to use Youth Clubs etc. The whole county line issue needs looking at and more policing - evidence of drug abuse across the village.
1. Childrens play park could be upgraded
I think that a better skatepark would keep youth out of trouble and encourage more exercise
It seems facilities for teenagers are not a priority, they have nowhere to go, nothing to do, so they entertain themselves by becoming antisocial.
Unless you can drive, you are trapped by small time frames of public transport and riding a bicycle isn't safe on the main routes.
6. Strongly believe Lambourn has reached capacity for any playground/housing/business developments due to infrastructure and AONB protection!
4. We should assure when you are older you should downsize property. For some its key to stay in familiar surroundings!
8. The biggest gap is provision for teenagers, especially girls of a more serious nature.
2. Need for clubs run by volunteers to provide leisure and educational facilities e.g. YMCA 7 YWCA, U3A
It would be good to have schemes where young can meet the elderly-probably already happening, I am just unaware!
It would be lovely to be able to engage some of the local young lads into racing instead of hanging around selling drugs in the market places and cricket field.
8. Many are reluctant to go near the Square in the evening or after dark, fearing groups of youths gather there and vandalism, fighting and drunkenness, drug taking and criminal activity. Other parts of the village are affected but rather less regularly.
I don’t see Lambourn as being biased towards any one particular age group. However, another one or two schools might not go amiss, especially if it reduces the time and effort it takes to ferry the kids to school – or even better, if kids could get to a nearby school under cycle power – but the huge caveat there is that we don’t need our children cycling on narrow, winding, 60mph-limit roads. Hence my earlier answer about more cycle paths
4.Consider access to all facilities
8.But if improvements can be made then many people, young and old, will benefit greatly.
Youth club for youngsters There are community groups for the elderly The vintage tea parties Seniors dinner Tea cup Tuesday Several baby groups But not a lot for teen-agers
Although my views on Youth centric antisocial behaviour do not match any of the options above provision needs to be made or at least considered for the young people that fall between school leavers and working age.
2.Silly question – see Q1
6.Matter of individual choice
8.Question is a waste of space (Q altered to delete “in the parish”. Replaced by “Yes”)
3. Provision of local training may be difficult within a relatively small population. The racehorse training industry may be an exception. However, labour needs in racing seem to be met by importing staff from other regions

Q18.14. Comments on Landscape and heritage: - Sun Feb 2 19:52:43 GMT 2020

Q18.14 - Sun Feb  2 19:52:43 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q18.14. Comments on Landscape and heritage:
Frequency count of Q18.14. Comments on Landscape and heritage:

lambourn              37
river                 30
membury               20
need                  17
tourism               14
history               13
development           12
needs                 12
local                 12
area                  11
people                10
important             10
village               10
developments          10

Lambourn NDP - Q18.14. Comments on Landscape and heritage:
The question on the development of the River Lambourn does not address the problem that it us not always there. The source of the river in Lynch Wood is used as a rubbish tip which is disheartening as The Pools can be beautiful.
we need more businesses to come into the area.
Better drainage and speed bumps etc would be appreciated. People blatantly ignore speed restrictions
I don't really see Lambourn as a tourist area, but possibly several people have mentioned Lambourn because they were hiking/cycling The Ridgeway.
Keeping public hiking paths to/from the Ridgeway and around the valley could encourage some tourism.
I've recently hiked up to the Ridgeway several times and the paths were poorly maintained and flooded. At some points I also had to walk on the main road near Sparshalt Firs where there was no path.
Having worked in Water Industry, it would be good to see the River Lambourn clearer.
We do not need more tourism as tourism brings more cars. There definitely should be cycleways from Ashdown to Upper Lambourn to Lambourn. We need superfast broadband as our postcode missed out.
Membury was important for D Day and great to read in Village View and on website people are doing their best
The link between Lambourn and 101st Airborn to be considered
LIttlecote / Ashdown and major pull points that could be considered as part of encouraging tourism combined with Membury and Ridgeway - Wayland Smithy on our doorstep with White Horse. This is why we live here.
Yellow lines in Newbury Street are needed.
I believe that chocolate box cottage style housing would be more attractive for the village, than modern developments
6. It needs drainage and cleaning from time to time. It is pretty enough - doesn't need to be elevated to a special status, just maintain it
9. Farmers already do a good job
12. The village envelope needs to be extended so that we can build houses with adequate green space and prevent the infill which is cramming houses into the village centre. But with each development should be green measures such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting
6. Use of word "developed" is odd - implies building next to it - presumably NOT what you mean! It needs management and maintenance - and a riverside footpath would be a real benefit in terms of the river being perceived as a valuable and major feature of the Parish.
8. I do not know enough of the population to give an adequate response to this question.
10. Problem with the word "Every".
A healthy income from Lambourn's heritage could be made. We need a tourist centre in Lambourn.
1. Racing industry promotes itself.
2. We need to take better car of our precious chalk stream and stop polluting it with sewage over-spill and other pollutants.
6. Minimal interference with the Lambourn.
Q6 The river only flows for 6 months of the year
6 Lambourn River should be seen and developed. So why is there a fence across the river on Oxford Street? It is an eye sore in the centre of the village.
Seven Barrows, White Horse Hill, Upper Lambourn, the Ridgeway - History Galore!
Why not celebrate the history of Lambourn, not just racing. Membury should be recognised as the important base it was in WW2. We need a local museum.
5. Clean the road drains.
Ensure river is managed properly
Do not encourage tourism without sorting roads and parking
Q7/8/11 - one solution would be to set up a building to house a "racing museum" and exhibits on local history and the Downs
Surface water flooding could be reduced if all drains and ditches are maintained on a regular basis (every Autumn)
More should be done to keep footpaths cleared to encourage visitors to the area to enjoy the wonderful views
New developments could contrast with existing development. The overriding importance is they have integrity. It is sad to see the same sprawling awful developments across every village in the country. Embrace contemporary exciting architecture. Sadly in villages it rare and they are being spoilt by blandness.
Clean up the woods
I don't know what 'celebrating our heritage' is supposed to mean.
I remember Membury as it was in '50s
Too much development going on
Not much care done about AONB
Other than the horses, Lambourn has a history, such as the church, which should be celebrated and encourage people to visit.
”The river Lambourn should be seen and developed as a major feature from its...”
What does that mean in practice?
Not clear what the encouragement of tourism means in this context. If it means building a theme park, it is definitely ‘do not agree’. If it means encouraging cyclists, walkers to use the area sympathetically its a ‘yes’.
Flooding is a concern.
I would like to see more care of the River Lambourn ie clearing overgrown weeds and litter. I do clear the litter by the road bridge when the river is dry but I'd like to do more. A regular working party perhaps? I would be keen to get involved!
I do not think we have the infrastructure to support tourism in the Parish.
Developments like Lambourn Place make me sad in that it is such a site of historical interest, but an ugly estate of houses has just been thrown on top of it. You wouldn't have any idea what used to be there before without doing your research.
Houses all look different and cheaply thrown up. When you drive through the Cotswolds you know you are in a special place, but I wouldn't know our village was in an AONB without being told.
11.Only possible if accommodation needs are met
Membury Industrial development is a disgrace to the historical significance of the area, the Council has lost a opportunity here to make something great.
The area is now an eyesore, standards having dropped, no one prepared to take an interest.
Me,bury Industrial development is a disgrace to the historical significance of the brave men and women who played their part in WW11
Q13 Membury is a mess and it's hard to imagine anyone being interested
Being 'proud' to live somewhere is a strange concept. Being 'pleased' to is very different and important. I'm not sure how far celebrating the heritage of Lambourn, given what it is, is terribly relevant to pride or pleasure.
Q9 Not sure what this would entail
Q11 Think our greatest attraction is probably the racing industry but certainly, as things are now, an increased traffic will hinder the industry. Currently there are not enough facilities / attractions
We need to appreciate and maintain the local natural landscape. Any developments should be built sympathetically to maintain this and to match other local properties. There should be as minimal encroachment as possible in the countryside. More should be done to encourage tourism to the area as this could create local jobs - however this needs to be balanced to ensure local facilities can keep up with demand. Due to pressing environmental issues such as climate change any developments should be as eco-friendly as possible
13. I didn't know Membury had any historical significance.
Historical significance of Membury should firstly be recognised and respected by controlling planning and the many dubious developments and strongly respecting the AONB and focus on using the brownfield sites not attempting to develop more greenfield site.
Further permissions should not be granted for new stables as this will eat into the AONB. There are plenty of available yards that need to be renovated
I haven’t a clue what you mean by tourism.....apart from the Ridgeway and other downland walks.
Tourism needs a significant point of interest to which people will want to come in their cars to which the parish offers a very poor infrastructure.
However privately funded organisations that offer a relevant and appropriate local interest public access destination should be encouraged.........thinking specifically about a potential museum at Membury airfield
Whilst historical significant of Membury is important, things does not mean allowing vast warehouses to be built on the pretext of them also housing a museum. A trip to Membury will reveal that the place is a absolute mess, as business have been allowed to spring up with no planning permission and West Berkshire Council do not seem to be the slightest bit interested in this fact.
In it's present state, why anybody would want to visit Membury is beyond belief.
Greenfield sites should be preserved and not used as a way of avoiding paying tax or for money laundering, e.g. structures that are built and are never used, despite the promise that they would bring jobs to the area.
Q13. This seems like a trick question, as this will cause more unecessary development of the AONB and greenfield sites.
The environmental agency only complains about what people do, or don't do, regarding the river; it does absolutely nothing itself, and constantly changes its mind on the rules!
Need to be careful of over developing places like Membury as they will soon become over industrialised and lose their country charm and history
6. The water from the source of the river in Upper Lambourn is unable to flow freely due to an accumulation of mud, litter, weeds etc.
5&6. Eastbury leading the way. EA not helpful - tending to block efforts rather than help / encourage communities.
10&12. Solar Power - a more pro-active and +ve approach is needed for our many listed buildings
Little lighthouse etc would be amazing to get that back (River Lambourn), Woods and river Lambourn, River needs cleaning out and maintaining better
3. Harmony is a subjective judgement!
5. Encourage farmers to plough with the contours to slow run off
I've always thought it a shame that you only get snatches of the river in Lambourn but mostly it is unseen. Such a pity but can't think how this could be remedied. There are some amazing historians living in Lambourn - Mick Dowdeswell and Liz Beard. The photos they post on the FB community page are fascinating - more should be made of this if possible.
The historical significance of Membury should not be allowed to be celebrated by private, wealthy individuals alone. If a small discreet museum which did not blight the landscape and which formed part of existing buildings - like Bletchley Park, for example were developed .... it should be accessible to all.
Tourism? You have to be joking...
Community greenspaces could be used for perhaps community garden/veg/wild flower growing etc
Lynch woods could be a fantastic green space for the community but is privately owned. Perhaps West Berks could come to an arrangement with the owners to improve access, litter etc
Need traffic calming measures on the road to Upper Lambourn
Communal green spaces are very important, I welcome modern developments so long as the river and nature is not compromised
We do need to encourage tourism and we do need to have more open spaces, perhaps an Apple and Pear Orchard, so it brings everyone together
Should have a racing museum
Should have frequent and regular tours of various equestrian establishments - a racing yard, a stud, gallops, Kurt system auto trainer, etc.
Should have a permanent exhibition space for local artefacts, history, nature, geology, etc. Perhaps in the library.
8. Lambourn should be a beautiful Down land Village that people want to come to-it needs to thrive
The river Lambourn is a S5S1 and is protected by law
The areas bordering the river should be made accessible where ever possible and housing development minimised. Access points should be developed as features to improve well being and tourism.
5.Rather late in action
9. What on earth does this mean?
Tourism is clearly a valuable resource, but careful planning is essential to avoid negative impact on the local community. That planning will obviously take place, but plans still have to be implemented efficiently and effectively.
What is the significance of Membury apart from its WW2 history?
Obviously we need to promote and protect our stunning local landscape I thought this was the way most people thought in 2020
The surrounding countryside is one of Lambourn's greatest assets, and we should take all steps to avoid ruining it by over-development.
Lambourn is an historic place and the open green spaces give the opportunity for local residents and people from other areas to get out and enjoy the fresh air and exercise that is so important to ones wellbeing and this should be preserved as much as possible
3. More accommodation for local workers-at affordable rates
1. Don't know what this means.
6. How?
8. Who si we?
9. What does this mean?
10. As long as it fits in the existing buildings.
The River Lambourn and particularly its source in Lynchwood should be protected, and people prevented from using it as a dumping ground.
6. How wonderful if there could be a riverside walk along the River Lambourn in the parish.
I've been here for only 20 years and whilst I know that membury has some military history but the statement "significant" suggests more than I know...
1. I am proud to live in the parish anyway.
6. Difficulty with a fiver which does not flow all year round.
11. Provided that there are suitable facilities to cope.
12. Planning laws would need to change.
Knowledge of the History of the Village is important but a place with excellent facilities now is important, and a caring community to keep it tidy and welcoming is vital
Q3 It is a difficult balance between history and current industry
There needs to be a more pragmatic approach to allowing development in the countryside. More latitude is required by planning departments to allow individual dwelling to be built as long as they maintain the harmony and integrity of the area
The river needs to be seen especially if the banks were tended through the villages
The river Lambourn should be cleaned at source when dry to stop big logs causing damage and flooding further down
The setting of Lambourn in the AONB is our most important asset and must not be compromised by inappropriate development.
6. River "development" - what could that possibly be?
11. Is the premise for this question based on potential revenue from tourists?
13. What is the historical significance of Membury? WWII airfield?
Q10 modern design and innovation only has a place if done very sympathetically to the surroundings and environment
Q6 'Developed'?? protected YES, preserved YES
Regards the historical significance of Membury this includes not building over the whole of the airfield!
Some of us do value our history and archaeology already!
It concerns me greatly that there could be a risk of housing developments in Eastbury and the surrounding area that would impact both the natural beauty of the area as well as cause noise pollution and potential risk of rain run-off and flooding
River Lambourn in Oxford Street - the Lamb needs to be opened up so we can see the river flowing (like it did years ago) before that silly board was put across plus the tree hiding the flow (the fencing at the fire station needs removing so the children can enjoy the river and the ducks can enter. Let us enjoy it again.
Large amount of Sovereign property in village - some old and without proper facilities for parking et. Sovereign has budgets for improving old estates - discussion needed.
Using Newmarket as an example, could there be a museum/heritage centre relating to racing in the valley?
Lambourn's history and heritage should be more accessible, easier to learn about and celebrated.
3. and 6.
Strongly believe Lambourn has reached capacity for any playground/ business/ housing developments due to infrastructure and AONB protection!
11. See2.2 Q3.for same answer
Membury played a major part in WW11-It would be great to learn more.
I think question 1 is badly worded. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to be able to be proud to live in their parish? So… bit of a leading question that, and not worthy of you I’m sure.
6.This means looking after it – a lot of work is needed here. Mud banks need removing. Banks need trimming – fords looked after etc! Remember it is difficult to look after a river nicely, but if it dries up, this makes it harder to restore/repair it when the springs rise as they have done now. I will write no more – but rivers are expensive to look after.
7.I agree but what could/should be done escapes me at present! I think I will leave well alone!
10.I suppose there is – but it depends what is wanted! Be careful here on what you ask for.
11.You have already asked this question! See 2.2/3
12.No more virtue signalling please. See Q9 & 10
6.Rubbish of all types must be removed, especially hedge cuttings (in the river by the bridge in Oxford Street) coming from the hedge boundary
13. Regarding the proposed museum for the Walkers Dakota flown from Membury in WWII. A very important part of our history could be lost if this is not given great thought.
Smaller villages like Eastbury and Upper Lambourn /Woodlands are treated as just access routes to Lambourn. Very little is contributed to their safety and well-being its down to individuals – Some of the £pot should go to looking after those residents areas.

Q19.16. Comments on Health and wellbeing: - Sun Feb 2 19:53:16 GMT 2020

Q19.16 - Sun Feb  2 19:53:16 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q19.16. Comments on Health and wellbeing:
Frequency count of Q19.16. Comments on Health and wellbeing:

lambourn            35
village             25
facilities          21
sports              18
leisure             15
swimming            14
health              14
need                13
cctv                13
pool                13
mental              12
open                11
people              11
available           11
public              10
activities          10

Lambourn NDP - Q19.16. Comments on Health and wellbeing:
First lambourn open day was good 10 years ago, now it's a ripoff, second the gym in lambourn is poor and expensive for what there is and leisure facilities, what leisure facilities, when I first came to lambourn there where 6 pubs,a bank,2 shops,petrol station and NOW!
The Old Cricket Field is well-maintained, but the area between Lynch Lane and the River Lambourn is not,
Some of the open spaces are well kept, the Old Cricket Field and the rec for example but the open space at the end of Lynch Lane is unloved, the paths have disappeared and the seat by the river vandalised.
There needs to be more riding facilities ,cycleways and bridleways. We need superfast broadband as our postcode missed out.
Sports Club tennis courts are rather 'tired' and with age, poorly surfaced.
Only because of Lambourn Sports Club which is private.
Difficulties in the village in a scooter or wheel chair. The pavements are not level, and there are cars parked on the pavements.
The sports and leisure facilities in the village and too expensive, and so we don't use the sadly.
CCTV was installed but ignored when it proved that the yellow lines were ignored.
Improvements to tennis facilities are definitely needed! And the gym needs a swimming pool! My mental health care was telephone only or a trip to Newbury! Improving litter collection, signage cleaning, light bulb changing for maintaining public space. Plus encouraging house painting and maintenance in the high street particularly.
All questions are importance.
2. Debatable, depending on whose responsibility it is
5. Yes, but it must be monitored!
8. Given that it is a village not a town, Lambourn Parish is relatively well-served.
10. We have good sport and leisure facilities already
11. I don't do culture
3. Do not yet need them (fortunate to have good health) so cannot comment from any experience whether they are effectively linked or not. But as a principle, they need to be closely linked
6. Ditto
9. Assume you include the PROW network as a leisure facility?
3. This should be a national policy which will, of sources, include Lambourn.
1. I would participate in sports and leisure if it were sheaper and more of the sort of activity I am interested in, eg yoga.
2. Mental health for young children and adults needs to be prioritised.
3. Time 2 Talk Newbury offers a fantastic service for young people - more sessions here in Lambourn are needed.
For a village, Lambourn offers a host of activities and entertainments. What is provided is much appreciated.
A pool at the Leisure Centre would be welcomed.
4. The GP practice could improve links with Swindon Hospital as our closest despite it being in Wiltshire.
Q 1 and Q5 go hand in hand - we need to prevent local youths hanging around the public areas causing anti-social behaviour. With the lack of police resources in the area, good quality CCTV in public places is a must. There have been a few incidents recently where the Police would be have assisted if the CCTV coverage was of better quality and more cameras.
1. More CCTV will result in less anti-social behaviour/ vandalism.
2. Sports facilities are available to an extent but are very tired.
I value the various coffee mornings.
Those that vandalise, there families should be made to pay.
Lambourn Open Day is an inconvenience and a waste of money.
7 & 8: A swimming pool!
We need a swimming pool + more lessons at Centre for children aged 5+
Shame no facility to use school outdoor pool in summer. Hence have to drive to Wantage for swimming.
Another major plus is the dental surgery - one of the best anywhere
If expanding the area (housing), expand surgery and school, parking and one way system
Mental Health Care is a nationwide problem so would assume Lambourn would be no different.
I make very little use of the local facilities as most of my focus is towards London.
Mental health support not well publicised and sports not well publicised
A swimming pool would be a great asset
Swimming pool would be nice.
Vandalism and anti-social behaviour includes the very heavy litter problem widely apparent within the parish. This needs addressing through a combination of better education, provision of litter bins, and litter collection. The West Berkshire approach to recycling provision using open-topped boxes and loose bags contributes to this problem.
More CCTV is required.
The doctors' surgery and the pharmacy are both absolutely brilliant.
I think the sports facilities are generally ok, there is certainly room for improvement, but mainly I think they need better promotion. My perception is that there seems to be a lot of leisure activities for older people, but not so much for the younger members of the community (all ages up to say 40)
Mental Health care if difficult where ever you live, not a specific Lambourn issue, there is no drop in centre for those lonely or suffering, where they have access to specialist advice and care.
My nephew needed a mental health referral and from Lambourn initial assessment was sent to Wokingham-miles away and useless with no access to his own transport and buses and trains were not adequate to get him there and would be costly and time consuming and a logistical nightmare-this just added to his stress related illness and sorting this to be done locally took several months and was a lot of hard frustrating work!.
Q8 Would like more arts subjects
Q5 Not sure how much CCTV exists at present and how it is monitored and used.
Q10 Depends what could become available
Q15 Don't know about this
Plenty of sports facilities at Lambourn Sports Club ie. tennis, football, junior football, bowls, cricket. Its just you can't make people play if they don't want to!
I value all of the facilities available in Lambourn which are far greater than those available to many villages. I do feel more could be done to make use of them, especially in relation to the sports and leisure activities available. I feel Lambourn Open Day is a very important part of village life and serves to bring the community together by showcasing part of what makes Lambourn great.
I’m am fortunate enough to not require mental health assistance at this point in my life, but feel like lack of access to sufficient mental health assistance is something that is lacking nationally rather than something that is specific to this Parish.
9, 10. We mainly hike/walk so don't use facilities much. The only sport we go out of the parish for is swimming.
15. I am not aware of what is available.
As it is virtually impossible to access the village without a car, then none of these facilities are available to the residents of the Woodlands, other than having to drive to them.
Q5. Yes, as long as it is being maintained and monitored by someone, otherwise a complete waste of time and resources.
Q13. Is only important to the village not he Parish as a whole, as it is village centric.
In my opinion, Lambourn people of all ages would greatly benefit from a swimming pool which was available equally to all.
7 and 8. Not enough publicity as to what is available.
1. The racing industry should take more responsibility for the actions of its employees. For example, the volume of litter in Upper Lambourn is unacceptable. Also, a number of stables let their dogs run loose resulting in fowling of private gardens and public verges.
Would love a swimming pool.
4. Lambourn GP Practice & Pharmacy are Brilliant.
1. more active Policing required
11. Love Village Hall & Church Cultural Events
1. Yes but how? More facilities or stronger sanctions
I think the public spaces in Lambourn look averagely looked after at best. The village looks a little down-at-heel at the moment. Verge cutting is infrequent. I would much rather the planting of wild meadows on our verges than more frequent cutting. A community orchard too would be a terrific asset, but where?
Swimming pool
"There is adequate access to mental health care": this isn't something the villages can do anything about. IAPT and other mental heath services are a complete mess. The NHS generally doesn't need more money, they need a new infrastructure that cuts down on excessive middle management, poor decisions, and bullying and abuse of NHS employees.
The Sports Club on Bockhampton Road is a fantastic facility but is barely used for sport.
A sadly wasted resource.
The primary school grounds and pool is also a fantastic facility that is under used by the school and could also be used for the wider community eg for a community plant growing project.
There needs to be traffic calming measures on the road to Upper Lambourn.
CCTV needs to be working around the village.
Anti-social behaviour is a MASSIVE issue anything to prevent it such as CCTV is a must. Public spaces could be more exciting-public art, village in bloom competition?
The new CCTV has proved that we have needed it and that in the future, I would like to see more camera's, it also means that the police have hard evidence to take to court.
Signposted subjdct-specific walks around the village - e.g history trail, architecture trail. All with associated leaflet/booklet.
Organised bird/nature watch days.
I'd like to see a sculpture trail, though I accept this will need a lot of private sponsership.
A Village map board, also as a leaflet
Tourist information place - e.g the library, though would mean having it open for longer.
13. The open day promotes racing-just one day a year
There is little to attract 'tourists' to what could/should be a lovely little Down land village.
Lambourn has heritage in its own right that isn't been celebrated
The Easter Open Day is very nice but rather expensive
It is often difficult to access good information on sports and leisure activities in the parish so it is not always clear how good the provisions are.
The Lambourn open day is important for the village but it is expensive to attend and does not appear to give a financial boost to the village (or this may just be unclear). The racing industry does not appear to acknowledge social challenges in the area and invest in the goodwill of the parish.
6.NHS referral don’t work that way
7. Swimming bath and squash court
11.e.g. Watermill tour
13.Needs tart up. Weather risky
15.We suffer being on County boundaries
Whilst we don't use the library as much as others, it should be acknowledged as a social lifeline to many
The provision of health-care in Lambourn is generally good, and there is fairly convenient access to a major hospital in Swindon.
The leisure facilities that Lambourn has to offer is only useful to those who do not have regular 8 to 6 employment outside of the village. The group classes at the community centre are always during the day or too early in the evening for the commuters who live in the village to attend.
The library is a great resource for those who cannot easily get out of the village to get their books (due to lack of public transport) or cannot afford to buy the latest publications. It also runs various activities which help the immediate community, especially during the school holidays.
The Lambourn sports club seems to cater more for those who play football, I rarely see people using the tennis courts and there doesn't seem to be any other outdoor sports facilities available i.e. rugby, hockey, athletics, running/walking clubs
Need greater Police and PCSO presence on the village particularly on Fri and Sat nights. Antisocial behaviour in 3 Post Lane and Outside the Methodists on Chapel Lane is intimidating and upsetting. This can extend occasionally to the Market Square. Litter here can also be intolerable.
The Old Cricket Field is blighted with dog's mess, reducing its usability for families in what would otherwise be a wonderful space. Access to the field along Upper Lambourn Road is unsafe. The pavement is too narrow and cars drive too fast.
We are fortunate to have such an excellent surgery of doctors and follow-on healthcare, chemist etc
There are many more facilities available in Lambourn than most other villages of a similar size - it is up to people to get the most out of it.
More cycle routes.
Sports and leisure are free market concerns, people will do what they do. Encourage trends. Don't provide useless facilities, ie skate park.
The surgery and pharmacy should be recognised as awesome
6. I would ask for help if needed.
10. There is a reasonable variety, but not of the keep fit activities what suit me.
Utopia is very difficult to achieve when human beings are involved, one would say, almost impossible. Lambourn is pretty good on this score compared to many, many places and I consider myself very fortunate to have lived here for almost half my life (so far0
We are extremely lucky to have our doctors surgery and pharmacy. They do an amazing job.
Q12 - library needs improvement
Lambourn carpark used by drinkers who leave empty vodka bottles and broken glass.
Never seems to be cleaned
(Respondent emphasised no.4)
3. No idea what this question means
6. We don't need help and enablement to manage our own health, but we believe that there are many people who do
8. Leisure facilities are adequate
12. The library probably is an important asset, but not for us.
We need a swimming pool
In my personal experience, there is no access to mental healthcare unless you go privately funded
3. This is a nationwide problem rather than a local issue
15. This again is a nationwide issue with poor funding
13. So is Carnival! and Firework Party
I am unsure what managing my own health actually means
I travel by car to Hungerford for swimming but engage in leisure activities in the parish
5. Is CCTV effective?
More frequent police presence.
The service provided by the GP surgery is outstanding
2. Litter always present
More should be done on Lambourn Open Day to attract more tourism.
NHS is so valued, however, mental health help and support are hard to come by in Lambourn.
Library volunteers are amazing - can we prioritise keeping/supporting the library?
Can't answer 15 as, thus far, we have not needed them , thank goodness
9. Too old.
I'd love a public swimming pool. There are three for horses, none for people.
2. I’m not sure there are that many public spaces that we have in Lambourn, so this isn’t a huge question.
5. I’m very negative about CCTV for two very sound reasons. 1. When a crime has happened and I needed footage from Thames Valley Police, they said the quality of images was so poor as to be useless in court. 2. Surveillance leads to CCTV operators watching for and levying fines for trivial infractions and innocent breaches just to cover their costs. While there may arguably be a small advantage to CCTV, Thanes Valley Police are not capable of capitalising on it, and I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to a surveillance state.
7,8&9.I have answered “neither agree or disagree” for these questions, because, while I am aware of the gym/leisure centre and the Lambourn Sports ground, I’m sorry to say I haven’t used either of them! From people I know, however, I think the gym could be better. And my experience of the sports ground is limited to Bonfire Night. For the sorts of exercise and sports activities that these facilities provide I actually drive to Hungerford and Wantage!
11.There really aren’t any cultural activities in the Parish. Yes, there’s the odd film ????? in Eastbury and the historical society, but you go to Swindon, Reading or London to see a show. That won’t change. A rural community will always, by its nature, be rather starved of cultural activities.
5.Yes but expensive I suspect. We have no police presence.
7,8.I cannot partake due to my age and back
12.I do not visit it. It looks good though.
15. If you say so. I have no experience.
As mentioned earlier crime and its (c??iesan) source need to be addressed.
7/8/9 Because many people work outside the village, they have to use facilities where they work because they are not in the village at suitable times.
4. Very concerned that in a village of this size there is only one male doctor – poor decision. He is going to be very busy! Or many of us won’t get an appointment.
14. Best Post Office staff in the country! We are so lucky to have them.
1 & 2.Sadly there is often mindless vandalism in the village and “the Old Cricket Ground” This is not addressed due to the lack of police presence and a lack of parental influence.

Q20.14. Comments on Climate change: - Sun Feb 2 19:53:39 GMT 2020

Q20.14 - Sun Feb  2 19:53:39 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q20.14. Comments on Climate change:
Frequency count of Q20.14. Comments on Climate change:

change             26
electric           25
climate            22
need               19
solar              14
trees              14
already            14
panels             13
needs              13
people             10
local              10
recycling          10

Lambourn NDP - Q20.14. Comments on Climate change:
We shall continue to use a diesel car for the next few years, rather than replacing it with an electric/hybrid alternative because the end of our driving years are in sight (at 75).
The 'My next car will be electric' question does not allow one to say 'I don't expect to have a next car'. An earlier question on down sizing did not allow one to say 'I have downsized''
alternative energy and car electric are far too expensive. there will be no second hand market for electric cars. batteries do not last long enough. this will limit movement of the poorer people of our community and their job opportunities.
We have solar panels, two electric cars, a modern, well insulated house and rainwater harvesting. We use a 100% renewable energy provider.
We'd like to install a home battery and switch to electric heating (e.g. a Sunamp heat battery or an heat pump), but the cost is high at the moment. We'd like more incentives to make the switch.
If there were some local scheme that all residents could buy into such as a windfarm on some local land or a loan scheme for installing a home battery (that could also be used by the grid) then we'd be keen to participate.
We do not have good internet which is a huge problem
Are there electric charging points available in the village or only up at Membury?
Solar panels are very expensive, but the best investment we have made.
4. Unrealistic
5. Don't need it now but might do in the future and it would be helpful to have the option
8. All very well planting trees but someone's got to maintain them
12. They are carried out now aren't they?
13. Cimate change has been happening since the start of time. Very little we can do about it, but we can clean up our environment to make the planet healthier and be able to sustain it.
10. We already have solar panels - have had them for 6 years
11. Depends on Government legislation - if it is sensible it will start requiring heat pumps or hydrogen instead of gas or oil
ALSO - Vital that new housing and other development is required to be built to high environmental standards (e.g. BREEAM, Solar panels, electric car chargers et.) to address climate change. See attached article from RTPI journal "The Planner" about hoe Neighbourhood Plans can address climate change.
1. I have now been informed by the nature of the question.
6. I would support the use of wind turbines in suitable locations.
9. I do not have an electric car.
10. I would like to but I am too old to see the benefit!
1. I would like my next car to electric, but they are too expensive, nowhere to charge and could not do this on our street.
Whilst we welcome changing to more economical energy sources, the cost of the initial outlay is far too expensive and off-putting.
3. It will have to be cheaper.
Same issues shouted about for many, many years!
6. Depends on details and location.
No biomass, PV or wind.
6. Not biomass. Happy with PV and wind.
7. Have it - Gigaclear.
10. PV Panels will cover the whole sough roof of my new house, currently being built.
1. Trialled an electric car for 3 months, and it was not practical for my style of living. More development and testing would need to be carried out before I would reconsider.
2. The cost of the electricity sources are off putting.
More wind turbines, stop blocking their applications
More trees on open spaces, less development.
Sort out the sewers/drains before development
We need better recycling facilities - tetrapacks, plastics
Cleaner energy including electric cars, change of heating systems etc need to be part paid by grants if you are serious about climate change
Biomass generator would increase lorry traffic and so should be discouraged. Other forms of generating 'green' energy could be encouraged.
Q10 Already installed solar panels
Q3 & 9 - I do not own a car
Q11 Solid fuel
Q13 More needs to be done about China, India, America and Australia
Our recyling scheme within West Berkshire is overly complicated. I do not understand why we cannot adopt the same scheme as other local councils where all recycling rubbish is simply put into one bit. Having to separate card, plastics and glass is old hat and this should be done at the recycling plant as other councils are able to provide this service. Recycling here is messy and requires too much effort it needs to be simplified and cleaner so that more is recycled
Our existing heating by a new condenser boiler plus a woodburner.
Q4. There needs to be a later bus from Newbury so that returning rail passengers can get home again after a day out. The current situation means that I need to use my car and with parking difficult in Newbury, I now travel from Didcot. It would be really nice if a station was to be re-opened in Grove with a suitable bus connection! This would have the added benefit of allowing much better access to Oxford via public transport!
Q10. I already have solar panels installed at home.
If West Berkshire have declared a climate change emergency, we feel that they should be following it up with a number of actions, including improving recycling, developing public transport, advertising their support for ‘green’ issues, none of which are apparent at the moment.
As a whole, drainage issues should be given more attention in developments to ensure that the valley can cope with potentially greater downpours arsing from climate change.
Tree planting as a means of controlling carbon in the atmosphere is useful, as long as the woodland is managed effectively in the long term. Tree planting without the management is ineffective in the long term.
More public transport is required.
I would install solar panels on my house if I had the money. My next car will be electric. I strongly support the planting of trees (I could help to do this!) and I do not believe that the climate emergency has been exaggerated. It is the single most important issue facing our community, our country and our world today.
I am aware that West Berkshire Council has declared a Climate Change Emergency - have our Council actually declared this? No idea.
There needs to be greater support and promotion of small local businesses, farmers and growers etc. We can get everything locally, we just need to know when and where to buy (it needs to be convenient, too)
We have solar panels on our property, it is a start on the environmental use of power generated by other means.
4. Footpaths adequate-cycleways inadequate
readings throughout the Woodlands show a higher rate of pollution than the centre of Newbury-this needs addressing
Already have solar panels and a woodburner
Q10 Already have
Q2 Already do
Q2 It is already possible for many things
Q5 Not yet
Q7 N/A I'm retired
Q9 I don't
Q10 I already have
Q13 Don't know - depends who you listen to
Q2 Not if it means that would mean building a huge supermarket in the village
I am not in a position to own an electric car as I have on-street parking only.
We need to take climate change seriously before it is too late. This should be considered in all plans and developments. As far as is possible initiatives should be made available to make sure that the environmentally friendly option is also one of the most cost effective to encourage people to chose it.
7. My husband needs to be able to work from home, I however cannot (primary school teacher).
3 and 9. We believe lots needs to be done to help the environment, but that electric cars aren't the answer - where is the generation of electric coming from? How are they going to dispose of huge batteries? We would prefer to support more renewable transport such as hydrogen fuel, which can also be made synthetically from plant based materials.
12. There should not be any new major development, as it would change the whole parish.
While WBCC have declared a climate emergency there is no evidence of the implementation of this and no evidence in the consideration of planning applications that this is considered.
Yes, we need footpaths and cycle ways, so people can get about within the community, without having to complete with vehicles travelling on the road.
Q6. Yes, solar and wind energy.biomass will merely increase emissions, as carbon capture does not exist.
Q8. The downland landscape is not natural but areas such as the Woodlands need to be restored.
Q12. These should be mandatory and should include air monitoring, to check the levels of pollution that residents currently experience.
Q13. This statement should not appear on this type of survey, as it is contrary to Q1.
4. Roads are too narrow for more footpaths or cycleways.
3&9. Electric vehicles still have a long way to develop. Current battery technology is not as green as promoted (manufacture / charging / disposal)
8. Love trees, let's plant lots!
6. But not biomass
Solar needed, wind turbines needed. Permissions in the past have been turned down.
If you want people to change the way they heat/power their homes are you willing to help them financially? Also electric cars are ridiculously expensive. A three door hatch like a Renault Zoe is about 30k. A ridiculous and out of reach price for most people.
More public transport would be the main game changer for a village like Lambourn. I don't think there will ever be a bus to Highworth though, where I work! The other issues above I see more as central government initiatives but I would welcome them whole heartedly.
Do not come up with a policy that shoves climate change down my throat. Some of it, even a large part of it, may be a fallacy. I'm beginning to see the merit in conspiracy theories. It's not beyond the wildest imagination to suppose that climate change is exaggerated greatly in order to gain further control of the population. Further, the climate change people are so hypocritical. Did you notice all the rubbish the extinction rebellion people left after their marches? Who had to pay to clean that up? That ugly, horrible girl Greta. She needs to be told to go back to school. None of the climate change people ever mention the positive things that are being done or what's being invented (by people who stayed in school and didn't waste their time and ours at demonstrations). I'm sick of it, I'm sick of hearing about it, and I'm sick of them.
"I am aware that West Berkshire Council has declared a Climate Change Emergency". This is a ridiculous waste of time, money, and energy. I'm aware of their policy but I entirely disagree.
West Berks recycling is among the worst in the country.
Kerbside recycling in Lambourn is appalling and there needs to be additional facilities in the village.
Many many trees have been cut down in the village despite some being within the protected zone. This must be policed and prosecutions brought.
We should be proactive making the village greener-more encouragement and education on recycling and shopping locally-Lambourn Market is a fantastic resource for this!
Yes I would love to shop local, but the prices in the CO-OP are much more expensive than other Co-ops n the area. I do shop at the market every week for meat, it is so reasonable, so we would need to keep the market running
We already have solar panels fitted to our property.
WBC need to do much more towards solving climate change
3. I can't afford to change my car
I already have solar panels installed on my house and use them to supplement my electricity supply, provide an income and also to provide some of my hot water through the use of an intelligently controlled immersion heater.
Oil dependency is an issue for many locally. Initiatives to reduce this as a planning gain of new development or airsource heat pump enabling schemes could be beneficial and reduce bills.
Wildflower verges would be good (not near low visibility junctions)
We need to address Climate Change much more urgently … and we need help to understand how each one of us can do this at the same time as carrying on our lives.
Climate change is real, there is no doubt about that, however living in a rural village makes it difficult to fully embrace the "doing our bit" towards the environment.
There are no electric charging points in the village, cars need to be developed that are self charging to enable the rural populations to think about purchasing and they also need to be more affordable
The recycling is so difficult to understand fully, many other areas put all their recycling in one bin whereas West Berks only take certain plastics - it gets very confusing for the average person never mind someone who is less capable
Trees are a good way of helping the environment but they need space for a sufficient number to be planted, we have a good selection of areas with trees in Lambourn
Vital that risks from flooding from surface water, river and groundwater are factored into future planning. This should include approaches to land management in the wider Lambourn Catchment as well as the placing of new development and use of sustainable drainage systems.
Building resilience to climate change should also consider resilience to heat and drought. Trees provide vital shade and cooling. Reverse trend for removing trees in streets and gardens. Encourage trees and greenery in new development, and encourages residents to find space to plant an appropriately sized tree in their gardens.
Encourage the wise use of water and help protect rivers Kennet and Lambourn from over abstraction.
NO to electric car/hybrid
I would be interested to know about different forms of local power generation and what options will be available for private housing.
I already have alternative energy source installed in my home.
11. Already biomass.
12. Isn't this already mandatory?
6. I would like to have a wind farm at Membury.
Pollution and biodiversity concerns are more important than climate change which is beyond our control.
What does locally mean here? There is no meaningful way that a supermarket is coming to Lambourn so I'm assuming locally reaches to Wantage and hungerford?
1. For what it is worth!
2. Locally is not within the parish.
4. Adequate provision currently.
10. Dependent on many factors.
12. An ideal for the future.
13. Time will tell.
Biomass not suitable for this area as would encourage large lorries to and from plankton small country roads and emissions have been shown to be harmful to surrounding communities
The biggest and most important challenge facing us all in the next three decades, listen to the experts and ignore anything that Trump says on the subject
1. Yes
5. Need to be able to get to Hungerford. Not a driver so rely on buses and kind neighbours
3. My next personal transportation device may not rely on a conventional combustion engine fuelled by fossil fuel derivatives directly - is that what you were trying to ask?
13. Climate change concerns need ton be exaggerated further, in the hope that more folk might wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak.
I do not own a car
Q10 - Already have ....... hot water and air-source heat pump
8. We should be using farmland to produce food so we do not have to import it. There is no point in planting trees on the Downs and then sending a ship to New Zealand to get a leg of lamb.
Please help to protect our beautiful valley from development. Please help to protect us all by installing (6)GREEN, sustainable local power initiatives
Regards local power generation-covering acres with solar panels needs to be carefully weighed against the impact on wildlife and the local landscape
Communal sources of heating would be a good idea in some places. Flexibility will be required.
Good idea to think of the Parish going carbon neutral - no idea whether this is feasible.
1.Has it? No idea
I cannot see all my shopping/other needs being met within the parish so expect to take journeys - local has not been defined.
I will want an electric car once price comes down and charge points are available but 5 years may not be realistic timescale.
I have just read that scientists say biomass is not a solution due to the felling of trees it will cause. I fully support viable alternatives.
I have no driveway or pavement at my home. I have a sovereign garage. Convenient access to a charging point would be essential.
West Berkshire has no guidelines re bonfires - one can have one at any time and burn any sort of rubbish using petrol based liquids. Nearest environmental dept is Basingstoke!
3. Inadequate countrywide recharging network and range of pure electric vehicles needs to be doubled
Cycleways between villages would be welcome and would encourage use of these for short journeys
I try to be as green as possible. More information and facilities would make this change a lot easier for many people
This village should have its heritage respected whilst bringing it into a green future
1. When was this implemented, as West Berkshire are still approving planning permission and instillation of multi-fuel burners and chimneys with no policing of what is being burnt (10 Heather Drive-Feb 2019 )
12. Strongly believe Lambourn has reached capacity for any size housing/business/playground developments due to infrastructure and AONB protection
11. Won't we all have to go electric eventually?
I am in favour of actions to slow down climate change impact but not sure what would be most effective
11. It all depends on enforcement by the National government, I would not like to loose gas cooking nd heating facilities
I would love an electric car but don't think I will afford one.
1.Not sure of this, but what is West Berks doing about it? By wasting money on new roads and cutting bus services, they are encouraging more pollution – causing more private vehicles!
8. Agree, more trees are definitely needed, whether or not this is “consistent with maintaining the downland landscape”. Many more trees would help reduce the incidents of flooding which have occurred in receny years. In addition to enhancing the landscape, there are many other well known benefits. Full marks to Peter Kindersley for his woodland planting over the years.
4.Might be a hybrid but I will definitely NOT be buying a car that’s 100% electric
7. This is very important to me. I need to make a living that depends on having good, fast and stable internet.
2.I can’t see this happening but wish if you like!
4.Low on the priority list for me
5.This could be expensive to provide. But good idea
6.Very expensive to provide
7.I think we have this in Gigaclear
8.Whether the landowners agree is another matter. I doubt it.
10.I doubt I will
11.I hope not!
12.Yes Will be done I expect
13.No they have not! I have kept bees for 50 years now. I have 3 hives of bees in my garden at Eastbury (I have 12 in all) Today the 12th Jan. I saw several bees returning to their hives having collected pollen – time was midday. I was surprised to see the bees bringing back pollen. With the mild weather we are having – the bees are now rearing young which is VERY early and unusual. Look at the Australian fires – current news. There are many other “things” happening – so climate change is very real.
1.We are both “aware”. No more virtue signalling please.
Q9,10,11: No
6.Investment required for biomass is outside the resources of a Parish Council – site would fall foul of the AONB – to whom would you sell the gas and how? A good idea – plenty of horse manure from training yards - ?should they sponsor it??
9.Unlikely to happen due to my age and the initial expense of purchase of these vehicles

Q21. My priority for new or improved community facilities are: - Sun Feb 2 19:54:04 GMT 2020

Q21 - Sun Feb  2 19:54:04 GMT 2020

Word Cloud of Q21. My priority for new or improved community facilities are:
Frequency count of Q21. My priority for new or improved community facilities are:

village               97
lambourn              96
better                70
facilities            66
street                59
local                 51
transport             49
traffic               49
public                48
road                  48
high                  42
improved              39
people                39
roads                 38
parking               38
community             35
cycle                 30
speed                 29
improve               25
centre                25
villages              24
need                  24
youth                 23
teenagers             23
services              22
paths                 22
parish                22
housing               22
school                20
club                  20
young                 20
access                19
keep                  19
police                19
around                18
racing                18
increase              18
development           18
system                17
hungerford            17
make                  16
pool                  16
good                  16
litter                15
station               15
pavements             15
sports                15
developments          15
areas                 15
newbury               15
stop                  15
calming               15
needs                 15
swimming              14
existing              14
horse                 14
shops                 14
provide               14
places                14
river                 14
measures              14
area                  14
wantage               13
policing              13
health                12
children              12
library               12
support               12
help                  12
eastbury              12
used                  11
recycling             11
encourage             11
spaces                11
park                  11
social                11
shop                  11
green                 11
behaviour             11
council               11
business              10
hall                  10
cctv                  10
limits                10
cars                  10
large                 10
vehicles              10
leisure               10
management            10
less                  10

Lambourn NDP - Q21. My priority for new or improved community facilities are:
On reflection, I strongly support the improvement of cycle routes locally to allow racing staff and others to stay safe on the B4000. If I felt safe on the roads, it would encourage me to cycle.
Where do I start?
Better public transport to Wantage and Hungerford.
Its probably pie in the sky but I think better public transport would be a great. It's impossible to provide all that we need within the Parish but making facilities outside the villages more accessible would help.
Flood alleviation
Improved public transport
1. One way traffic system in the village centre and a new car park
2. Local petrol station
3. Local police station manned 24/7 to combat theft and drug dealing
Safer footpaths around the villages and between villages for walking/running (more pavements?)
Indoor swimming pool
Sustainable living, local green energy, zero waste, recycliing faciltiies.
Local organic farm produce in the supermarkets.
Encourgment to switch to a plant based diet and away from meat and dairy.
Tree planting.
Public transport.
Suitable road infrastructure if additional housing is going to be built.
1. Something that will engage the many teenagers we have in the village - Youth Club etc
2. A crackdown on the increase in antisocial behaviour - more CCTV
Local community projects would be nice - a keep the village clean day - litter picking etc etc
1. That new development should be provided by infill within the village settlement boundary. Larger development should be in larger towns
2. The excellent Lambourn Surgery should be enlarged if village resident numbers rise
3. The lambourn School needs support and regeneration
Improved entertainment and communications for teenagers and young adults.
Access by footpath and cycle paths. Improved and affordable public transport with the introduction of public transport to Wantage.
The infrastructure needs to be improved dramatically to maintain current Lambourn . Any major development would require large scale changes which could harm the community
1. Reduce the speed of vehicles through Eastbury to 20mph please.
2. Provide walk ways for all horses to use parallel with roads they currently use to get to and from their exercise locations.
3. Provide walk and cycles tracks between Lambourn, Eastbury and work with our neighbouring Parishes to provide continuous walk and cycle ways to East Garston and Great Shefford.
4. Repeating what I have already suggested above, negociate with the Highways agency and WBC to allow HGVs to use the Membury Services to get on and off the M4 to make the B4000 safer.
Traffic flow improvements.
Superfast broadband for those of us who have missed out, cycle paths to Lambourn from Upper Lambourn and to Ashdown, regular public transport to Shrivenham, Faringdon and Oxford
Outdoor gym equipment for everyone would get the community interacting with all ages more.
Improve all school facilities for pupils, staff and parents.
Improve are around the village centre including the external appearance of the shops, roads, pavements and parking.
Restrict the speed of traffic on the Wantage road where a lot of young people from the yards are walking and provide a path to walk on.
(1) I would like to see road calming and can cope with large horse boxes as well as Mr Bracy's flat bed trucks. (2) Londis corner store to be kept as a commerical site. To be tidied up and not to be an eye sore and left to deteriorate before a developer is given permission to turn it in to residential (3) Please do not let the field below woods, behind Goose Green be developed for housing. (4) British Legion is great for the village (5) people do not pick up their dog poo (6) people walk in the woods with dogs off leads and don't respect that other people are frightened off 'pack' mentality of dogs (6) Lambourn is a great place to live, we love it
1. More housing for young and elderly.
2. More leisure facilities.
3. Bus service to Hungerford.
The field next to the allotments is an obvious choice for development.
Another poo bin in Greenways at the beginning of the track, where the tarmac ends OR Move the current one to that spot. This should stop bags being thrown in the hedges.
1. Cycle pathways between the villages.
2. Plastic box/ carton/ etc pick up service for recycling. Currently they only do plastic bottles.
3. More cafes in Lambourn. More Parking in Lambourn.
Improving and maintaining the existing bridleways and tracks between the villages, and signposting them, which can be used by cyclists to stay off the roads.
2. Better funded sports and leisure facilities in the the area so it is more affordable.
3. Local environmental developments such as load carbon neutral power.
1. Police walking around the village.
2. Traffic lights at the cross roads, and a zebra crossing.
3. Large delivery vehicles blocking the High Street most days make it difficult to cross the road.
Bigger School
Cycle paths
Traffic management
Energy generation
Play Park improvements
Village Maintenance
Leisure/sports facilities/swimming pool
1. Bring everything up to date.
2. For elderly people to keep their independence and the privacy.
3. More civil behaviour of school children on public transport.
Make public space better and have better walks around the Parish
1. Would always want our excellent medical services to be well maintained/enhanced/more doctors
2. Need enhanced schooling if we are to absorb more housing and people
3. Don't go building or erecting new services which end up requiring ongoing revenue commitments on top of what we are trying to do now. i.e. improve what we've got now. A bit like - who the hell wants 5G when some people still haven't got 3G. Get the basics right first.
Speed information devices on the B4000.
1: Resurface major roads
2: Widening or straightening the sharp corner in the access road patially down the hill.
3: foot paths/cycle tracks on major roads
1:wheelchair access to the hill forest
2: clean up of the lambourn river
3:keep the villgae atmosphere. Not to expand the village excessively.
1. Safeguard the character of the community
2. Preserve the countryside
3. Provide public transport and employment
1: School
2: Bus Services
3: Doctors
1. Traffic management measures (i.e. to slow down all traffic) e.g. chicanes (per Baydon examples) on approaches to the villages (i.e. all approaches to all the villages) and within the villages' built-up areas
2. Use CiL money to pay for installation of wind turbines and solar farm facilities in the parish - the energy generated could power local premises and the income from power generation provide an income to help fund the Parish Council
3. Looking to the longer term, is the surgery large enough to meet future needs? If it needs expanding (especially if new housing development takes place) CiL money could be used to help pay for an extension.
Better pavements
Better Lighting
1. Supervised facilities for the use of the village.
2. A film society in the village for entertainment and leisure, and eliminate the need to travel outside the parish.
3. Tree planting. A major planting programme for the health and aesthetic benefits trees provide. This chimes with a national awareness of the need to re-plant tress lost and combat climate change.
1. Sports centre with gym.
2. Tennis courts, Pitches, Floodlights.
3. A better play park.
1. Lambourn is looking very scruffy. The services have deteriorated since we moved here in 1997. Grass verges unkempt, overhanging branches where owners are not warned by the local council "to shape up and clear up".
2. The community should encourage children and adults to respect the countryside.
1. New parks, not just one. More to do for teenagers.
2. Skate park to be developed better.
3. More support for elderly and mental health.
1. Affordable housing - allowing people to purchase their property.
2. Affordable rents allowing locals to stay in the village.
3. Support to local business to employ local residents or improved transport to link to Membury etc.
1. Drains and sewers are not good enough.
2. Always a water leak by the British Legion in Lambourn. Why? Water pressure often low.
3. Lambourn High Street should be one way/ pedestrianised and the High Street needs a face lift.
1. Improved roads and adequate parking is essential.
2. Lambourn School is already experiencing problems due to oversized classes. Many Lambourn parents have moved their children to Baydon due to the low standard of teaching/ learning. This needs to be addressed as I believe children should go to their local school and be encouraged to feel part of their local community.
1. It would be good to see some independent shops in the village instead of take-away. Another off-licence shop has just opened in the village. Why? We already have the co-op and the newsagents. Does this not just add to the drink problem a lot of the Racing Industry has.
2. Somewhere for teenagers to go in the evening, instead of hanging around the church gate, or by the Memorial Hall.
1. Better bus services.
2. Improved access to Doctors and mental health services in particular.
3. Better community policing to crack down on drug taking, dealing and anti-social behaviour instead of turning a blind eye to this.
1. Off street parking and car parks.
2. Good sized village hall. We have many small halls, but nothing of any size.
3. Youth centre with facilities for children and young people. Activities/ clubs for young people are limited and parents have to drive their children to other towns.
4. Development of school swimming pool to make it into a community facility.
1. Public transport.
1. Further green planing in and around the village.
2. Improving parking for local people and stop verges being ruined.
3. Solar traffic calming on roads into and out of the village.
Speed restrictions in the small villages with narrow roads down to 20mph
Bigger market with more variety and stalls
No reduction of shops for housing
1. Improved fitness facilities and opportunities for all ages.
2. Enhanced road safety and parking for visitors and residents.
3. To encourage and attract new business to Lambourn, to increase shops in villages, varied selection, to keep High Street vibrant and welcoming.
1. This cannot happen because the sewerage cannot cope. Keep as a greenbelt are and idyllic. Build in your own area where you give the majority of your money too.
1. Public transport links
2. Youth club for teenagers
3. Police station
1. Better measures to calm the speed of Lambourn drivers.
2. More shops in the village.
3. More clubs for children.
4. Parking on High Street.
1. Schools - Better performance (Ofsted) for local school.
2. Better traffic management in Eastbury to stop speeding.
1. Improved traffic calming
2. Current facilities for the size of the villages are good - but most be retained.
1. Cycle-way between villages.
2. 20 mph limit in all villages - particularly Eastbury and Lambourn.
3. Charging points for electric vehicles.
1. Cycle-way along the river.
2. 20 MPH speed limits in all villages, starting with Eastbury.
3. EV charging points.
1. Better public transport.
2. More exercise classes.
3. Cycle-ways.
1. Footpaths in villages where none exist.
2. Speed limits through villages reduced.
3. Improved policing.
1. Traffic calming measures.
2. Improvement to the look, feel and tenant mix of Lambourn High Street.
3. Upgrade the various communal and village halls.
1. We have a lovely village and whilst I understand the demand for more housing and development is needed, please do not over develop and ensure the sites that are for development are the right sites for the village. We do not need anymore housing estates in the village. A few houses in different locations would be a more acceptable solution.
2. We have good facilities (Doctors, Sports Hall) so let us not over develop and make demands on the facilities that will have a negative affect on those which are currently in operation.
1. Swimming pool.
2. Youth facilities/ entertainment.
3. Traffic calming measures.
More opportunities for children and teenagers
Better transport links
Increase in shops and amenities
1. More recycling for clothes.
1. Enhanced and better maintained sewage system to match increasing developments and population.
2. Every new development to have a green space and space off road and pavement for at least 2 cars per property.
1. Highlighting and developing existing provision.
2. Increase use of library, leisure centre, Parish Hall and Church.
3. Improve provision to prevent litter.
1. Car parking - Road conditions - quality of road - maintenance - surface water drainage.
2. Local power generation - solar/ wind.
3. More affordable housing.
1. Maintenance of roads/ road drainage.
2. Improved facilities for teenagers.
Bus services to other villages
1. Stop spending money on racing facilities
2. Stop development
3. Promote the history of Lambourn, Civil War etc. Also the Downland, birds, butterflies etc.
Traffic reduction measures and speed reduction measures.
1. Somewhere for the younger adults and teenagers to go - Youth Club or learning skills clubs?
2. A decent Thai food takeaway!! :)lol
3. Sorring out the school transport, so everyone gets to go to their chosen school - without having to pay for the buses
1. Swimming pool
2. Youth Club facilities or similar
3. I think Lambourn Parish volunteers do a lot for the elderly but this could always be improved on.
1. A Parish Council who need to take more interest in parishioners needs
2. More adequate road signs referring to speeding
3. Traffic control system, particularly Hungerford Hill and High Street.
Make Lambourn friendly and not in kind of two halves
Stop peoples jealousy.
1. A better primary school
2. A local indoor pool for people, not horses
A much better public transport system ie smaller buses at least every hour
Street lighting is very poor and has been for many years and is totally ignored
Litter collection / fly tipping dealt with
Continuation of Lambourn Surgery
Residential car parking for new developments
EV / electric charging points in village / new developments
Playground facilities
Improved drainage and flood prevention measures for both Lambourn and Upper Lambourn
Facilities for young people
1. Policing.
2. Increased healthcare.
3. Roadside drains - soak-aways to be maintained and cleaned to prevent flooding and fix potholes.
Green Spaces - areas to sit when walking in the village. 40 years ago there were lots of green spaces within the village - now mostly built on. Plant trees and bushes and provide seating.
More shops (not just to buy alcohol). Lambourn has lost the cleaners, bakers, sweet shop, banks, pubs etc etc
Youth Centre or somewhere for young people to meet, play snooker or whatever they do. Somewhere they want to go.
Some traffic system to relieve the village centre especially at busy times - school out time 3.30, Friday market day, Saturday morning. One way system? Buses not waiting in the centre - they could drop off and pick up in places just outside the centre - Baydon Rd, Crowle Rd, The Lamb (ex pub), Mill Lane as a few suggestions.
Bring back the railway!
Better pavements including kerbstones and better road markings (white lines at junctions etc which are almost erased in places)
Better social care
More street lighting, particularly on side paths
Childrens' play areas
Public footpaths between villages
A central gathering point for residents - current halls are not big enough
Railway station in Lambourn with parking
Cycle paths to keep bikes off roads
Horse track to keep horses off roads
Swimming Pool
Better parking and better movement of traffic
Better facilities for teenagers - improve skate ramps, Youth Club, clubs to engage / upskill
Traffic management plan - perhaps a one-way system, traffic calming, improved pedestrianisation, improved parking
Better police presence to tackle local issues. Support tackling the root of the problem rather than only making an appearance when there is trouble
Bank would be very acceptable (used to have NatWest, Barclays etc) in Lambourn
Fuel facilities in village (petrol etc)
Traffic management - i.e. one way system in Lambourn.
Footpaths and traffic calming measures to make it a safer place to walk and cycle.
Activities for teenagers/children to try and avoid having them on the streets as there is nothing better to do, which would also hopefully reduce drug use.
Embrace ambitious modern design that is done with integrity. Resist bland retro pastiche.
Police presence in Lambourn
Renew the drainage in the parish before new housing is built
Pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Hungerford Hill
Do more to keep young people occupied, not just increase opportunities to drink more alcohol
Repair potholes.
Upgrade children’s play areas/park in Lambourn.
Increase safe cycle ways between communities.
Tackle antisocial youth behaviour through development of a community youth force where work is undertaken to plant trees, manage the environment etc.
Plant more trees.
Make Lambourn high street a one way system.
Better access roads and paths insofar as pedestrians, cyclists.
Extra lighting in the village of Eastbury.
Traffic calming measures.
Local public transport to and from local towns improved and increased, eg. frequent buses to Hungerford, Marlborough and Newbury.
Cycle routes provided
Cheaper fast broadband access
Safety (road)
Housing increase would need more school places
Retirement housing should have a warden
Larger GP Practice
Places for older kids to go that keep them safe - a youth club?
Improving Primary school
Better maintenance of the village / park / dog poo / litter
New developments must be linked to transport
The population is generally low skilled. Those with skills live but don't work in the village. Business developments need to address the variation in skill set and encourage all skills/ability works - a business like Vodaphone
A Bank at least twice a week
Somewhere to register birth and deaths - it is a long trek to Shaw House
One public toilet in a village this size is not enough!
Bigger surgery. More facilities for schools
Racing yards old ones redone. Safeguard AONB
Do not build on land liable to flood
To improve facilities at our Village Hall. It would be great if the hall could be knocked down and rebuilt to modern standards so that it would be able to run more efficiently. It also would benefit from improved parking facilities so that it could be used by other villagers in the area.
Traffic in the village is a real issue there is a real need for traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
Public spaces need to be more appreciated - become community areas - perhaps then there would be less vandalism.
Indoor swimming pool
Evening classes run in the village
Lambourn village looks clean and thriving and doesn't turn into a dump where every other shop is fast food. It should be designed for health like Denmark.
Youth centre and employment of a Youth Worker
1. Transport links
2. Leisure facility i.e. Swimming pool
1. Public electric charging points
2. A museum and history trail
3. Wind turbines sited in the PEA at Membury
1. A local museum open to the public sponsored and run by local trainers
2. A dedicated horse racing yard internet site linking all yards with daily updates accessible to the public
3. A development site for new business "start ups" with a subsidised rent for local entrepreneurs to encourage more local employment.
Police station/presence
Paid permanent fire responders
Horse Tracks
Litter Management
Tourism / interpretation /
Local Hotel / B&B Accommodation
Distributed and with good public transport to allow Good traffic management
I would really like to see the return of the "village bobby" but I suppose that's extremely unlikely!
1. No new building unless adequate parking is provided.
2. More thought to keeping teenagers happy and entertained.
3. Money spent on the river to keep it looking good and as asset to the scenery of the village instead of a dumping ground for rubbish
Affordable leisure and youth facilities, not always for racing staff.
Activities, heritage and health
Convert Lambourn Valley Way path into cycle path to Newbury, including new bridges where the old ones have been demolished.
1. Zebra crossings in the High Street and by the school.
2. Speed humps in the High Street.
3. Speed humps on Hungerford Hill.
1. Maintenance/ car of public spaces and the River ie litter picking, working parties etc.
2. The play-ground - see previous comments.
3. Inappropriate parking on the High Street, causing congestion and dangerous driving.
1. Parking and local transport.
2. One-way system.
3. More local employment.
1. Police presence.
2. Reduction of anti-social behaviour and crime.
I would like to see Windsor House continue as a racing yard and not be developed for housing which will cause congestion and the High Street to become a "no go" zone for shopping.
Improvement of our High Street, taking pride in where we live starts from the centre - we need to tidy the place up.
CCTV - make sure there are actually consequences for people who litter and vandalise our village.
The River - tidy it up, there is so much rubbish in there, it could be a biodiversity haven if we maintained it properly!
Better public transport, integration of racing staff into the local community. Increase the heritage sharing of the history of Lambourn to increase tourism and interest in the local area. Perhaps walking tours, historic tours etc.
- reduce/stop heavy lorries passing through the village
- reduce speed limits in Lambourn and approach roads
- increase utilities provision
- increase streetlighting
Speed reduction across the Parish, in particular where there is large industrial sites-as in Newbury.
Better bus routes to improve work opportunities
the Council to get a grip of Membury and implement standards consistently-allowing local residents to enjoy the area and small local businesses to thrive
Transport from the Woodlands to Lambourn (at least) e.g. via regular mini bus and to Newbury and Swindon on a regular bus.
Speed limits of 40mph maximum around all parish residences including in the Woodlands
Greater police presence or similar to prevent agricultural theft and opportunistic break-ins to residences
No more houses-it would increase people and put already struggling services under pressure
Improved public toilets-they are vile, god knows what visitors would think
Improved recycling, even clothing bin at the fire station is always overflowing
Better policing (foot patrols etc), regular checks for whole of Lambourn, night and day and better street lighting
Speed cameras on Upper Lambourn Road to and from village
Improved cleaning of pavements etc and dog excrement! Upholding fines etc and keep dogs on leads at all times in public places
A youth club
Cycle / walkways especially between the villages
More OAP affordable bungalows to free up properties and allow people such as myself who need level accommodation to move out of high rental private properties
1. Bus services increased and improved.
2. Footpaths between villages.
3. Speed limits reduced and inner town traffic reduced.
Affordable housing. Reducing environmental impact. Making the most of our local area particularly the countryside. Ensuring access is maintained for all horse riders with as much off road riding available as possible for public use (not just those in the racing industry).
1. More public transport at reasonable prices.
2. Improvement to condition of pavements within village boundaries and more footpaths outside village.
3. Encouragement of new business to enable people to do more shopping locally instead of car travel to shop elsewhere.
1. Keep it rural.
2. Stop heavy traffic on Ermin Street.
3. Gen Membury Services to clean up the litter they promote.
Joined up foot, cycle and bridle paths to avoid roads.
Enlarge the existing Leisure Centre and for this facility to be open longer
Make the roads safer by reducing speed and HGV movements generated by Membury. Control industrial develpment which only generates lorry movements - often foreign lorrys. Clearly define the PEA's and stop the industrial development creep.
Public transport will address many of the issues such as nothing to do for the youth and encourage education etc etc
Think of the forever effects of some of the bad industrial planning decisions made - thousands of HGV movements which provide negligible local jobs and are then filled by 0 hours staff being bused in from Swindon - how does this help the local community apart from making a handful of developers very rich.
Better road surfaces in Upper Lambourn. Better management of horses on the main roads. Less rubbish on the roads and hedgerows. Better diversity of shops in Lambourn. Less/None new stable yards. Better relations between horse industry and residents. More respect for residents from the horse industry. Better transport links. More community events to bring us together.
A local efficient electric public transport system for trips between homes and local facilities.
Although Lambourn has a centre....it has no heart.
Needs a parish council that is effectiive and entrapanural that gets thing done. Extremely poor attendance at council mtgs shows how the parish views the council.
Without dynamic team on the council any community improvement is unlikely
Footpaths, cycle ways, being able to access public transport throughout the day. Reducing speed limits and imposing weight limits on roads that are neither wide enough or strong to carry large HGV type vehicles.
Extended opening hours for the library, more support and access for medical facilities. A police office in Lambourn, as it currently takes the police force over 30 minutes to reach Lambourn, as the local LPA is based in Pangbourne.
1. A lot is said about the condition of roads, which I agree is not good, but no one mentions the paths. If you use a mobility scooter or a rolator, it is almost impossible to stay on the paths and they are so uneven and slope wildly to the road in a lot of areas. This must affect mothers with prams also.
2. Transport again but most importantly there is no hospital transport from here, why should this be available to people in towns but not to us?
3. Transport again. I see small buses when my daughter takes me to Marlborough or Hungerford, they take people all over the place., and help with their shopping, we have nothing like this.
1. Better transport.
2. Better policing.
3. If more houses are built, drainage will be a problem.
4. We need more GPs working full time.
Horse tracks
1. High Street one way traffic around the village - then Newbury Street.
2. Traffic calming on High Street.
1. Sport Club could be used so much better.
2. Residential parking.
3. Race horse off the roads. Purely for a safety point of view. I do understand the importance of racing to the village.
1. Pavements that we can safely walk on. Fast cars can knock your shopping bags where the pavements are narrow.
2. Either one way traffic in Lambourn High Street or strictly no parking on one side of the road.
3. Decrease heavy goods vehicles using the High Street in Lambourn.
Care for elderly
Places for children
1. Provide an indoor public swimming pool.
1. New road surface into the village and through the village - pot holes to be mended quicker.
2. Swimming pool.
3. Regular community bus to Hungerford.
Improve the visual appearance of the High Street.
Improve parking (and enforcement) in the high street
Improve traffic flow in the high street
Improve/repair the road surfaces throughout the area and insist that adjacent communities do the same (e.g. the road from Lambourn to Wantage is dangerous due to pot holes)
Improve the availability (especially online) of tourist information about Lambourn. Give them reasons to visit the area. Type “what to see in Lambourn” into Google and the results wouldn’t encourage anyone to visit!!
Keeping teenagers productively occupied to reduce antisocial behaviour.
Better areas for people to meet eg. parks or areas to sit without the anti-social behaviour and litter
Increased traffic calming and speed restrictions.
More frequent bus service to include direct to and from Hungerford and Didcot Railway Station
Swimming Pool
Solar Power Generation
Average Speed Cameras - there is a 2-way system (same make as those you see on M-ways) that could be used on rural roads. Pairs can be linked to form a network. This would reduce speeds through the Parish (and could join with East Garston / Great Shefford) at less cost than one police car per set.
Training facilities for teenagers to help get into further education or job skill
More cctv - PCSO's in area
Promote racing try and get locals involved
Solar, wind turbines. Using rainwater from roofs in homes
Air source heat pumps for heating
Batteries for storage of self produced electricity
A proper gym would be nice. One that caters for weight lifters/bodybuilders and normal
Gym goers alike.
1. Community fruit orchard.
2. Cycle paths.
3. Community shop for local goods, crafts, a hub for socialising, recycling and reuse schemes running workshops of all kinds for all ages and interests. A bit like the Mix in Wantage.
Traffic speed and reduction in size of commercial vehicles
1. Improved traffic flow in the centre of Lambourn - possible one way system and speed prevention measures implemented
2. A more positive perception of Lambourn based on improved look/feel of the village and more visitors encouraged
3. A thriving racing industry industry that young people want to be part of - with good terms/conditions/accommodation and development/career opportunities
Speed controls-flashing signs and white gates/planters on all entrances to Lambourn
High street needs modernising and kept well maintained
Roadsides/green verges to be maintained and planed with plants/bulbs where appropriate
Better bus service to Newbury and Wantage.
Renovate and look after the skatepark
A new corner shop
Get rid of the gang on the square and in the skatepark
Get someone with a viable business plan to take over the corner shop on the high street - it's an eyesore!
Sewage, rubbish collection, and other public services
Policing and tackling the vandalism
Only allow that corner shop in the high street in Lambourn to be rented or bought by someone with a full and viable business plan. As it is now, it makes the town look like a slum.
Sewage, rubbish collection, and other public services - if you allow too much new building, you're going to have trouble providing the basics. Stop the new building!
1. More parking.
2. Open spaces and parks.
3. Water meadows to take winter rain so the river can run longer.
Improved public transport including service to Wantage.
Better recycling facilities.
Cleaner streets.
Traffic calming measures on the road to Upper Lambourn
Eliminate the flooding of sewage problem
A greener village-better recycling, less cars parked on the roads, more sustainability
Less ant-social behaviour
More community spirit and communal activities/spaces for everyone
More community spirit, so everyone can join in
More police presence in the village, I cannot remember when I last saw one walking the streets, this might stop the anti-social behaviour
West Berkshire to allow us to recycle plastic whatever it is
Horse tracks, cycle tracks, electric car charging points, village hub - museum, library, tourist information, emergency services, CAB, etc., Traffic calming (gateways, speed indicators, road surface indicators).
Better public transport.
Protection of even the smallest pockets of green that support so much of our valuable wildlife
Provide facilities for a bus service for "A" level students within Lambourn Valley
Regeneration of Lambourn-a personal view
Lambourn isn't a place that people COME to-THEY PASS THROUGH IT.
The first view of Lambourn as you come down the long hill is that of a Down and Village and beautiful church nestled amongst the rolling downs of-yes an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
From then on, 'its downhill all the way'. The top of the high street has some older buildings, but mucky and uneven tarmac pavements run its full stretch past dilapidated shop windows completely covered with plastic advertising more appropriate to a back street of a poor town.
The market square frames a beautiful and ancient church. The very old market cross(said to have been made famous by Thomas Hardy in Jude the Obscure0 is hardly noticed amongst the parked cars, as the visitor continues on past an uninspiring red brick hall. Then on over what could be a lovely feature to celebrate the River Lambourn, an old white metal poled bridge.
Further up is much the same, till the road rises out of the village to more beautiful country across the wide open Downs.
Lambourn is noted as being a deprived area by West Berkshire Council. In my opinion the fact is it isn't only deprived its depressing! I invite you to walk down the street with open eyes.
We have hung onto our library-just! Thank you to all those volunteers. No buses to the nearest railway station, and slow periodic ones to larger towns, only one a week the market town of Wantage.
This could be the pretty, thriving Down Land Village it deserves to be. Imagine the Market Square massed with flowers, hanging baskets outside every (and regenerated) shops; peoples gardens open to visitors and new people coming to live here with fresh ideas and energy!
(Britain in Bloom-www.rhs.org.uk/communities)
Thank you for reading
Electric charging facilities in public areas
Flood risk - New development run off needs to be managed appropriately
Public transport links to railway stations - Swindon, Newbury & Hungerford to be improved and on Sundays
Traffic flows and parking
if Lambourn hopes to promote tourism the racing industry needs to play its part in keeping our streets clean, the horse dropping need removing daily.
The Hay and Straw dealers that supply the stables need to get their act together the streets are a complete eyesore, the loose hay, straw helps to lock the drains.
Blocked drains and straw everywhere are nor tourist attractions
Entertainment facility (Shopping or places to 'hang out')
Transport! for those who don't or can't drive any longer
Street lighting, paths
Maintaining existing facilities to as good a standard as possible is essential, though, if being completely unbiased, I would say that the Parish has a surplus of large meeting areas, most of which are not utilised much. I refer to the Sports Club, Memorial Hall, Lambourn Centre, Walwyn Hall and the Legion. All of these have different funding mechanisms and some are linked to larger organisations outside of the Parish. Recent issues with the ongoing future of the Library highlighted the number of disparate buildings and areas that could be combined if needed to reduce costs but to maintain access to facilities. For instance it might be possible to rehouse the Library into part of the Lambourn Centre without causing too much disruption to either and possibly not impacting either adversely, but also promoting one another to an audience that might normally not think to use the other facility.
Youth services and outreach
Circular accessible foot path route using some of the existing rights of way to create a good surfaced path for families and tourism. Viewpoints and benches.
Cycle paths between villages
River features
Some thing to help inspire or keep teens out of trouble, something like they had on byker grove with ant and Dec.
CiL 25% - Good- even higher as WBC has no rural interest
Apologies for my annotations, but some of the statements could have been more concise…Questions might have been better and more objective.
To improve the facilities whilst preserving the character of the village and surrounding countryside
Increase awareness of the ANOB, particularly the river and woods.
Improve integration facilities, and increase cultural awareness.
Improve availability of affordable housing either for purchase or rental.
Improve public transport.
Improve 'lived environment' i.e: roads, pavements, access to river etc.
Keep current amenities (library, post office Lambourn Centre etc) and add to them.
ensure that the roads are well maintained to cope with any existing domestic traffic. Large commercial vehicles should be discouraged particularly along the B4000.
Health services
Scout Hut / Girl Guide Hut
Youth Club
Street lighting
Better facilities at the Lambourn Centre - Gym and Classes
The existing premises in the High Street could be utilised where empty to improve shopping facilities rather than building new.
Improved bus services and the ability to access local train stations by bus rather than car.
Litter clearing
Better facilities for teenagers
To walk between villages (off-road) on a designated path would be amazing
New developments should be limited as there is no way roads can cope and / or the building on land which has springs / floods
Policing or CCTV to be utilised
Enhance some of the current alleyways so that people can use them without being covered in mud eg Fire station - Bockhampton Road
Lower speed limits AND effective enforcement.
Visible Lambourn based Police or CSO presence.
Control on out of character and excessively large developments both residential and racing industry related.
A complete change in the way we all think and behave is needed people need to think about the cars they drive and the way they behave in them education, education, education
A public park or garden.
family friendly pub
Improved pedestrian, disabled and cycle paths both in and around the village.
Improvements to the Lambourn Centre.
Youth Club
Crime prevention
Improved paths in the cricket fired for dog walkers in the winter
Do something about the illegal activities at the cricket field car park late at night.
More pooh bins around the village
Improved clearing of roads when it snows.
Maintaining the library
As development expands it would be necessary to increase the infrastucture of the village i.e. enlarge the Doctors Surgery so that waiting times are not compromised, increase the public parking facilites, improve the roads so that speeding motorists are less able to cause havoc i.e. mini roundabouts, pinch points, ensure that developments are not sited where there is a likeleyhood of flooding.
As the village expands, improve the local facilities i.e. update and enlarge the sports club and community center to take account of the different variety of people living in the village
Greater PCSO presence in the village.
Safer access routes to the Old Cricket Field. Traffic calming on Upper Lambourn Road and improved pavement..
Traffic calming around the village - more 20mph limits!
Protect bus services to Newbury and Swindon. Add services to Wantage to open up access to Oxfordshire and Didcot rail connections.
Improve skate park facilities and usability of Cricket Field for families (consider designating half the filed as dog free area).
More frequent street cleaning.
Village recycling facilities for large cardboard, textiles and small electrical.
Formalised permitted access to Lynch wood as a community greenspace.
More community use of the school field.
Greater community use of the sports club greenspace. Consider Parish adoption of tennis court facilities.
More trees!
Faster broadband
Return of the Police Station or more Police about the Village
Launderette would be very useful
A 25 metre long swimming pool would be a major asset in the village
. 1. Keep the Doctors, Chemist, Library, Post Office, food shops and sports and leisure facilities going.
2. One way traffic system from The George to car park by Universal Stores.
3. Cycle track running along the Lambourn Valley Way.
4. Horse walks to link yards in Lambourn with Long Hedge gallops and bridgeways.
Facilities for teenagers
cycle paths / foot ways between settlements
consideration of environmental impact
generation of jobs at all levels
1. All existing community facilities such as the school and surgery must have increased capacity to reflect the increase in housing stock.
2. Tougher speed restrictions on the outskirts of Lambourn.
3. A continuous path along the B4000 to Upper Lambourn.
1. More facilities for teenagers to keep them occupied, and more options for mother and baby groups.
2. Keeping the village green areas clan and tidy.
More for young and old alike.
1. I would like to see signposting to our local nature reserves which are under appreciated.
1. Better drains to prevent flooding.
2. The level of the roads are rising every time they resurface, which will be a problem where flooding is possible. Some of the properties in the High Street used to have steps up to the entrance but are now below the outside pavement levels.
More support for existing social clubs such as - British Legion, Catholic club - Memorial Hall - Sports Club.
2. Ensure Wednesday bus to Wantage continues especially for older people with no cars.
3. Keep the gym going in the Lambourn Centre.
Address apparently rising levels of anti social behaviour
Public transport links for young and elderly
Facilities for teens and young people so they don't make do much of their own entertainment to the detriment of others
1. A local history museum.
2. More car parking near shops and churches.
Better pavements and holes in roads mended
Speed reduction measures especially on Hungerford Hill, Wantage Road, Upper Lambourn, Eastbury and East Garston
Improve the visual appearance of Lambourn
Provision of recycling facilities where citizen's could take items, maybe at Membury
Water infrastructure
Poor surface quality
Maintain countryside-Lambourn's greatest asset
Ban all non-horse related HGVs on all minor roads and B4000 where possible. These vehicles are bad for the environment and road surfaces are clearly suffering.
Support the racing industry to the benefit of the community
High street kerb appeal-consider making the High Street one way, and tidy up some of the establishments to better reflect Lambourn Village.
Londis is an eyesore (As is the British Legion)
Fix the church bells!
Appose development/building of unsustainable dwellings in and around the parish
Improved design and parking
There shouldn't be any new developments
10% or 25% is the governments way of building on all land and getting rid of the countryside and is blackmail.
Footpath along B4000 to be extended
1. Cycle paths between villages
2. Swimming pool
3. Cheaper gym
4. Bus route to Newbury - increase in frequency
A state of the art gym with adequate parking
Cycleways and footpaths
Playgrounds (small) around the village
Post Office retained; another food shop
Having come from family of old Villagers and lived in Lambourn all my life, my family have lived in the same house since 1911
My two sons had to leave the village they loved because there was no house for them and their family
We need more community facilities but will people participate, there has to be something more for the young teenagers.
I have done some community work for the young some years ago but my health fails me so can't carry on but try to support where I can
2. Police facilities.
3. Traffic wardens.
Upgrade of the High Street in Lambourn so people want to use it.
1. Re-do the paving which is dangerous
2. Make annual painting/maintenance of outside a condition of lease/rates.
3.Consider Victorian style streetlights to add to the character/heritage of the village-this has been done in Theale Parishc.20years ago and had a very positive affect to business and usage.
Unless the High Street in Lambourn is improved it will deteriorate further and cease to be a village to be proud of.
1. Traffic management
2. Swindon hospital is not fit for growth in area - far too limited 900 beds
3. Health care to meet local requirements i.e age etc.
Better and more varied retail facilities in the village centre
More employment opportunities so that we can reduce the need for a food bank
1. Cycling paths/lanes for safer journeys to locations within and without the valley. Direct transportation routes, separate or safe, from car/lorry traffic
2. Auditorium for music (choirs, orchestra, popular music) for practice and performance
3. Promotion of local biodiversity - work with landowners to create new wildflower meadow areas, with public access. e.g. enhancement of gallops for habitat, and collaboration with Rooksnest estate and others.
More food shops - small Sainsbury's or Waitrose, even better Marks & Spencer! Why should the Co-op benefit all the time and their prices are very steep.
Bring back the police station
Road layouts
stopping street parking on the main roads in and out of the village causing congestion
More facilities for teenagers
Cycle ways /paths
Green spaces and heritage being kept in tact
Less developments so not to compromise the existing infrastructures
More parking
It would be good if the poor state of some of the buildings in the High Street could be addressed - in particular the Londis shop on the crossroads which is in a very poor state of repair. It is a terrible shame that our lovely church is opposite such a scruffy shabby building.
Solutions for speeding in the centre of village
Electric charging points for cars
Something for teenagers to do / go
Better footpath facilities
Better public parking
Better social facilities for young people
1. Community facilities for the young and teenagers.
2. Old age care.
Recycling centre - proper recycling facilities that cater for household needs. All types of plastic, clothing. A furniture project to donate used furniture to help prevent fly-tipping.
Improved public transport to Hungerford and evening bus service to Newbury
Litter control!!! Either organise some volunteers to do it (willing and eager to help) or get professionals in to clean up this village!!!
To get racehorses off the local roads by means of bridle paths running parallel to the highways
More facilities in Lambourn ie. banks, bakeries etc
Less housing estates built and more houses built in keeping with a country village
Do not build out and make this lovely village into a town as it is nice with horses walking around the village as lots of incomers would have this stopped and this would be so sad
Swimming pool
More facilities for young people
More resources to deal with anti-social behaviour
The Lambourn Centre and Library set the Parish apart as a community with integral health and fitness and cultural facilities. They should be retained and augmented
1. help and support the Lambourn Sports Club develop and market its facilities to encourage all ages to participate. This should not be to the detriment of the excellently run community centre
2. Make cycling easier and safer for all ages
3. Encourage the farming/racing community to be freer with access to open spaces where safe
4. Transport transport transport More innovative use of smaller vehicles
1. Better traffic management in the High Street.
2. Improved Primary School Provision.
3. Keeping the old cricket pitch and Lynch Woods as the are as a nature reserve.
Consideration of parish council engagement with the Church of England and other churches. No mention made of them in the plan. Buildings could be available for more community use but would need some funding . Members of churches already involved in eg foodbank and Library and supporting families and school.
I would like to see the High Street made 'one way'.
Keeping the village to a size that does not change the outlook and community feeling.
Sewage removal should be enhanced with all new developments
High Street traffic to be made one way or restricted to cars and bikes
Existing bus services to be continued
1. Public transport to the local railway station (Hungerford)
2. Promotion of local businesses pubs and cafes to encourage commercial health and longevity of these premises
3. Protection of natural beauty
Consideration should be given to people living along B4000 when considering changes in the parish. One persons gain is another persons loss and pain.
1. Improving High Street - one way - 20 mph. Follow Hungerford examples re flags @ trees etc
2. Grass verge areas to be better maintained More litter bins and dog waste bins
3. Pewsey have made a feature of their river - Lambourn should do same. Working parties to clear and footpaths/cycle paths alongside.
Maintain number of GPS at the local surgery.
1. Sympathetic blending with the current appearance of the village and surrounding AONB
2. Off-road parking
3. Local shops, amenities and facilities keep pace with any expansion as a pre-requisite.
Activities for teenagers
1. Sports facilities
2. More policing/CCTV
Cycleways between villages
River walks and picnic sites
1. Cycleways
2. Buses
1. We need more places to take children/toddlers and places for teenagers to go and have fun. These places should not be volunteer based as it would also be an opportunity for employment.
2. Better use of car park space more spaces needed
1. Straight Lane between Eastbury and B4000 Ermin Street to be developed into a safe road.
2. Goodings Lane between East Garston and B4000 Ermin Street also to be developed into a proper safe road.
30 mph speed restrictions through Eastbury, as there are no pavements.
Strongly believe Lambourn has reached capacity for any developments (housing or business/playground or other) due to infrastructure and AONB protection
Lambourn renowned for flooding, PLUS-unable to cope with sewage system at current
Further implementations of any development will have Lambourn community suffer the consequences
Keep our beautiful village and surrounding AONB as it is.
1. Before any new developments we need to sort out existing issues - drains, roads (speeding) too many cars. Not enough facilities for young and old
2. Better communications, i.e.buses to Swindon, Newbury Wantage
3. Improvement to existing sport and leisure facilities
For the village to remain vibrant and grow, with jobs etc and adequate homes/housing etc to enable all ages to live in the village
1. Propoer off-road bus stop so buses waiting don't block the road and cause a hazard
2. reduce on-road parking on main routes through the village, especially Newbury Sytreet and Oxford Street
3. Please could we campaign for improving/repairing the potholes on the roads out of the village, they are well-used and getting worse. Not part of PC remit I know, but a growing problem I believe
1. More social housing or reasonably priced house to enable our youngsters to live in the village within their family networks so they can work locally and have family childcare
2. Traffic should be slowed through the village
3. Better bus travel - to Hungerford, Wantage, Swindon and Newbury would be helpful.
Was surprised to hear on talking to visitors from away that Lambourn has become synonymous with drugs and drug dealing. I know there is a good deal about but didn't know that we had such a bad name for it - even to affect someone's reason to not move to the village
1. Improved bus timetables
2. Better parking
3. Speed restrictions on Hungerford Hill
1. better transport links
2. More use of Lambourn Sports Club for young people to meet and play sports
3. A new pub in Lambourn. too many have closed
1. Street lighting
2. Youth clubs
3. Improved public transport facilities
A suitable mini by-pass for the High Street and making it (almost )pedestrians only.
This could be achieved by up-grading Crowle Road, Bayliss Road and Big Lane.
Better transport in and out of the village.
Places teenagers can access so they don't hang around sports club-they leave a lot of litter!
More medical facilities-difficult to get Dr.'s appoitment
1. A higher police presence, plus good CCTV for Lambourn
2. Do not want to see Lambourn overwhelmed by new housing developments
3. Better enforcement of parking restrictions
1. The provision of a youth club
2. The provision of local wardens to maintain the integrity of our open spaces (e.g. cricket field) against abuse (litter, dog mess, horse riders)
3. A CCTV system to enforce parking regulations
1. More pathways/cycleways
2. Improvements to the High Street to encourage more businesses to the area
3. Increased street lighting in areas without any pre-existing lights
Enhance, improve and preserve green spaces around the village
Consider traffic routes (safety of pedestrians / horses)
Best kept village initiative
- planters
- Entrance /exit village markers
- Discouraging littering
1. More policing to curb the troublemakers.
1. Safer conditions for cyclists on the roads. A guaranteed Post Office and library service for the future.
2. A greater involvement of young people in the church.
1. The High Street needs to become a One-Way System.
2. Staff accommodation needs to be addressed.
3. A youth programme of some sort ideally steering people towards racing.
Pavement needed from Woodbury to Long Hedge. This section of road is dangerous for walkers, including those following the Lambourn Valley way. “Traffic calming” measures, including “sleeping policeman” should be considered around the village
Consider making Bockhampton Road a “no through road” by closing the bridge, at the easterly end, to motorised traffic
Ensure pavements are not used for parking on (No sooner had the tarmac dried on the new path from Woodbury, westerly end, to the bus stop, then a car is regularly parked there.) Blocked pavements are a problem around the village, causing pedestrians the necessity of walking into the road.
1. Cycle paths
2. Electric charging points
3. Improve access to River Lambourn
I am very far from convinced that electric vehicles are the panacea they’re touted to be, due to high manufacturing costs, cobalt mining costs and the supporting infrastructure costs. There are a couple of better alternatives we need to develop. And battery recycling is ?????
Local cycle lanes would do so much to help us, not just in getting to a local destination safely, but also from the point of view of increasing health. And ????? the added benefit of tourism
Fast and stable broadband
Regular non-car services to railway station
1.Improved road systems to our village roads – i.e provide pavements. None exist in Eastbury and in places in Lambourn. This would be highly desirable.
2. Take the road from Eastbury up to the top road i.e. the Shute – provide proper laybyes to facilitate passing – badly needed.
(Paragraph on parking in East Garston omitted as not in Parish)
3.Improve the road from the road through Eastbury to the Shute, just over the bridge turning right, coming from Lambour direction. It needs widening and signs forbidding parking. It is a real muddle here at present. Bus stop neat-bye. Used as a parc-platz by the stable adjacent! It is also very unsightly.
I quite enjoyed doing it and I hope it helps those who have the unenviable job of reading everything to get some sense into what must be a very difficult task! God save our Queen!
Better transport facilities More places to eat NHS dentist
1.Public safety, CCTV, speed limits implemented
2.Support for the elderly
3.Improved youth services and community policing
Preserve all land associated with racing
1. We need more policing in the village. More CCTV
2. More council house for all not just stable staff
1. Make Newbury Street (between Station Road and High Street) one way, very narrow in places
2. More off-street parking
3. Stop horses coming "up" Edwards Hill
1. Removal of fallen trees and heavy debris from the river
2. Flood prevention and/or mitigation measures
1. Activities/Events after 7pm - currently limited to bars/minimal sporting activities so people are travelling away from the village for cinemas/theatre etc
2. Further education choices and secondary education choices which are currently limited by transport costs and availability
3. Hospital choice - we are currently "tied" to GWH because it's closest, but issues arise because we're out of county. But attending Oxford, Reading or Basinstoke is reliant on volunteer cars or taxis or friends.
1. A tidy, attractive High Street
2. A nice little Lambourn History book!
1.Improvement of the Sports Club – a massive asset – (sadly lacking a pool) would mean less need to travel to Hungerford /Newbury
2. A police force back in the station to help build a safer environment.
1.Better law enforcement
2.Better cleaning and litter clearing
3.Pot-holes in the highway and pavement improved

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